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I wake up, and the smell of bacon is around me. Wow, I think, my dad must be really exited about starting his new job! I climb out of bed, and take in my room: My pink walls pealing at the seams, my whacky quirky snowman lamp, my bookshelf full of old classics that I love, like Romeo and JUliet(It's so romantic!). I briefly wonder if I ever would get a boyfriend, and if he would die for me. 

However, as soon as I catch my reflection in my mirror, I almost laugh. My golden-blonde hair curls up around my face and tumbles down my shoulders, stopping somewhere near my shoulder blades. My brilliant baby-blue eyes glisten in the morning sun coming through my window, shining onto me. My flawless, pale skin looks as soft as feathers. God, am I ugly! No wonder I'll never get a date! 

Suddenly, I stop cold. It's my first day of school! Oh no! I might miss the bus. I quickly gather my things and shove them into my backpack, running my fingers through my hair. I rush down the stairs. My mom looks up from her paper, "I hope you aren't late on your first day, Lady Bug!", she chirps, using her pet name for me. "Mo-om!", I groan, laughing, "That's so embarrassing!" "Everyone is embarrassed by their parents.", says dad, matter-of-factly. I roll my eyes. My parents might be embarrassing, but I love them anyways!

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The End

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