I leaned against my riverfront house as the rain came pouring down. I was waiting. No, I was hoping. Would he come back?

I turned my face up towards the dark clouds and let the rain pound my face while I wondered and also kind of feared. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything, shouldn’t have let him know my feelings. Then everything would be alright. We’d still be friends.

The wind whipped my soaked hair around as I wished that somehow I could change what I had done, forget the expression on his face when I told him. The memory made me cry again, feeling hot streaks roll down my wet face.

I looked out onto the river and watched as two lightning bolts, struck the river at the same time, close together. And as soon as they were there they left, the imprint of them still under my eyes, followed by the loud rumbles of thunder.
How I wished that he and i were those lightning bolts, staying side by side even when gone forever.

The End

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