chapter IIIMature

                                                    Chapter III

as planned, the three men stirred up massive attention, most of the people thought it was an invasion when they first started attacking, some fought and were cut down due to being taken by surprise and garadex’s shurican fast but others fled for help. It didn’t take long for the guards and fighters of the fortress to notice it was only the three of them and most were quite eager to kill their two betrayers. The plan perisex came up with was for the three to draw up the attention of the entire fortress and keep fighting so that perisex could use his faded spell to sneak past the commotion and break into the master chamber and kill the cult leaders by taking them by surprise. Word spread quickly around the underground fortress that three people were fighting and cutting down men of the place for floods of men cam to fight them off. Luckily for the three men, most pf the fortress consisted of long narrow corridors and had very little space so it was easy for them to ward off attacks of mass numbers and most of their attackers got to eager and some accidentally killed their own follow men to get to the three. The two warriors are fighting like men possessed, every time get the slightest stab that pierces their armour of cuts them, they don’t even wince. They are true warriors, eager to fight for perisex and repay him their debt to him, so they press on, fighting blindly, killing whoever raises a weapon to them. Garadex isn’t the same, he is fighting and killing but his reasons for killing the people of the fortress seem to be personal for him, like he either fighting for revenge or power. He kills most of his foes with his shurican, throwing them at any man who charges at him and when they die he quickly recovers them and starts throwing them again. He hasn’t had to use his sword or knifes much, only when an opponent get to close to him to throw a shurican so he didn’t stabs him with knifes of cuts of their head with his short sword. Unlike the warriors he has taken no damage so far, the warriors are a bit in front of him so not many opponents get past them to fight garadex  and those who do are usually dead within seconds. All of them are determined to live through this battle, whatever their reasons are, they plan to walk out of this place alive and fight like demons to make it happen.

They stay in one place when they fight, there can not really advance with men charging at them in droves but it was part of the plan that they find a good place to fight and not advance to far so that most of the guard are drawn there and not able to defend their leaders when perisex attacks. But they choose their spot masterfully, the warriors are taking damage but if they were in a wider room they would have been killed within seconds, but with the safety of the narrow tunnel, they have the advantage of fighting because their main goal is just to survive and not to kill all the men. But while all the commotion happens, rather successfully, perisex is able to sneak past them. Getting through the fight filled tunnel was the hardest part, he was certain with the blockage that he would be detected but all the people in that passage were so determined to kill the three men that they wouldn’t of noticed perisex if he walked past them normal.

