At Least He Left My Wallet and Boo's Can of Tuna

"D***!" My fingers felt the goose egg on my head.  "Oh man, that hurts!"  In the bathroom mirror, I could see that I had lost some blood, not much, but enough to ruin my shirt and make my neck look like the aftermath of a bad night at the fights.

"Boo, thanks for the warning, buddy."  I checked my hip for my wallet.  Still there.  Badge, gun, even the can of tuna, all there.  "Well, what in the h*ll?"  Further investigation found that those bits and pieces about Miss Yellow Roses were gone, even the envelope just handed over by Mrs. Devonshire, gone.  "Whoever it was, oh, yea, the gold-toothed gorilla must have slipped in through that fire escape window.  I need to lock that thing!"  But that has been the story of my life, I tend to figure out the right thing to do after it's no longer needed to do.  Ask my first wife.

Not much to do now, except toss down some aspirin and catch a few self-induced winks.  "D*** that hurts!"

I forgot to set Big Ben, but I managed to rise not too late.  After making all my morning howdies, I arrived at the station, still sporting a splitting headache.  And wouldn't you know it, the first one I meet is the Captain as he walked out of the john, still finishing zipping his fly.

"Hey, MacKenzie.  How's that O'Hara case coming?  I need something a report on my desk by noon.  The Commissioner wants me to write him up a press release on that thing.  The Globe ran a story on it this morning, some reporter named Coggins, playing up the connection with the senator.  Did he talk to you?"

"No, Cap.  First I've heard of it.   Don't have much that is solid, yet.  But I'll give you what I've got.  But it's probably going give you more questions than answers."

I'd write a little something that didn't say much, but I'd probably try to straighten the Senator thing.  He seemed like a rather decent guy.  I then went and moaned for a couple of hours at my desk and I must have a pretty good 'Leave Me Alone' sign on my face, for most everybody let me be.



The End

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