A Walk Through Boston Common

The phone number listed in the directory got me as far as a Miss Baker, Citizen Assistance Director, Boston area.  I had no idea what that meant.  I only knew that she was two phone transfers up the ladder.  She would see me.  The Senator's Boston Office was in a high-class, dignified brownstone on Beacon Street, across the street from the Boston Common.  I was offered directions to a private parking spot.  When I opened the cherry doors with the stained glass inserts, I found an office not nearly as grand as the public facade.  But come to think of it, I suppose that is quite fitting for a politician's office.  There with a smile was an elderly, matronly but still quite attractive in a well-kept sort of fashion.  "Good morning.  Welcome to the Boston offices of Senator Waters.  May I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Lieutenant MacKenzie of BPD.  I believe I have an appointment with a Miss Baker."  The receptionist flipped open her desk calendar, but before she got very far, a very professional voice called out from an open door to the right.

"Ah, yes, Lieutenant, I'll be right out."

It was a rather awkward minute of rocking back and forth on my heels, but she did come out, all dressed to perfection in her snappy gray tweed suit, respectable but still fashionable shoes.  A handsome woman, a brunette, who could have been downright good-looking if she had allowed herself to be so.  "Miss Annette Baker, Lieutenant."  Extending her hand for a handshake but also to turn me about ever so gently.  "Mrs. Travis, the Lieutenant and I are going for a stroll through the park.  Please take messages.  We shouldn't be gone that long.  With that we were out the door, crossing the street, and making our way down the broad lane to the lagoon. 

I tried to get into the interview, but I sensed that she had plan and purpose in this rather dramatic maneuver, so I small-talked for awhile.  We chatted ourselves over to a rather secluded park bench in eye shot of the swan boats.  "Please, lieutenant, have a seat."  I did, expecting her to follow in like manner, but she didn't.  She simply walked away toward the lake, leaving me behind. 

In a moment, a gentleman strolled up wearing a Brooks Brothers overcoat over a Brooks Brothers suit, all topped off with dark brown fedora with a red feather accent.  "Lieutenant MacKenzie?" 

"Yes," I answered starting to rise to my feet, but he gestured me to remain seated.  "I'm Senator Warren Waters, Mr. MacKenzie."

And he was.  He removed his hat and asked permission to share the park bench.

"I hear you're investigating the murder of Molly O'Hara."

I nodded but I had not mentioned that to anyone in his office.  I reckon he must have read that very question somewhere on my countenance, for he followed up.  "Oh, Mr. MacKenzie, when you are a senator you have plenty of folks who love to keep you up-to-date with the goings on."


The End

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