After perisex sneaked past the battle in the tunnel, he started a light sprint, keeping as stealthy as possible but determined to get to the masters chamber as fast as possible. He had to keep to the wall while travailing through the fortress due to the guards and others warriors rushing through to get to the fight in the other passage. But apart from the occasional glace his way every a few passing guards that was disregarded, he had no problems  creeping through the fortress, his only problem now was getting to the master chamber before garadex and the two warriors fall. Thank to the two warriors, they were able to draw perisex a small list of directions that he was following as best he could, the paper was not affected by the spell and he could only look at it when people weren’t rushing past him. Stopping when the list ran out of directions for him to follow, assuming the guards didn’t entirely know where it is or he made a wrong turn he decided to find the room a different way, magic. While keeping his ghost like spell activated was tiring enough, he held up his finger and muttered word of magic as quiet as he could. perisex underestimated the amount of magic that his ghost spell would take up and his result from the spell he was doing now was weak and hazy. The spell could track down magic energy and pin point their location, that’s how he came to learn of the shadow cult to begin with and now he was close to them, he thought the signal would be stronger no matter how weak in magic power he was. But sadly he was wrong, the leader use small masking spells to try and cover up their magical scent but perisex had hoped that because of the commotion, they might try and do something magical to stop it. But like the warrior told him, the shadow cult didn’t see perisex as any kind of threat so why would they consider three intruders and different. Perisex spat on the ground at their blind arrogance but in the end manage to pin point a location. Not wasting any time or magic because he knew he might have to use it when killing the cult leaders, he hurried to where the dark magic scent he picked up was coming from.
To his luck, the scent he followed led him to two large double doors with strange black patterns over them and solid gold door knobs. Perisex was pretty sure that behind this door, he would find the shadow cult, looking around and not seeing a single guard, he clicked his fingers and he returned to his normal visible self. At first he approached the door handle but immediate pulled it back, he doesn’t know what intrusion spells the cult leaders put on this door. He wanted to use a search spell on the door to see what way it would open but was reluctant, he didn’t want to waste any more magic. After sniffing the door and bit and getting a strong scent of magic about it he decided he would have to use a chunk of the last of his magic to open it. He held up his hand and began chanting his words of magic but much to his surprise, after a few second of chanting even before his hand started glowing, the doors swung wide open with a powerful dark wind that blew perisex off his feet backwards. After he recovered himself, he walked up to the open door and examined it, it was clear to him that the leaders knew he was here and let that as either a trap or they thought they could toy with him. Perisex didn’t like this, out of all the bands of dark servants he’s gone after, this is the first one that’s welcomed him with open arms into their main stronghold. After a few seconds wondering how long they’ve known he’s been there for, when he took off his ghost spell?, when he started the fight in the first room? Or was the second he entered the bas. If this was true then the leader could have sent their entire army after him without even having to lose all their soldiers, but perisex didn’t want to underestimate them so with extreme caution, he entered the room of the shadow cult leaders.
The room is extremely large, it looks like a gothic gladiators arena but more in a library form. The room is lighted my many candles and lights the room with a dim glow, the light reveals that’s the room is full of books, some on shelf’s but mainly scatters on the floor. perisex wandered into the room looking around, confused of why he couldn’t see any of the cult leaders. There was nothing above him except a black ceiling so they had to be somewhere. When he was in the middle of the room a voice echoed around to the room, ‘’ welcome perisex’’ the voice said. Perisex smirked, ‘ you know my name, so I was right, you knew I was here the second I entered didn’t you’’, a short pause but then the voice echoed again, ‘you are correct, but I know much, much more than that about you perisex’’ and perisex raised his eyebrow, ‘’ oh and what’s that’’. The voice was getting louder, but not in a angry way, ‘’ I know that your one of the thirteen swordsmen who killed the great siberioux and I know the reason your not trapped in your sword like your fellow warriors’’. Perisex was surprised but not shocked, he had to assumes that the shadow cult wouldn’t take any chances on their enemies and would do what they could to find out all information about them. Perisex didn’t care that he knew, it wasn’t really a secret to him, all he cared about was ending this. ‘’hahahahaha’’ the voice laughed at him mockingly, ‘’ you think you can defeat us all, seems you no nothing of how we work’’. Perisex answered the voices laugh with a short one of his own, ‘’ your no special yourself cult leaders, I have taken down hundreds of clans like your and they were bigger and had stronger magic. All you are is just another flea to step on’’. After that the voice fell silent, it didn’t respond, perisex thought he had angered or insulted them. He was about to call to them again when a black shadow was emerging from the ground.

