The Captain Gets a Call and I Catch H*ll

I was greeted a box of blueberry donuts on O'Toole's desk the next morning, a good start to the day.  But as it seems with most good starts lately, it was short lived.  O'Toole walked by and whispered in my ear, "Captain Galloway needs to see you."

That's not good.  When the Captain leaves a message at the desk to send you into his office the moment you arrive, that's not good.

One last bite to finish the donut, two knocks on the Captain's door.

"Come in!" The Captain swirled his high-back desk chair around to face me, revealing a phone planted in his ear.  "Why, Mayor, Lieutenant MacKenzie just walked in.  Would you like to speak to him yourself?"

I could make out the mumble of the Mayor's high-pitched voice garbling out of the phone and then the sound of one mad mayor hanging up.

"Well, MacKenzie.  What in the h*ll have you done now?"

"What?" I pleaded. 

"It seems that the lovely Mrs. Mayor is good friends with the Senator's wife and she got wind that you have some evidence that the good Senator is messing around!"  The Captain leaned over his desk in this posture of a full body scowl that he often did.  I never saw anybody else do it but him, but he did it every other day with me.  "Okay, MacKenzie.  What evidence?  I haven't seen any evidence.  Have you seen any evidence?"

"I have no idea what she's talking about Captain.  But let me tell you, I think the good Senator is clean on this one."

"Why would you say that, MacKenzie?"

"Well, sir, I've got information that our dead Miss Yellow Roses..."


"Miss Yellow Roses, that's my name for the Mollie O'Hara girl ."

"Alright, go on."  The Captain began to slowly settle back into his chair.

"You see, Captain, I believe Senator Waters is the unnamed father of the girl and not the unseen lover."

" MacKenzie, are you sure?" 

"I think I'd bet on it.  He confessed to me himself and I looked the guy right in the eye.  I think he's coming clean with this one.  At worst, he's probably trying to get involved in the case to find the killer himself.  But without Mr. O'Hara learning anything more about the origins of his little girl."

"Jesus, MacKenzie.  How do you keep getting into these messes?"

"Blessed, Captain, I suppose I'm just a blessed son of a gun."


The End

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