A Call to Mr. Brown's Office

Boo was rather cuddly through the night and it carried over into our morning ritual.  He rubbed up against my hand when I was trying to pour his morning milk.  I appreciated the affection but I didn't appreciate the fact that Boo left me to clean up the spilt milk. 

Some mornings, I like to soak for awhile In the hot shower.  It helps me think and sometimes help me to decide if I'm going to go ahead and continue living.  Somewhere between choruses of Harbor Lights I came to the decision that it was time for an official one-on-one rund of hardball with the somewhat able but very randy barrister, Mr. Benjamin Brown, Esquire.  I had to start pushing somewhere in this screwy case and I thought I might as well begin with the lover boy who didn't keep his date with Miss Yellow Roses.

"Where's the phone book, Boo?"  Usually that's a joke about my careless habit of misplacing things, but this time, Boo was sitting on the thing.  Yep, sitting there high and mighty washing his face .How about that, he actually did know where it was.  After an aggravated meow, he jumped off and let me track down the number for Brown & Keller.  "That's handy," I thought.  Each partner in the firm had his own number listed further down the ad. 

A lovely voice answered, "Brown & Keller, Benjamin Brown's office, how may I help you?"  Tried as I might I couldn't recall her name that went with that lovely voice.  I could see her face and I remembered that friendly handshake. 

"Yes, this is Lieutenant MacKenzie, Boston Police.  I need to set up a time when I can speak with Mr. Brown."

"Lieutenant MacKenzie.  This is Delores Sheppard, Mr. Brown's secretary.  I do hope you got the information I sent over to your office.  Our messenger gave it to a Sergeant O'Toole." 

"Yes, thank you," realizing that I had completely forgotten about the info I had requested from Brown & Keller and I really didn't remember anything specific from the law firm.

She followed up, "Yes, that's right, here's the receipt.  A Sgt. O'Toole, 23rd Precinct desk, signed for the package.  Now concerning an appointment with Mr. Brown.  We are quite busy with the transition to our new office."

"Miss Sheppard, I will need to see him some time this morning."

Evidently, my best get-down-to-business voice accomplished its purpose."Lieutenant, would nine o'clock work for you?"

"That'll be fine, Miss Sheppard."

"Lieutenant, if you would like why don't you park in Mr. Keller's parking space, he's out of town.  I'll be at the back entrance to let you in."

I thought that seemed to be a whole lot more hospitality and accommodation than I had might be expecting.  And the more I thought about it, the more intriguing that little gesture seemed to be.

"Boo, don't heave your guts today, alright.  Save the rug, boy."

The poodle barked and Miss Templeton gave me a sample of the muffins she had just baked, blueberry.  A cup of Mick's coffee and a copy of the Globe.  The headline read, TED WILLIAMS CALLED UP TO KOREA.  Then Old Gray and I made the drive to keep my appointment with Delores Sheppard and her boss, all the while I felt something itching in the back of my brain and I couldn't get to it.





The End

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