Boo and the Fire Escape Ghosts

"Boo.  Boo, where are you?"  Boo is not usually ambitious enough to play hide-and-seek, but I did begin searching for the old guy, behind chairs, back of the couch, in the closets. 

Then I caught sight, or rather, felt the breeze coming in through the white curtains on the fire escape window.  It was open.  "I don't remember opening that window last night," I thought.  Every now and then, when I water the two plants I care for, Lancelot and Merlin, I will place them on the fire-escape landing to drain.  But Lance and Merlin were sitting in their places, both looking rather puny, one in the corner on the little round table Aunt Nell gave me in her will and the other sitting on the third shelf of the book shelf - that sadly had no books except for last year's Phone Book and the stacks of DetectiveComics that Mickey saves for me at his newsstand.   I was starting to gather a pretty fair collection, five stacks worth.  I like comic books.

"Well then, why is that window open?"  With that question, Boo appeared on the fire escape.  I surmised that he had spent the day checking out the neighbors who lived behind the windows up and down the fire escape ladder. 

"Hey Boo, where you been ..."  I felt the slamming of a rock hard something to my skull.  The lights in my brain dimmed for a second, then as I spun down into unconsciousness I caught the shadow of some goon with a gold-toothed smile.  Then I was gone.

It was nighttime, when I finally felt Boo's sandpaper tongue licking my face.  It took awhile longer before I had enough wits about me to see that Big Ben was reading 2:15 and the room felt cold and damp.


The End

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