Yearning Conflict

Stella's loss of her best friend Fortis Spero, based on the crystal Horse, Lucky Spot


Scarborough, Yorkshire  

September 19th, 1066

“Mother. The foal!” Screamed  the girl

“Leave it, now come on get out!” Bellowed her mother in return

“I won’t leave it to die here”

“You must. Your father gave his life for our escape, and I will not let you waste it, now hurry!”

As if in reply an axe smashed a hole in the reinforced wooden door and was then pulled back for another hit

“Mother... Please!” pleaded the girl with her cheeks soaked with tears

“God help us; throw it in the cart, now!”



SMASH! The girl picked up the foal and placed it in the cart, alongside two rolls of blackish bread.

“Now GO, RUN CHILD” Shouted the mother as she pushed the girl out of the cellar door, before she herself ran through the door whilst dragging the cart. As the last wheel of cart was pulled out of the cellar, the reinforced door shattered, and at least ten soldiers pushed through, all wielding some sort of deadly weapon. One soldier was holding a bow and with it, sent an arrow towards the disappearing cart, which then burrowed itself into the foal’s thigh, as the cart hurdled away.

That night the blaze set upon Scarborough by the Norwegian army could be seen for many miles around.

Outward Bound

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~Winston Churchill

19th August 1388

Just outside Belsay Castle, Northumberland

The wind whipped Stella’s long blonde hair around her head as Felicis cantered through the forest. The darkness was impenetrable but they rode on into it with never-ending energy.

“Yahooooooooo” screamed Stella as she let out exclaims of pure joy and thrill. Her head was facing forward, a few inches above Felicis’s silver mane and the wind pushed her hair into a long plume which followed her like a flickering flame. Mice and rabbits scrambled out of the path, to let the unstoppable pair pass. Felicis let out a wild whinny of excitement and put on a burst of speed which made the darkness swill in front of Stella’s eyes. After a few moments of this they came across a large, circular meadow, into which the moon shone and lit it up like a searchlight. It was here that Felicis stopped. Stella flopped down, gasping for air and groped her arms around Felicis’s silver neck; she stayed like this for what seemed like years, but in reality it was only a couple of minutes. Felicis gave a small whinny along with a little shake as if he had become very restless and agitated. Stella swung off his back and landed softly on the mossy ground. She looked at Felicis’s ancient body which looked as old as the tree’s that circled them, but glowed with youth and energy. She looked at his ageless scar which was implanted in his thigh. Felicis gave another, much more frantic shudder

“What is it boy?” said Stella, concern showing in her voice. The reply she got was unexpected. A loud but distant sound echoed through the silent night, the long eerie drone of a ivory horn.

“My father’s battle horn?” queried Stella, with shocked curiosity. Felicis took a couple of steps towards the sound and gave a low whinny.

“You want to go don’t you?” Asked Stella, even though she knew the answer. Felicis had always been like this, he had always been protective over her and he always thought it his duty to eradicate any harm that could possibly come upon her.

“Not this time, boy. It’s too dangerous for you” She said with as much authority in her voice as she could muster. Felicis looked at her for a long, drawn out second then turned his head and took another few steps away. She ran in front of Felicis, blocking his path, but he only moved around her, she planted her hands onto his shoulders and attempted to push him back. This made him stop, he looked into her eyes. His eyes were so old, full of so much wisdom and they held so much authority, so much that she stopped pushing him and looped her arms around his neck. Stella twisted his silver mane around her hand and then buried her face into his shoulder as she wept. Felicis gave a whinny of response and used his head to try and nudge her off, but she only threw her arms around his back and wept.

“Please, don’t go” she said between her sobs. Felicis hung his head and brushed his foot along the ground

“I love you Boy” she said now stroking his side but still pouring tears from her eyes. Her hand lingered on his scar, his mysterious scar, which made her think that no matter how deep their bond went, there was still so, so much that she would never know about him.  She let herself sink to the ground while she cradled her face in her arms, trying to silence the heartbroken sobs. Felicis gave a whinny, which she knew was meant as comfort, but she didn’t give him a response, just another sob. She stayed there, with the darkness deepening and the twigs digging into her knees and sobbed for about five minutes before she raised her head to give her final farewell to him, but when she raised her head, he was gone. Not a trace, not a horse shoe, she would’ve cried again but her eyes were bone dry already. She just kneeled there, staring into the impenetrable darkness where he had been standing. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew through the woods, and ruffled her blonde hair, just the slightest. At the end of the gust, a very quiet, very muffled, but an unmistakable whinny echoed through the forest. A soft, heartfelt, goodbye.

“Goodbye Felicis” She whispered back. Stella lay down on her back and looked up into the canopy of trees that loomed above, she lay there and thought of life, the unknown, the known, the stories, the lies, the hello’s, the goodbye’s. She thought of her Mother and imagined her lying alongside her, youthful, peaceful and silent yet wide-eyed and inquisitive, just as she remembered her.

“I wish this had never happened mother” whispered Stella

“so does everyone who see’s such times but that is not their choice, all we have to choose is what to do with the time we have” replied her mother with the soft and loving tone that she had always used. 

“But mother...”

“Hush child, sleep now” and with that Stella simply blacked out...


Inward Step

God forbid that I should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses.  ~R.B. Cunninghame Graham, letter to Theodore Roosevelt

Stella awoke back in the meadow on the eve of dawn, the sun was just about to appear over the tree’s. The forest was awkwardly quiet, not a sound could be heard, not even the dawn chorus. Stella was damp from the night and was completely drained from the night before. She couldn’t get the thought of Felicis from her head “was he dead? Alive? Never coming back?” she would’ve cried but she then remembered what her mother had said the night before, and she held back the tears and began to think straight. It was now she realised she was in the middle of the forest.... lost. Stella didn’t panic, although she knew she was hopelessly lost, she didn’t panic, but she stared into the forest, and as the sun peeped over the tree’s, she saw the most spectacular sight she had ever seen. Deep into the forest, she could see a path, a path of sparkling crystals, which dazzled in the morning sun. For a reason unknown to her, Stella knew that this path of crystal had something to do with Felicis and she also had a strong feeling that this path would lead her home, and while she walked along this path she collected the crystals, and devised a plan in her head, a plan that would safely secure Felicis a place in History, a plan to turn the story into.... a legend.




On the Nineteenth of August, 1388 a ferocious battle between the English and the Scots took place which was later named ‘the battle of Otterburn’, many lives were lost on both sides but it is rumoured that a great leader from the Scots was killed, brutally trampled to the ground by a silver horse.


Felicis Macula = Lucky Spot

The End

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