chapter IVMature

                                                                Chapter IV

When garadex emerged from the portal, perisex, sezorex and dranodix were in battle. ‘’what are these were fighting’’ dranodix shouted, driving his axe through one of his opponents heads and moving onto his next. Perisex clicked his fingers and one of them burst into flames, ‘’ their lesser vampires, mere weakling vampires but still strong, they should be easy to brush off’’. Sezorex had already dropped his two handed axe and was fighting with his two swords, cutting down the vampires in droves, hacking at them leaving nothing but sliced up corpses, well, corpses for a few seconds, when these vampires died, they didn’t leave behind corpses, their bodies turned into dust and blew away. Garadex was attacked instantly by many vampires, he did not waste time, in a flash he fired his shurican at those charring at him. He was running at lightning speed while firing his shurican at the vampires, most of them struck the vampires in the head, killing them instantly, but a few only struck them in the chest and stomach not causing instant death. By the time he ran out of shurican he had killed a number of vampires but many still closed in on him, he pulled out his short sword and pointed the tip at them, edging them on to attack him. Perisex didn’t even draw his sword at the vampires, he only used his fire magic to fight off  the vampires. With a very short chanted spells, he was breathing fire on the vampires, incinerating them instantly, even burning the dust they turned into. He could also enchant his hands so that any part of an opponent he touches would melt, so he used it on their faces, melting their heads into fleshy goo that rushed down into their necks before they turned to dust. When the other vampires saw they were going to lose, they are hissed at the four and ran away in to the forests and dark night.
Once the fight was over, perisex ordered that they move immediately, not time for rest, ‘’ they didn’t flee, they went to report to those higher up of our presence, they didn’t ambush us, it was a scout mission, they were testing how powerful we are, that’s why I didn’t use my sword, the little they know about me the better’’. The four didn’t run but their pace kept quickening and their hands reached for their weapon with every snap of a twig or the smallest whistle in the wind. Sezorex was looking around suspiciously, ‘’ I don’t like it here. Your always on edge, I’m surprised vampires can live here without threat’’ and perisex looked over his shoulder at him, ‘’ they do have a threat, they are the true dominate creatures of these forests but there are those that seek to kill them, vampire hunters, they have their own base here and work to wipe the lot out apparently’’ then garadex raised a eyebrow, ‘’ then why not seek these hunters out for assistance, if they learn of the shadow cult then they could be of some assistance’’. Perisex laughed, ‘’ the vampire hunters hate outsiders more than the vampires, they only protect their own and would try and kill us when spotted so we shall do what we can to avoid both the hunters and vampires’’. As they walked on, garadex’s curiosity kept growing, plus there was nothing else really to discuss‘’ I wonder how long they have been battling’’ and perisex smirked, he fancied himself a history expert where these woods was concerned. ‘’ many decades ago, when the vampires had their own tyrant king called, mal-….. something, that I cant remember, lead a war against the vampire hunter for killing one of his sons’’. All three were listening to perisexs story now, all very interested. ‘’ the war was a full scale battle between every vampire against every hunter. Worried that all the hunters would die, their leader, a man called Z, that was his only known name, lead a small band of men to the vampire stronghold to discuss peace with them. But of Corse the tyrant king refused and tried to kill them, many of the band of men died but Z and a few others made it back to their base. By the end of the war, the hunters had won and the vampires leader had died’’. Perisex had stopped talking, garadex’s jaw was dropped, ‘’ wait, surely the vampires outnumbered the hunters?’’, ‘’they did, vastly’’ perisex replied innocently. ‘’ then how did the hunters win’’ and both dranodix and sezorex leaned a bit forward to listen, ‘’ Z had stolen a powerful sword, embedded with dark vampiric magic from the dead prince of the king, and with the magic from that sword, he had turned himself into a demonic half vampire creature, horrible to look at but had tremendous magic power and strength and it was with that power that led victory to the hunters’’. ‘’ but if he had that power, why didn’t he just kill every vampire in the forest’’ garadex asked confused, perisex sighed but nodded meaning he was also confused, ‘’ not many know, a few say he had a wife that was a vampire but she died, others say it was that he was already a half vampire and didn’t wish to kill his own’’. ‘’ and what do you think’’ dranodix asked and perisex shrugged,’’ in my opinion,  by what kind of nature the leader was, he didn’t hate the vampires and only wished for the hunters the be dominate over the vampires rather than total genocide of them’’.
