Yes I Love you: page two

" You could wait up for me. I'm the one who's supposed to show you around remember?" I yell up to him trying to keep up with him. He didn't say anything. "I don't even know why your so mad. Yeah it's frustrating but I didn't  do a Damn thing to you so slow down." I say running up to him. "Fine." He snaps coming to a stop. "I don't need to know where the mall is. I never went to the mall back in Virginia." "Well we have something in common then. I barely go. And when I do it's because my mom makes me." I tell him as I fix my ponytail. "But we can get some food at the mall and I'm starving so come on." I say leading the way. The mall was only about a half a mile away from our houses. Fifteen to twenty minute walk. "I am too." He says catching up to me. "But I don't have my wallet." "Lucky for you I have mine." I say and pull out my my blue wallet. "I can't let you pay for it." I laugh. " Ok you can pay me back."  He nods.  The rest of the walk we were silent. By the time we got to the mall my mouth was watering at the thought of a burger and fries. We walk up to the mall burger king. "What do you want?" I ask him. "Just a burger."Zeke answers. I nod telling the burger king employee our order. I also order two diet cokes, guessing Zeke likes diet coke. 

  I bring our try to the table Zeke was sitting at. "Yum." He murmurs as he takes a bite of his burger. I nod biting into mine. We finish our burgers and I offer him some fries. He takes them." So your going to Kipson High school with me huh?" I ask. "Yep. What's it like?" He says as he takes a bite out of a fry."I don't know. I'm gonna be a freshman too. But most of them from last year you don't wanna get involved with. I only trust one person there." I  tell him. He laughs. "And who would that be?" He asks. "Casey my friend." I say finishing my fries. "Girl or guy?" I finish my diet coke. "Girl."  He nods taking the tray and standing up. "Lets get out of here." I say as he dumps the tray. We walk home talking about different things.

The End

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