Xmas Stories

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Baby Hedgehog's Adventure

Baby Hedgehog lived in a garden. One day, a little girl came running out into the garden, chased by a little boy.

“Stop it!” the little girl shouted, “or Father Christmas won’t come and visit you tomorrow!” The boy ran inside.

Baby Hedgehog rolled himself up the garden towards the little girl.

“Hello,” he said, “I’m Baby Hedgehog- who’s Father Christmas?”
The little girl looked shocked. “You don’t know who Father Christmas is?” Baby Hedgehog shook his head. “He leaves you presents at Christmas! He’s the one who goes all around the world on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and then he leaves you presents under your Christmas tree!”

“Wow.” gasped Baby Hedgehog, “I’ve never got presents before. Father Christmas sounds great! I wish...” Baby Hedgehog looked down.

“What is it?” asked the little girl.

“Well,” whispered Baby Hedgehog, “Could you ask Father Christmas to leave presents for me? But I don’t have a Christmas tree…”

“Of course!” laughed the girl, “I’m sure he’d love to!”

In the morning, Baby Hedgehog woke up and saw a tiny little tree, surrounded by tiny little presents wrapped in shiny paper.

“Thank you Father Christmas!” he whispered.

The End

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