The three had more question for perisex about the war but he just waved their question aside and told them to let the matter drop. For their few hours of marching, the men, not including perisex, thought over what they had heard and wondered why perisex had shared so much information with them. Short experience with perisex, garadex had summarised that perisex was not one of a talkative nature so he thought there must be some relevance to why he told them the story. Perisex sensed this and scowled,   ‘’ an unasked question is like an unopened present, as long as it has nothing about the vampire and hunters ask away’’, both dranodix and sezorex remained quiet but garadex spoke up, ‘’ I do not wish to sound rude. But why did you share so much information about the vampire and hunters with us’’ and perisex smiled, ‘’ guess I am a little to predictable ha-ha’’. ‘’ two reason why I shared so much information, one was that you three were not ignorant of what your fighting here, we shall do our best to avoid conflict with the locals but if it happens ,you would know what your up against’’ and three nodded agreeing to this, ‘’ and the other’’ garadex asked when perisex had stop talking. ‘’ the other reason is that, the dark powered sword used by Z, is in the hands of the man we seek. The shadow cult leader of this land may have harnessed the power the hunters leader used to win their war’’ and after that sentence, the three men’s faces turned to stone. The idea of fighting such a strong power petrified them, but perisex said it like it was no big deal. Garadex was a little suspicious of this, ‘’ how do you know this cult leader has the sword’’ and perisex smiled, ‘’ I have felt the power of that sword once before and trust me,  you don’t forget the scent of magic of that much power. I immediately smelt its power when I came through the portal and when I located where the scent was, I also found the power scent of our cult leader and I fitted the two together’’.
The four marched on in the spooky forests, garadex, sezorex and dranodix were on edge and worried about facing the power of that sword. From a distance, perisex could see a old crippled bridge ahead. While walking, he turned his back at the other three with a serious face, ‘’ be careful when crossing this bridge up ahead, not only if the wood treacherous, but it’s a common place for vampires and not the weak ones we slaughtered  when we arrived but, the stronger lords ok’’ and all three nodded. The two warriors griped their axes, readying themselves for an attack and garadex had two of his shurican in his hand also anticipating attack. Perisex was no fool, he was keeping his guard up but he didn’t show any fear as he walked on and didn’t have his weapon out or chanting any spells. They got the front of the bridge, it was old and completely wrecked from time. There was grime on just about seventy percent of the bridge and looked like it was about to topple over. Garadex took one look at the withered bridge and scowled at perisex, ‘’ you want us to cross ‘this’, I would rather take my  chances with the vampires, that thing couldn’t hold the weight of a leaf’’.  perisex sighed then smirked, ‘’ why do you find fault with everything garadex, do you really thing I would make us cross a bridge like this without anticipating  it might collapse. I already looked the bridge over the second I saw it, its magic supported and wont fall down no matter what weight you put on it’’. garadex was still unsure but trusted perisexs judgement, ‘’ very well then, but apart from that, I thought vampires hung out at this bridge’’, ‘’I’m just as suspicious as you are, we should have been ambushed by now and the fact that the ‘stronger’ vampires are not attacking means they have been told not to and it takes a strong power to command these vampires’’ perisex noted eyeing around his surroundings. The other three were even more worried than before now, one more blow at their confidence and they might back out. Sensing this perisex smiled, ’’ well we better not take it for granted, regardless of the reasons behind it, we have been granted safe passage over this bridge, which is more than you could expect in this place, lets make hast quickly’’, the other three nodded rapidly and walked cautiously  along the crippled bridge. 
