chapter 2Mature

As I climb onto the bus, I can hear kids screaming and throwing things. I look everywhere, but no seat looks suitable. I see someone in the front row-a girl-whispering and looking at me. I feel my cheeks redden. I walk slowly down the aisle, and the bus driver tells me to hurry up.

Suddenly, among the chaos, I spot a pale, thin, glasses-wearing girl doodling in a notebook. She's sitting all alone. I wonder how many times she's had to sit alone....... I swallow hard and walk to her seat. "Hi, I'm Jane Parker. Can I sit here?", I ask. She looks up at me and nods. 

I sit down, and I can see she's nervous. I wonder if I am her first friend. Clearly, she is different than all the other girls. I am too. I think we'll be best friends. "What's your name?", I ask. She's silent for a moment. "Um...... Naomi." What I shy girl, I think. I really can't wait for the year we'll have together!

The End

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