This is (hopefully going to turn up to be) a whimsical love story between pirates sailing the high seas. It will have action, adventure, and a bit of humor intertwined.


“He be confounded. I do not think he understands our speak, he be dressed different than us too. He must be lost.” I circle around the dark skinned man, pondering as to what to do with him. My Quartermaster continues to speak to me. “Cap'n, he was searchin' through our grub supplies below th' deck. Be 'tis punishable by Davy Jones' treasure chest?”

The prisoner’s eyes nearly pop out at the mention of ‘Davy Jones’ treasure chest’. So he does know our language. “What be ye doin' here?” He stares at me, continuing his silence. “I be cap'n 'o 'tis ship, 'n ye be lucky that I haven't had ye life ended by me men yet. I warn ye, if ye want to live, answer me inquiry. Why be ye here?”

My Quartermaster raises his sword to the prisoner’s neck, pressing his blade against the boy’s skin, ever-so-slightly. “Do not cross me master. Ye look like a smart Jim laddie. Do as he says, 'n no harm gunna come.”

The man, shifting his weight from one leg to the other opens his mouth to speak. “I be Phoenix. I came here in search fer grub 'n a way out 'tis place. A way to th' land 'o adventure.”

“Cap'n, do ye hear that? Th' young child thinks that we recruit new members. Be tellin' him cap'n. Be tellin' him that we have all that we need.”

“Paine, I reckon ye be quiet now. Ye be maiden voyage me patience. I be cap'n 'n I call th' shots. I gunna decide what be happen to 'tis... Phoenix.” I stop circling the man, and look far beyond him. I search the sea, then look at the trees and houses that have such a homey feel to them. “Why do ye want to leave home? It be so peaceful, 'n nice.”

“It be because 'o th' peace that I be needin' to leave. It be because 'o how nice it be. I be needin' change in me life.”

“I reckon, me dear jim laddie, that ye family gunna comely wench ye dearly. Do ye think 'o them?” He looks up at the sky, obviously trying to fight back tears. What did I say?

He looks at me and slowly begins to speak. “Cap'n, I left 'o a big part as to why I must join ye. On another scurvy pirate ship, me parents were killed. They stole away me brother 'n me younger sisters too. I have searched fer them fer a long the hour now, 'bout th' span 'o a year. I don't be knowin' if they be alive or if they have be killed too. I have to keep tryin' though. 'Tis me duty. I be th' oldest.”

Paine looks to me for guidance. “Alert th' navigator that we don't sail out 'til to'morrow afternoon. Be off now.” He nods at my orders and leaves quickly. “As fer ye,” I whisper to Phoenix to make sure the conversation is unheard, “ I be needin' to spy wit' ye eye ye in me quarters early in th' mornin'. Before th' rest 'o th' crew wakes up. Think ye can do that?”

Phoenix nods, a huge grin covering his face from ear to ear. “Thank ye cap'n. Ye won't regret 'tis.”

I nod at him as if to say ‘you’re welcome’ and shoo him away. As a pirate, you have to be strong, independent, and ruthless. But as a female pirate, you have to snap all the men back into their places.

“Oh,” He turns to me to say one more thing, “Ye beauty be unlike any that bin seen before. More beutiul than th' sun. That's why I was speechless at first. ye beauty numbed me mouth.”                            

He smiles, and then is gone. He is halfway down the dock when I get to the spot that he stood before me. Hmmm… What a guy.

The End

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