Ye Olde Magic Adventures

A collection of delightful characters from the world of Ye Olde Magic


Ye Olde Magic adventures features a variety of characters who live in the world of wizards and warlocks, elves and dwarves, ogres and giants, and heroes and villians.

This world is known as Cigaminia. It is a vast wonderous place filled with fantasy and illusion. It stretches from the far east where Gnomebridge Woods grow every spring to the vast and violent Drachaven mountains where only the bravest of men dare go through fear of being roasted by the carnivorous Crimson tailed dragons. 

Oddly enough, this is where our first tale begins. Just south of these dangerous cliffs is the Perthorn Marsh. A vast bog that swollows any lost travellers into its muddy depths. Very few have stepped into the sticky swamp and lived to tell the tale. The village of Perthorn, named after its infamous bog is home to a very surprising hero.

Despite having not a single hair on his young chin, he faces a challenge very few men dare face. This is the tale of Petey, the little knight.   

The End

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