While the warriors were crossing, they winced every time they heard the slightest creek in their foot steps. The only one not worried by the rickety bridge was perisex who had full confidence that they would cross the bridge safely . When the men had come half was across the bridge, perisex stopped walking, looked around and frowned,  ‘’what’s wrong’’ garadex asked a little scared of how perisex was no longer confident, when a leader is uneasy then it puts his men in a state of worry.  after perisex had stopped looking around he sighed, not with sadness but with annoyance, ‘’ draw your weapons, it seems I was mistaken. They were not letting us cross, they were luring us into a trap by stranding us in the middle of the bridge to cut off any chances of escape’’. the four fight each drew their weapon, except garadex, who simply put his shurican’s in a more convenient place for him grab, while still carrying two In his hands. After a few seconds, no enemies appeared to strike the four people, dranodix looked around with a shimmer of confidence retuning to him, ‘’ maybe you were wrong and their not going to attack, I cant see or hear anything approaching’’ but perisex only  shook his head, ‘’ no their out their in the trees, since they were planning an ambush they didn’t expect to find out about them and now we are ready to fight, they are either waiting for more help or making some sort of plan’’. after that, the shimmer of hope shattered amongst the three and they kept their guard up in case one jumped out. After a few seconds a massively loud screech came from the woods and was answered by many softer screech’s. garadex looked at perisex with a eyebrow raised and a smirk, ‘’ I take it, that’s not someone telling them to bugger off and leave us alone’’. perisex answered his smirk with one of him own and said, ‘’ nope, it seems instead of summoning more stronger vampires to aid them, they got a vampire lord to appear’’, ‘’ and that’s bad’’ sezorex ask innocently. ‘’yes, but I shall fight the lord, he’s too strong and magically  powered for you three’’ the other three nodded without a moment hesitation and within a minutes, the vampires leaped from out of the forests and onto each side of the bridge, followed by a winged giant with giant claws and razor sharp teeth snarling at them. ‘’well this ought to be fun’’ garadex snorted and raised his shurican’s ready to fight, then the vampires charge at them.
Vampires every where, covering every inch of the bridge, those who are not on the bridge await their chance to jump on and fight. The four men fight their hearts out but are vastly struggling against such numbers in such little space. Garadex has to occasionally duck one of sezorex’s or dranodix’s axe swings which throws off the aim of his shurican throwing quickly leaving him without any and forced to use his short sword. The other two, sezorex and dranodix were in deep battle, these vampires and stronger and faster than the ones they fought when they first came through the portal and these ones had weapons of their own. They were cutting them down, the lack of room for fighting was an inconvenience for the vampires as well and trying to avoid as many wounds as possible or at least the fatal cuts. Perisex was fighting the vampire lord, no other vampires interfered that fight or tried to take a swipe at perisex, mostly out of fear of the consequences rather than respect. He still wasn’t fighting with his sword, despite the vampire lord strength and magic ability of his own was could only muster enough force to fend the lord off. He was waiting until one of the others had a chance to help, so that perisex could remain mysterious to the vampires.
The vampires giant claws were glowing a black colour and he was try to hack away at perisex and tear him to shreds with tremendous speed and physical and magic force. But despite the vampires speed perisex knew magic much more than the vampire did and constricted a long narrow shield of thick flames to take the blows, the shields movement itself was powered my magic force even though it was attached to perisexs arm and was able to block every attack the vampire made from any angle. Perisexs other hand was holding a small fire whip he fashioned to try and repel the vampire with short but painful strikes. The vampire lord was fiercely enraged but perisexs choice of fighting, he had been expecting a powerful battle with a strong opponent, not a fight where he force to fight a turtle style fighter, but the vampires rage was wasted and no matter how much magic he pumped into his claws, it didn’t even make a crack his perisexs flame shield. The vampire lord, despite his attacks doing a hundred percent no damage to perisex was taking a lot of cuts and gashes from perisexs flame whip, he had several cuts on his chest and stomach as well as his face. The vampires blood seemed to be a light purple colour which turned to smoke upon hitting the ground. ‘’perisex, help is requested here’’ garadex shouted over his shoulder to perisex. Perisex cursed under his breath and started muttering words of magic under his breath, the vampire lord stopped attacking for the moment to see what perisex would do. After a few seconds, perisexs flames whip vanished and his flame shield moulded onto his arm with a sharp lance like point on the end. Before the vampire could react, perisex shot his arm upwards, impaling the vampire lord in the throat with his arm lance. Purple blood exploded out of the vampires mouth covering perisex and within  a few seconds the vampire lord screeched loudly and turned to dust and faded away. The other vampires stopped fighting when seeing their leader die and when perisex turned around with the vampire lords blood all over him, fear struck them light lightning. The others took their shock and turned into a momentarily advantage and started hacking away at the vampires before they regained themselves . The stronger and wiser ones saw that the fight was lost and signalled for the vampires to retreat.