Immediate reaction, magic. He began chanting spell under his breath ready to attack when the voice spoke out to him, ‘’ don’t bother, this body is just a puppet, a mere manipulation of shadows, you would be wasting your magic’’. The voice was very deep and could send a chill down the spine of the mightiest beast, except perisex, he didn’t care what it sounded like along as it screamed when he sank his sword through it. He believed to shadow and stopped chanting his words, there was only one of the shadow things and no others emerged either. ‘’ where’s the rest of you’’ perisex asked looking confused, the shadow let out another mocking laugh at him, ‘’ do you honestly think that we are all stationed at the same base. You really are stupid, each of my fellow brothers has their own strong hold, each more unique that the next and with a far more stronger army. I am the weakest of my brothers so in order to prove myself, my brothers told me to kill you’’ perisex was annoyed to hear of this news, he had hoped to kill them all at once and not waste his time tracking them all down. ‘’ so that’s why you let me through the castle while my subordinates created a distraction, why not just have you men kill me and take the credit for yourself’’. The shadow sighed, ‘’ that was my first idea but my fellow brothers would know weather I had killed you or not so I let your little plan work by giving an order to fight but not kill the three intruders so their leader may emerge, then capture you lot where I would slit your throat when you were tied up’’, perisex spat on the ground to hear such a cowardly plan. ‘’ but when I saw that you didn’t care about the threes live I decided to let you come to be for a fight, and here we are’’. After he finished, he held out both his arms and two large black swords flew off the ceiling and into his hands, with one word of magic, they began glowing. Perisex himself drew his weapon chanted some words of magic until both his eyes and blade were glowing and soon on fire and grabbed it with both hands, the shadow saw his weapon and said with interest, ’’that’s quite a blade you have there, ‘’ yeah whatever, just before we battle, may ask one ore question’’ and the shadow man sighed, ‘’ if you must but I think I can assume what it is’’, ‘’ do you know anything about garadex, the man I came here with. ‘’ the shadow man hesitated when hearing his name, meaning he did know something but was reluctant to say so, after a short grunt, ‘’ if you beat me I shall tell you that, and anything else deal’’, and perisex nodded and then they each gripped their weapon ready to fight.
The shadow man was the first to attack, since he was made of shadows, he had no legs so he sort of hovered within the darkness. He shot across the room at tremendous speed surprising perisex, but to his luck he brought his sword up and slashed at the man right in time cutting clear through the shadow cult leaders stomach. The top half when cut off faded into the air and perisex thought he was beat. It was only when perisex turned his back when he still heard the mans laughter and when he turned around to top half of his body had reformed, ‘’ you ignorant fool perisex, you can cut me all you like but I had explained before, this is not my body but mere shadows I have stitched together to take on a form. If you want to fight the real me, you shall have to find away to kill the shadow me first’’. Perisex grunted but held up his weapon again, ready to attack. He looked over his opponent, physical force alone wont kill him, magic was also needed. If the small magic from his flaming sword manage to cut his body in half, maybe he was going to wrong way about fighting him, maybe if he put his sword away and fought with magic along he would destroy him. But one look at the two black glowing sword the shadow figure was holding dismissed that idea, he would have to fend off to attacks from the shadow creatures sword and fight with magic at the same time. The shadow figure sighed with impatience, ‘’ if your not going to attack, save me the trouble and cut your head off, otherwise hurry up’’. Perisex chuckled at that and started chanting word of magic, forming a plan of action inside his head to fight with.

 after a few seconds of chanting, he looked up at the shadow creature and charge at him. Perisex jumped into the air meaning to swing his flaming sword right on top of him, but the shadow leader held his sword in a cross and fended the attack. But perisex wanted that, when the swords clashed and perisex got close enough, he breathed in through his nose trying not to give himself away. The shadow figure saw what he was doing and tried to repel but darting out the way, but it was too late. Perisex breathed out a mighty flame at the shadow creatures head, causing it to vanish within the fire. Seizing his chance before he regenerated his head, perisex barked a word of magic and his hand burst into flame and with a mighty punch, he jammed his flaming hand inside the shadow mans stomach. Still chanting his words, making the fire on his hand grow bigger and stronger, you could see a feint glow appearing from his stomach. The shadow head was reforming so, wasting no time, he pulled his hand out, leaving the fire in there and with a mighty leap, jumped several metres away from him. After the man heads reformed he gave a short laugh, ‘’ a worthy plan but failed, I take it you planed to roast me from the inside out but my regeneration was quicker than you thought ha-ha’’ he kept laughing until he noticed a smirk on perisexs face. ‘’what’s so funny’’ he snarled, then looked down at his stomach and it was still glowing, ‘’ I believe you through wrong, I didn’t plan to make you burst into flames up close...’’ then the shadow man looked up ay perisex who had his hand help up,’’..... I planted a massive magical fire bomb inside you capable of making all out you blow up’’. Upon realising this, the shadow man threw both his swords at perisex, a feeble throw and was easily avoided, so with a smirk , ‘’ ta ta now’’. The shadow creatures head roared with huge fangs sprouting from his mouth and he charged at perisex. But with a short click of his fingers, the shadow creatures belly’s glowed, got brighter and with a short shriek, the ball of fire inside him exploded. Every part of him went flying all around the room but vanished before it hit anything in the room.

