A Little News About Miss Yellow Roses

The Captain's office was the one haven of peace and quiet in this building of chaos.   When the Captain would close that glass door behind you, it was as if you had been taken outside it all.  Through the big glass windows you could observe the silent drama, the unheard conversations, the ebb and flow of law enforcement in all its goings on.

"MacKenzie.  You handled the call on the Ambassador murder, right?"

"Yes, Cap'"

"Well, you just inherited a whole lotta press coverage.  That dame was apparently the girlfriend of the Right Honorable and happily married Senator Warren Waters." 

"Jeez!  Why is it always me?"

"MacKenzie.  Oh, I'm not done yet.  The Senator's girlfriend was also the daughter of your friend and mine, Wild Bill O'Hara."

"Great.  Just great."

Wild Bill O'Hara was a local union boss, who liked to walk along the fence line between legit and illegit.  A powerfully built man who had the reputation of settling things behind closed doors, one way or another.  Worked his way up from the loading docks by doing the dirty work for those calling the shots above him.  And when they fell one by one, he was the last one left standing.

I had to ask, "Captain, what does the press know?"

"I haven't heard anything about the Senator, but the obit's coming out this afternoon and I am sure Wild Bill going to have something to say.  I can't imagine he knows about the good senator.  We got that call from the good senator's wife early this morning.  Apparently she had hired a P.I. to keep track of her hbby's catting around."

"Lord, it just keep getting better.  Who's the P.I.?

The Captain shook his head, reluctant to answer, but he did in ahalf-whispered mumble, "Flanagan."

I didn't answer the Captain, I didn't need to, but my exact thoughts were, "Why Flanagan?  An ex-cop who got thrown off the force for having the bad habit of getting confessions one way or another."

With a good measure of sarcasm, i followed up, "Any more good news, Cap."

"Nope," he said with an almost amused smile.  "Still want the case?"

The Captain was not expecting an answer.  I had the case.


The End

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