Almost all of them retreated with the wiser vampires but a small percent of them remained to try and avenge their lords death. There was only four of them but their griped their weapons tight and snarled with hate at the four fighters. Sezorex laughed at them and said, ‘’ perisex, do you want to kill them with your flame spells or should we hack them into little vampire pieces’’, perisex didn’t answer didn’t answer, instead he cried out in pain, covering his face with his hands. ‘’ perisex, what’s wrong’’ garadex shouted out in worry. Perisex didn’t answer, he just kept shouting in pain and clutching his face. ‘’ I’m going to help perisex, you two finish off those scum’’ garadex commanded and the other two nodded and charge at the remaining vampires. Garadex walked over to perisex who was no longer crying out in pain but on his knees still covering his face. ‘’ what’s wrong’’ garadex asked with fear, but also with confusion, he and the other two didn’t see him get so much as a scratch from the vampire lord. Perisex didn’t answer right away but gurgled a whisper, ‘’ well you know, how the vampires blood turns to smoke when it hit’s the ground’’ ,’’yeah’’, garadex answered with curiosity. Perisex removed his hands and looked up at garadex, his face looked like it had been half melted, deep bloody wounds covered his face, he looked more worse than when perisex first found him. he gasped with terror and shock, ‘’ oh my god, bu…. Wha……how?’’ he stuttered, horrified from what he saw. perisex chuckled as much as he could, ‘’well apparently the blood in vampires is lethal to use humans and upon touching our skin, turns into a acid substance’’  garadex started at perisexs face rudely ,’’ can you fix it, like you did you me’’ and perisex nodded, ‘’ yes but it will take time and may leave a few scares which will have to be cleared up another day but thanks to my damage there’s no fatal damage’’.
Perisex decided to keep his mask up for the rest of the journey, garadex had explained what had happened but perisex was reluctant to show them his face, ‘’ I’m not a freak show!’’ he growled when they asked him. They let the matter drop, not really caring but also not wanting to annoy perisex, he seemed to be quite self-conscious  about his appearance despite wearing a red mask all the time. After they crossed the bridge garadex’s suspicion got the best of him, ‘’ those that fled, they will most likely report back to those higher up and inform more about that really big one you killed right?’’ and perisex nodded followed by a sigh, then followed with a response with his voice still muffled‘’ unfortunately we may have worse battles to come, the vampires now work with a system. There are those when we first come here that are the mindless drones and obey all higher ranks, there are the smarter vampire which call themselves the vampiros and there is their leaders called the council of the blood with nine total, they command every vampires in existence’’. ’’ so then things were better off for the vampires when there was only one ruler who controlled all of them’’ dranodix asked but perisex tilted his head in response, ‘’ that’s hard to say, with the new system there is more tyrants and corruption in the vampires but it commands the highest loyalty, those that betray the new vampires are hunted down to the ends of the earth and killed in the most gruesome way possible’’, ‘’ and the old way’’ sezorex butted in. perisex cleared his throat due to a slight infection from the acid blood seeping to deep into his flesh. ’’ the old way was more into a royalist way of working where the king had say over everything that happened no matter what the consequences and betrayers were simple banished from the race and left to die alone in the wild and the king is one of massive strong power so there could be no up rises. So you see each side has their good pints and bad points’’ the three thought about what perisex said and try and make sense of which way of working is better. ‘’where did you learn so much about this place, were you here when all of it happened’’ garadex asked with innocent curiosity but perisex took it as direct confrontation and hesitated to answer.  ‘’ these woods are a place or tremendous shadow power and hence forth a likely place for dark rituals, my job is to stop such thing if their under suspicion of bringing back siberioux so yes, I have been here a lot and occasionally poked my nose in on hat was happening’’. he fell silent and look away, as though remember something, then he let out a small shudder and walked on.
Everyone apart from perisex were still uneasy and worried about the impending attack, but perisex didn’t even bat an eyelid, to him, nothing this place threw at him would be unanticipated. Garadex was puzzled, ‘’ wait, if the smarter vampires we fought were the vampiros then does that mean the big one you killed was one of their nine leaders’’ but perisex laughed very loudly mocking garadex, ‘’ don’t be foolish, I wouldn’t stand a chance fighting one of the council of the blood, any one of them would sweep the floor with me’’, ‘’ then what was the massive one you fought’’, ’’ it was one of the former lords when the vampire king was in power, they did have power then and they don’t have power now, they are in the class of mindless drones but still as vicious, the one I fought was a young one, the older ones would be more of a match for me’’. each one of them shared uneasy glances with each other, ‘’ so then by killing their vampires, hence part of their clan, they might want to seek personal revenge’’ garadex suggested. Perisex thought it over for a few seconds and shook his head, ‘’ no, the council of blood shall not want to seek direct vengeance, all we are if a thorn in their paw, they will continue to send a few strays after us I very much doubt they will consider us a threat’’. the other calmed down after that but always kept their hands close to their weapons for a quick draw, even perisex was tense which was not reassuring for the others.

The End

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