Perisex waited patiently for a few seconds, expecting another shadow body to appear before him again but within five minutes, nothing happened. Assuming the battle was over, that the shadow cult leader was bluffing about his infinite amount of bodies, he put his sword back in its holder and tuned for the door. When he reached the doors, a large scream sounded in the room and perisex knew who’s scream it was. So with a smirk he muttered loudly, ‘’ is there a problem, I thought you were just fighting me with a few pieces of shadow stitched together’’. The cult leader was angered by perisexs mocking and shouted at him angrily but there was fear hidden behind his roars, terrible fear. ‘’ you ignorant man. You bloody foolish fool. You have no idea what you have reeked onto yourself. You and your little team are now dammed’’. The cult leaders words didn’t trouble perisex, he thought he was just being a sore loser, its the way he said it, the amount of fear in him voice unnerved him, he didn’t understand what he was so afraid of. Perisex was starting to get worried now and his hand went for the handle of his weapon, ‘’ don’t bother, you shall not be fighting again today. You have beaten me....’’, the fear from his voice had vanished, now it was replaced with remorse. He talked like someone close to him had just died. ‘’ what is wrong with you, if your still alive then come and fight me’’ perisex roared but only heard a sad sigh in response, ‘’ I cannot, my fellow brothers are apparently more stricken with how they wanted to test me that I thought, now that you have beaten me in any kind of battle, I am to be executed by them any minute now’’. Perisex didn’t even care, served him right for his evil deeds for all he cared, but behind all of that spite and hate for him, he felt a slight bit of pity for the fallen man, doomed to die by his own brethren. Perisex quickly realised of his little he had to talk to the cult leader, ‘’ you said if I beat you, you would tell me about garadex, explain before you get fried’’. All you could hear in response was a sad sigh, ‘’ very well, you see, you ‘friend’, garadex is really a......’’ he got no further, all that could be heard of him next was the most blood chilling screams, like a man being put into a blender full of razor blades and lemon juice.

 After a few minutes perisexs jaw dropped, ‘’ are you kidding me. GOD DAMMIT!, he was just about to tell me and then his brothers had to go vaporise him right at the moment..... that’s unbelievable’’. He turned to walk out the door when a voice different to the cult leaders voice sounded, ‘’ unbelievable perhaps but there’s reason behind it’’. Perisex sighed and turned around, ‘’ you are?’’ ha asked mockingly, already knew what was speaking to him. ‘’ I am a shadow leader who was given the sad task of removing my fellow brother’’, perisex sniffed disgusted at the voice, ‘’ from the screams I heard, it didn’t sound like he died from a man with pity on his mind’’ the voice chuckled, ‘’ it is our rule, although I wished my fellow brother could have been spared, he had to die, as will you one day very soon’’.   ‘’ yes, yes, I know you shall kill me, I have heard from every arrogant cult leader, the fool you just killed thought the exact same thing, right before I blew up his shadow body’’. The voice laughed out loud, ‘’ yes, I can understand if you have fought a lot of cocky weaklings and my follow brother himself, died without much of a fight but, please do not take this warning lightly, if you continue your path to stop the resurrection of the ultimate king of this word, you shall die, it has almost been two thousand years and our plans are coming together nicely. We have countered many like you and some more powerful than you think, you may have been apart of the thirteen that defeated the great king but when he comes back ,he shall be more powerful than thought possible and  even if your fellow sword brethren are awaken, they shall die by his hand also’’. Perisex sighed, ‘’ you know you talk to much.... but your probably right, there are those who are more powerful than me out there and imp sure you have killed them. But my task is to stop people like you, until death I am to keep fighting, I have killed countless scum. Men, Woman and even children used as a sacrifice have had their heads burst into flames by my hands and I shall have the keep killing to protect this world’’. The voice didn’t respond, as though thinking over what perisex said, ‘’ hmmmm, you are not so different from us perisex, like us you will do what ever it takes to achieve your goals except that..’’, ‘’except that you want to bring a end to life on this planet and I wish to save it, you are evil’’ perisex interrupted smugly causing the voice to laugh under his breath, ‘’ you see yourself as hero do you, a man protecting the people of the world, a sacred guardian’’ he laughed mocking perisex. ‘’ you are no different than us perisex, our goals  are similar and our methods to achieve  are the same, we both kill horrible kill people for reasons we decide on. The people you kill, you killed because you decided they were evil and in your way of your goals..’’, ‘’but I’’ he tried to interrupt but the voice cut him off, ‘’ but who are you to decide who is evil and good, to us you are evil and what you’ve done to our men are savage and same to you from what we have done’’. Perisex had nothing to day, he knew he could say nothing in his defence and that what the voice said had truth in it. Perisex just turned away facing towards the doorway, ‘’ I don’t care if I’m considered the most evil monster to anyone, that’s none of my concern’’ then the voice sounded more smug, ‘’ but you feel no guilt, no remorse getting in your way of your goals from angry people’’ and perisex shook his head. ‘’ that is our understanding also, so like I said, you are just like us’’, but perisex didn’t get angry at all, ‘’ I don’t care if we are blood brothers, as long as I can kill you I can still sleep in peace’’.

