The Boston Globe, page 2

"A cup of coffee, Mickey," I started my work day as I had a thousand times before, but because o the night before I had to add, "And, Mickey, you better give me some aspirin." 

Mickey smiled, "Apparently you and Jack Daniels had a good night."

"It was old Southern Comfort but the same memories."

Mickey always amazed me, as I suppose he amazed most others who made Mickey's Newsstand a daily stop.  How a blind man could know where everything was in that shack that served as a store, I'll never know.  Ask for anything and his hand didn't have to search for it, his hand somehow could just see where it was and right to it.  Some folks said that Mickey had a lady friend somewhere up there behind one of those tenement windows, a blind little gal who gave violin lessons to the children.  I tended to believe it might be true.  Mickey had that contented air about him, that contentment that only being loved and having someone to love can bring.

I checked my watch.  "I've got plenty of time this morning," I advised to that little keeper of the schedule that haunted my insides, "I'm going to sit down and read a paper.'  So I slid a copy of the morning Globe out from under the hunk of granite that Mickey kept to anchor his stack of papers.  "Mickey, mind if I sit on your stool a bit." 

He answered, missing me just a bit with the aim of his eyes, "If you pay me for that paper you just took."

Mickey kept a stool beside his stand, an old, beat up, wooden stool that he used to while away the slow parts of the day.

The front page had the typical news, runaway inflation, Korean War, Truman at odds with Congress, Red Sox wins.  It was when I turned the page that things got mighty interesting.  Mr. Benjamin Brown was leaving the law firm of Brown and Keller and setting up a law practice in New York City.

"Second generation attorney of the long-established law firm of Brown and Keller announced today that Senior Partner, Benjamin R. Brown, Esquire, had sold his shares in the firm for the purpose of establishing a new law firm in Manhattan, New York City.  The new law firm would specializing in financial law working in conjunction with several of the leading Wall Street investment houses.  A spokesman for the firm said, 'Mr. Brown and the firm of Brown and Keller had been finalizing this move for the past several months and that the firm will continue to include the Brown name in all its legal functioning out of respect for Mr. Brown's father, their founder.  Mr. Keller, the surviving senior partner, added that soon it will be announced of the firm's merger with another local firm, but the news of that transition will be made sometime next week.'"

I knew this meant something, but what?

"Got to be going, Mickey.  Watch out for the crooks."

"MacKenzie, that's supposed to be your job.  Hey, don't forget your aspirin.'  He held out the small tin of six Bayer aspirin leaving it to me to take it from him."

I had phone calls to make and I hate making phone calls.




The End

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