An Awkward Conversation, But Not Really That Bad

Thank goodness that Margo really didn't care any more for she took the lead in rescuing me.  "Mary, it is so good to meet you.  I hope you have better luck with working the kinks out of him than I did."

Mary laughed, relieved that Margo had given her assurance that the past was past; I grinned the grin of the humiliated.

"And it's good to make your acquaintance, Margo.  But I best be leaving, MacKenzie.  Shirley's waiting for me down the street at a thirty minute parking slot.  I just wanted to let you know that I'll be back to work tomorrow and Shirley and her mother have made me feel very comfortable.  I'm not going to work until Monday but I thought we might have some brunch.  Maybe tomorrow, or maybe Sunday.  I'll call you."

I was sensing a kiss was next in order, but, obviously, Margo's presence put the kibosh on that.  "See you, Mary.  Tomorrow morning would be great, but I'll call."

Mary then reached in her purse and pulled out a paper bag.  "Shirley sent something for Boo.  Pork chops, I think.  But she said to make sure you understand it was for Boo and not you."

"Tell her thanks."

"Margo, it was good to meet you."

"And you, Mary.  I can see why Ian asked you out.  And he's a good joe, Mary.  You could do a whole lot worse, gal."

Mary waved good-bye and I did feel a little something going on between us.  i was feeling pretty good for a guy who just got shot.

I gave Margo a gentle invitation to talk over a drink.  She accepted it with no problem.  As we walked to the elevator, she pressed me for more details about the so-called work related injury.  "Ian, what happened?"

"Ah, Margo, someone took a shot at me today and one of the shots took a nick out of my back.  I'm fine, just a little tender from the stitches."

As we boarded the elevator, she gave me a little tenderness for old time's sake, I suppose.  I confess, I still dream about her.  But I've learned to quickly walk away from those thoughts in recent years.  I do better when I do.

"Well, Margo.  You're looking great.  What brings you to big city?  Did my last alimony check bounce?"

"No, you're paid up.  I just dropped by to catch you up on some news."

"Really.  You're okay, aren't you?"

"Ian, of course. How about we get that drink and I'll help you eat whatever you have in that bag from Big Al's.  Wait.  Let me guess.  Italian sub with no onions and soaked in oil and vinegar."

"D*mn, Margo.  How do you remember stuff like that?" 

'"Because, Ian, you have always been one boring creature of habit.  Same thing every time... and in every way."

"Alright now, Margo.  Let's not go there."

The poodle barked then the idiot dog got so worked up that he started to gag and cough.  I smiled and then searched both pockets for the keys.  I always do that and they are are always in my right pocket.  Now why can't I remember that."

Margo gave out a glee in response to Boo's welcoming meow.  "Oh, Boo.  Remember me.  Boo you're getting so fat."  She picked him up, plopped him over her shoulder, allowing him to look me in the eye as if to ask, "What in the h*ll is she doing here?"

"Margo, all I've got is Southern Comfort on the rocks.'

"That's fine, Ian."

"Well, Margo, what's the news?  You're moving?  You got a new job?  Wait, your lawyer  and you are getting hitched.'

"Well.  Yes and no."

"Yes and no what?"

"My lawyer won't leave his wife but I am getting married."


"Yes, Ian.  He's a professor of history and he's just taken a position at Brown.  We're getting married next month and then make the move to Providence."

Her news was not easy to take, but I had a sensed this would be the only reason she would ever make a trip here to see me.  funny the things you think in moments like this.  All I could think of was well if you're going to have a bad day you might as well get all out of the way at once.  "Margo, I can't say that I'm loving to hear that, but if you're happy, then I am happy for you."

"Thank you, Ian.  And just think, no more alimony checks."

"Yea, no more alimony checks."

"Ian, Mary seems really nice and I can tell she has a liking for you.  I hope it works out."

"Thanks, Margo."  We sipped our bourbon and did some reminiscing.  Laughed a bit and then hugged good-bye.   I poured another Southern Comfort on the rocks and Boo jumped into my lap and took a nap.

"Boo, I think I still love her."




The End

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