Perisex didn’t want to talk to the voice anymore, so he left the room before the voice said anymore. He was walking down the hallway no bothering to hide himself anymore, when the cult leader was killed, the men of the fortress would have fled in fear, no longer under obligation to stay and face their leaders killer. He was planning to meet up with garadex ( who was still under suspicion) and the two other guard assuming they lived in the tunnel that he and garadex first entered when coming into the fortress. ‘’ its rude to walk away when your being spoken to you know’’ said a voice coming from all around the hallway, the same voice from the cult leaders room. Perisex sighed, ‘’ I thought you could only speak inside that room’’ and the voice chuckled, ‘’ were you ever told that or did you just assume it’’. ‘’ I don’t care, I no longer wish to speak with you, if I was you I would be counting down my last hours alive before I come to kill you’’ perisex snorted the quickened his pace. ‘’ oh really, and tell me, where am I or my fellow brothers located, neither garadex or those two warriors who joined you know so what are you going to do, you time is limited’’. Perisex stopped in his pace with a frown on his face, ‘’ as for how I shall find you wont be hard, I will do the same as I did to find this place. Magic. But what did you mean my time is limited, with the loss of one of you brothers, I should have slowed down your plans’’. The voice laughed out ‘very’ loud causing surprise to perisex but he try not to show it, ‘’ you are very ignorant, but very well I shall not speak to a person who does not wish for my company but I shall leave say a few thing that will benefit you’’. Perisex wanted to curse him and his advice but it would be foolish and may prove his downfall so he stood there quietly waiting to hear what the voice had to say. ‘’ I shall start with the location for my brother, he is located in the dark lands of darvokia, if your not familiar with it then prepare for horrors. As for your new companion garadex, your suspicions of him were correct, he was the former top assassin for this place and is responsible for many deaths of fine warriors like you but then my brother foolishly got worried of his strength and had his severely attacked and left for death. until you found him  but now that my brother is dead, you probably have nothing to fear from him’’. Perisex took into consideration of what he said and nodded showing his thanks to the voice. He turned to walk away once the voice had stopped talking but was halted by the time he reached the end of the corridor by a soft murmur from the voice, ‘’ you may judge us but we are very alike so I would like to offer you the position of replacing my fallen brother, I speak for all my brothers and they would not object, say no now if you want but the offer is always there, please don’t respond to this’’.

Perisex didn’t respond to the voices offer to betray the world and help them destroy it and just decided to disregard it entirely and even smirked at the idea of it. But somewhere back in his mind, there was a small pert of him that always through he was going to fail, that he couldn’t win and was fighting a losing war and when the voice gave him this offer to live and not die by he hands of those much powerful than him, something flourished inside of him. The cowardly traitor side of him was cut of out its shackles and surface from his sub conscious and would grow to the point of doubting himself, even self hate, and leap at the offer presented at him. It would be a strong battle of will for him to win with such a tempting offer but with the backing of magic, he would be able to control his other side and hopefully shackle it again.

