Yes I love you.

Add to it if you would like this is based on my short story "The last letter."

 I watched as my new neighbors brought boxed into the house next to us. From the looks of it there was four of them all total. Two children. One a teenage boy and one a little girl. I couldn't exactly tell how old they were from my window. "Emma why don't we go say hi to the new neighbors?" My mom asked from the kitchen. "I guess we can." I call back to her. "Ok get dressed and we'll head over." I groaned. I looked ok. I was wearing sweatpants and a tank top but that's what I wear around the house. I get dressed in my jeans anyway and leave on my tank top. "Ok let's get this over with mom." I say as I walk into the kitchen. We slip on our flip flops and head over. No one has been in this house for two years. Not since the Greysons moved out. We walk up their driveway and up to the door. Before we can even knock the door swings open. A short plump woman with grey and black hair stands in the doorway."You must be the new neighbors. Hello I'm Cathy Miller." She said. She sticks out her hand."Hello I'm Maria Anderson and this is my daughter Emma." My mom says as she takes Cathy's hand.  "Oh well aren't you the cutest thing. My son will want to meet you." She says with a smile. I blush. "Ill want to meet who?" A boy says from behind her. Cathy jumps. "Jesus Zeke don't sneak up on me." She says swatting his arm. "Sorry mom." He says then turns to me." Who are you?" He asks. "I'm Emma Anderson."I say as I stick out my own hand. He takes it. "I'm zeke Miller." Zeke says. I nod taking back my hand. 

"Well why don't Ya'll come in." Cathy says. "We would love to." My mom says taking a step in. I follow her. There were boxes everywhere. Boxes marked "zekes books." Or "Ann's toys." "Over here." Cathy says stepping over a box. My mom does the same. Then Zeke. I follow all of them. There's a couch, a love seat and a coffee table (which is stacked with boxes.). There's the little girl I saw earlier sitting in the middle of all the boxes playing with barbies. "Ann introduce yourself." Cathy instructed the little girl. "Hi I'm Ann."Ann says and goes back to playing with her barbies. "She's adorable." My mother squeals. I roll my eyes. Zeke does the same. "Well ill go get some coffee for us." Cathy says and walks out of the room. After about five minutes she comes back. "It'll be done in ten minutes or so." She says and sits down in the love seat. My mom sits on the couch and I sit next to her. Zeke awkwardly sits next to me. "So is your daughter going to be a freshman too this year?" Cathy asks. "Yes she is. Maybe Zeke and her will be friends!" My mother says excitedly. "Oh yes that would be wonderful." Cathy says with even more excitement then my mother." Why don't you show him where the  mall is why me and Cathy talk." My mom said. "Yes won't that be fun Zeke." Cathy said smiling at him. "But mom....." Zeke began to say. "Your going. You need friends." Cathy demanded. "Fine." Zeke answered with attitude. He stalked out of the room. And I followed him. 

The End

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