A Limo Comes My Way

Two blocks away is to blocks too far to park just for a cup of coffee, but maybe not for some Dutch apple pie.  It did give me the opportunity to walk behind the wiggle of two young ladies who were looking mighty good.   I reckon that it was flight of fancy that kept me from noticing the black limo following me. 

As I neared Shirley's, the driver pulled up beside rolled down the passenger window, and called out, "Lieutenant MacKenzie, please get in. "

I stopped my walking which in turn brought the limousine to a stop, backing up traffic and igniting the instantaneous horn honking that goes with downtown Boston.

"Please, Lieutenant."

With that second plea from the driver, I made my way a few steps closer.  The rear window then lowered revealing the lovely Mrs. Watters and another lady, looking approximately the same age, status, and class.  "Lieutenant, please.  I would like you to meet someone."

So I entered the opening door and took a seat opposite the two ladies.  I must admit i was a bit awed by the opulence of how some of the well-to-do travel around life.  It's a far, far distance from the worn cloth seats of my gray Ford to the soft, brown leather of this Lincoln limo.  And I could say the same about the fine silks and satins that sitting in front of me, looking elegant and doing so in such a together sort of way.

The in-charge Mrs. O'Hara called forward, "Mason, take us for a short drive, please."  With that the honking stopped, and all was at peace once more, especially behind the dark smoked glass that hid us from the rest of the world.

The lovely Mary O'Hara quickly got to the point.  "Lieutenant MacKenzie, let me introduce to you my daughter, Molly Kennedy."


The End

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