Perisex had travelled to the tunnel and was quite surprised on how the soldiers of the fortress had evacuated so quickly and was even suspicious. He shouted out for the warriors and even garadex, who although would have to keep a eye on him, no longer saw him as a potential opponent and even a possible ally, garadex had only come with his to see that his former employer was brought to justice for his betrayal to him and was granted his wish and perisex would welcome as what everyone else saw him as, a companion. At first there was no down to his shouts and he assumed they were cut down but after a few minutes, perisex heard feint sounds of response further down the tunnel getting louder every few seconds. When perisex met up, all three had survived the attack and both the two warriors were covered in blood thinking they bested their own colleagues in battle, perisex didn’t want to tell them that the warriors they fought were instructed not to kill them.  Garadex was the only one out of the three who had hardly any blood on him, ‘’ I trust you did your fair amount of fight garadex’’ perisex snorted to annoy him. The warrior on the right of perisex laughed and put his bloodied hand around garadex’s shoulder, ‘’ this one killed near enough more than me and my brother put together, he fought like a demon killing men with just a wave of his hand’’. Of Corse the warrior was exaggerating but it was more than enough proof that garadex did his fair share of fighting. Garadex glared at perisex, still thinking that perisex didn’t trust him, but perisex answered his glare with a thin smile. ‘’ I trust you killed the cult leader’’ garadex asked innocently and perisexs thin smile turned into a smug smirk, ‘’ oh I killed him and let me tell you garadex, he had plenty to tell me’’. Garadex eyed perisex trying to see if perisex was upset by what he heard from him, realising that perisex no longer distrusted him, he smirked back at him. The two warriors watched the pair with interest, then gripping their also bloodied weapon, they asked where they were heading to next. Perisex took a step back and smiled, ‘’ you have all done well and served me with the utmost loyalty and I thank you for that and I can now say you may all leave me. You two warriors have repaid your lives to me and although I said you would make good companions, where I travel next, you may not survived and I do not wish to cause the death of two fine warriors. You garadex, you former master is dead and revenge was delivered most unpleasantly, you have no reason to stick with me any longer, I’m surprised you waited for my return to be honest’’.

The two warriors denied perisexs offer to leave, ‘’ now we have got a taste of what you do for a living, we are hungry for more, we may have worked for them but having the title of a hero and saving the world would fit very nicely for our legendary goals’’ and both warriors wished to continue to follow perisex. Perisex applauded the two warriors and accepted their offer with most gratitude, ‘’ you are both true warriors and if you help me to prevent the shadow cult plans, your names will live throughout history’’. The two warriors grinned at that and griped their axes waiting to go. Garadex on the other hand didn’t know what to do, his treacherous employer was dead and now he was free to do what he wanted. Perisex faced him while the two warriors were speaking of their battle and boasting about their kills, ‘’ garadex, there’s no need for you to hesitate going with us, I was planning to go alone but with those two with me, your not really needed. Go and do something else, live your life, you have nothing to fear, I shall kill the other leaders and their plans will die with them, weather your with me or not wont make a difference’’. Garadex thought it over, pulled down his ninja like mask and revealed a thin smirk, ‘’he he, nice try but you wont cheat me out of my fame also, so what if my employer is dead, what do I do now, I would probably just be another common ninja assassin. But if I work with you and save the world I will be the most famous ninja since sinjid, sorry but I’m staying’’. Perisex returned grades smirk and they both nodded at each other, then the pair of them approached the other two warriors and the two faced them, ‘’ it seems that our little ninja shall be joining us in our little quest’’ and both men patted him on the shoulder with approval.
Garadex raised an eyebrow, ‘’ by the way perisex, where is out next destination’’ and perisexs smirked turned into a sinister grin, ‘’ our next venture, is in the dark forsaken lands of ‘darvokia’ ‘’ and all three of them dropped their jaws. Perisex laughed, ‘’ I take it that you have heard of it’’ and garadex regained himself, ‘’I have heard many stories of that place from other assassins that had done ‘jobs’ their and from what I’ve heard its a lot worse than the rumours’’. The two warriors were terrified showing that their opinion of darvokia was a lot more horrible than both garadex’s and perisexs. Perisex raise an eye brow at the trembling warriors, ‘’ oh my, I hope my two mighty warriors aren’t scared of darvokia, feel free to run with your tails between your legs and I shall seek fighters with stronger nerves’’. The two warriors also regained themselves and frowned and both said at the same time, ‘’ I’m not afraid!’’. Both garadex and perisex laughed at the pair and perisex humoured them, ‘’ of Corse your not. So shall we go to darvokia then’’ and both warrior nodded immediately without even blinking. Garadex turned to face with perisex, ‘’ may I ask how we are to travel there, it very far from hear and if we walked then we would freeze to death in the snow’’ and perisex smiled at garadex and the two warriors and said, ‘’ why were wont even have to leave this tunnel, I’m going to open a portal’’. Garadex seemed interested in that idea, ‘’ hmmmm, portal opening is very dark and complicated magic, I have no idea you were so adept’’ and perisex only raised a eyebrow in response, ‘’ while I am not a master at might magical abilities and my portal skills are shabby but I thank you for the compliment. But I shall require concentration while making it, it requires a lot of magic, feel free to talk amongst yourselves but do not disturb me, understood’ and all three nodded. So perisex walked a few feet away from the three and sat on the floor with crossed legs. He held both hands in the air in front of him and brought up his middle and index fingers on his left hand up and the same on his right. He started chanting words of magic and after a few minutes, a shimmer of a large circle appeared in front of his as he chanted.

