Miss Lily, Miss Lily

There it was.  When placed side by side, the handwriting on the Dear Benji note, the Lily Devonshire signature on the florist receipt, the handwriting on the letters to Senator Watters, all were from the same feminine hand; while the JEB note and the business card, the same masculine hand.  "Well, what do ya know, Miss Lily Devonshire and Mr. Buster Blake, up to no good together."

Blanche delivered the BLT and the Seven-Up, taking the liberty to get a good look at my evidence display.  "A case you're working on?"

Dumb question, I know, but I decided cut the old lady some slack,  "Yep, Blanche, a murder case." 

"Interesting, Mr. MacKenzie.  Will there be anything else?"

"Yes, Blanche.  Shirley?"

"Oh, silly me.  I'll go get her."

i tried to piecing it together."God, I've got so many knots in this thing."

Shirley finally arrived.  "Hey, Mac, Sorry I was so long in the powder room.  What can I do ya for?'

"Hey, Shirley, two things.  One is that I called Mary and offered her your invitation to have her move in with you for awhile."

"Sure, Mac.  I'll call her after work.  You took care of her stalker, right?'

"Yea.  He shouldn't be a problem, but I wouldn't spread around that Mary's staying with you."

"What else, MacKenzie?" 

I gave Shirley one more check of her trustworthiness.  "Shirley, I've got a file I want to lock up in your wall safe."

She wasn't sure about what this was about but she managed to not ask any further questions before agreeing.

"Thanks, Shirley."

MacKenzie, this better not end up as bad news for me and Mary."

I didn't go further because I wasn't all that sure myself what would come of all this.

I walked with her back to her safe.   Shirley had it hidden behind her refrigerator that had been outfitted with hidden casters.  "Now that's pretty clever," I thought.  She made me turn my eyes as she spun the tumblers.  Somehow her cautious attitude made me feel a little better about this bird-brained idea of mine.





The End

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