While perisex worked on his portal to darvokia, garadex and the two warriors discussed other matters. ‘’by the way’’, garadex asked innocently, ‘’ this may sound silly but neither me nor perisex knows your names’’. The two men looked at each other and laughed, only to be shushed by perisex, ‘’ working!’’ he said. The warriors turned their loud laugh into chuckles, ‘’ I guess your right, me and my brother rushed into to battle with you two without even an introduction’’. The warrior on the left hand out his hand, ‘’ my name is dranodix’’ and garadex shook the still bloodied hand, ‘’interesting name’’ he remarked. The other warrior did the same, ‘’ and my name is sezorex’’ and garadex shook his hand and smirked, ‘’ my my, don’t we all have peculiar names, garadex, perisex dranodix and sezorex. The four x fighters ha-ha’’ and both men chuckled quietly again. When up-close, garadex noticed more distinguishing features on the two warriors. Besides being caked in blood, dranodix was very pale, almost ghost like whereas sezorex was a little dark skinned. Both had a lot of tattoos on their arms and legs, mainly of swords and strange markings, when garadex asked about them dranodix replied, ‘’ they are markings of what a true warrior should live by, each with a different meaning, one would be respect, or honour and spirit’’. Garadex was intrigued and ask if that was all the tattoos they had. ‘’no, not entirely, we have many on our legs and back and on our heads’’ sezorex said then garadex frowned at sezorex confused, ‘’ we are both bald you see, we have had to have our heads shaved since we started learning the ways of the warrior, there used to be old known warriors called samurai that called that way of life bushido but they didn’t have to shave their heads’’. Garadex listened quietly and nodded, ‘’ amazing, very enlightening, but if you wear so much armour ,what’s the point of the tattoos?’’ and both warriors sighed. ‘’ their not for show, their meant to be seen as symbolism that we are warriors but their more of rules, reminders of what we live by rather than to provoke fear which is what most warriors take their markings for’’. Garadex was about to ask more warriors when a bright glow came from behind him, when he had turned around a medium sized oval shaped window had opened. It was completely black and nothing could be seen by looking into it. Perisex smiled and said, ‘’ right!, off into scary land ha-ha’’ and he jumped into the portal without a moments hesitation. Dranodix and sezorex were a little scared but both walked right into the portal without even blinking. Garadex sighed, ‘’ I can already tell this is going to end badly’’ and with ninja like speed, he zipped across the tunnel and into the window with lightning speed. And with that, all four fighters headed into the portal leading them into the dark forsaken lands of darvokia where they will find the next shadow cult leader.

The End

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