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                                                                 Chapter II

At the bottom of the ladder is a large narrow passage way lighted by torches on the walls. The entire tunnel was made out of stone bricks and has many spider webs covering them. Perisex and garadex are walking along the tunnel calmly and garadex looking scared, looking behind him every few seconds and dating his eyes along the walls. Perisex noticed this and sighed, ‘’ calm down you idiot, this is a straight forward tunnel that echo’s with every noise of the step, they probably already know were here so relax, they cant sneak up on us’’. But garadex didn’t calm down, he carried on looking around keeping one of his hands on the his rusty weapon. Perisex didn’t care weather he was suspicious, he didn’t expect him to walk out of here alive and didn’t even want to know why he wanted to come, along as he killed the cult and destroyed their dark amulet, he doesn’t care what happens in-between. Perisex steps on a light twig and is makes a snapping sound that make garadex jump, he pulls out his sword and looks around. Perisex sighs, ‘you. Are. a. Idiot!’ he snaps and just walks on with garadex following him with a frown. As they keep walking, garadex looks at his pathetic excuse for a weapon then looks at perisex, ‘umm, your magic’ he said quietly and perisex eyes looked at him, ‘what about it’ he responded dryly. garadex held up his weapon, ‘if you can repair wounds,..... are you able to maybe..... restore my weapon’. Perisex, raised a eyebrow in interest, ‘pass it here’ and garadex handed him his sword. Perisex studied the durability of the weapon which was not good, then the sharpness, he held his finger to the points of the sword and the slightest jab couldn’t cut his finger, he even tried the side of the blade and still couldn’t damage himself. ‘hmmmm, I’ve had to repair my own sword a couple of times but something in this condition’’ he hummed, ‘ I’m not sure, ill give it a try but I cant guarantee anything ok’. garadex nodded. Perisex spent the next few minutes chanting magic words with his hand over the blade, his hand the perimeter of the blade was glowing a orange colour. The magic was slow but slightly effective, the chips on the side of the blade were becoming sharp, including the rust that was the first to disappear and the blade itself was getting thin but strong. When the blade looked like it could fight again perisex stopped chanting magic and the glow disappeared on the blade and his hand. He handed the blade back to garadex, ‘there, its not the same as you originally had it, I couldn’t alter its shape the way it was, but it can now cut and defend. well along as you know how to fight,’ he chuckled as garadex took the blade. He tested it out, make a few swings and stabs in the air, getting a feel of the handle and practicing a few striking moves. Perisex watched this display with great interest, ‘you seem to be a decent fighter as far as plain attacks go.’ then garadex’s expression brightened up, ‘but that mean nothing unless you can fight an opponent, which I highly doubt you can’ and with a spiteful smirk, perisex carried on walking with a frowning garadex following him.

The passage seemed to go on forever but they eventually reached a large wooden door. Garadex hesitated and remained behind perisex in case there were enemies behind the door. Perisex saw this and sniffed at his cowardice, he walked up to the door and studied it to make sure it wasn’t locked. after realising that it was open he took a step back surprising garadex. ‘what are you doing’ he asked with a little fear, but perisex just ignored him, he stop a few metres away from the door and brought his hand up facing his palm at the door. ‘ready your weapon and move, I’m going to blow the door open and then I shall rush in, follow me if you wish to fight, if not, stay the hell out of my way understand’, garadex frowned again and brought up his short sword ready to fight, ‘you shall see me fighting I can guarantee that, just stay out of my way’. Perisex smirked at his words then faced the door and started chanting words or magic and within a few second a small ball of fire was glowing in his hand. After a few minutes, the small ball of fire changing into a pulsing sphere of flames like a lighter turning into a bon fire. When the ball was ready, perisex shouted his last word of magic and the giant ball went shooting toward the door at lightning speed. The second the ball hit the door, perisexs hand was already at his sword handle and was beginning to pull it out when the ball of flames caused a massive explosion pushing garadex off his feet. Perisex stood his ground and didn’t even flinch when the impact of the blast hit I’m, instead he drew his weapon and ran towards the now gaping hole that was the remains of the door chanting magic making his eyes and sword glow. By the time garadex got up and recovered his senses, perisex had all ready charge in and sounds of fighting could be heard from inside the room. Garadex swore loudly and griped his weapon tightly and ran into the room readying his sword to strike.
The room looked like a empty former dungeon but was full of strong looking warriors with large weapons. Their were about ten of them, They wore little armour, a small chest and leg plate followed by a thick iron helmet, they only wore tattered rags apart from that in the more delicate places but were very big and strong. The rooms walls were covered in blood stains and had only a number of chairs, a few tables with old stale food and racks with weapons on them. The people in the dungeon were taken by surprise by the fiery blast and didn’t react quick enough when perisex jumped into the room with his flaming sword and eyes chanting words of magic. Perisex had already cut down two people before the other started to retaliate and even then, perisex was cutting them down fast, not giving them the slightest opening, all the warrior in the room reached for their weapon and were trying to attack perisex, eager to be the first one to cut him down. By the time garadex entered the room, everyone was already to focused on perisex to notice him. perisexs eyes moved to garadex when he entered and a smile came to his face, glad he wasn’t the snivelling coward he thought he was. Perisex was in combat with two people at the same time, trying to fight them off and get his own shots in. The man on his left has a large two handed axe and the one on his right had a spear with a large blade on the end. But the other people in the room didn’t entirely disregard garadex, a few noticed him, looked at his weak physique and laughed as they held up their weapons. Garadex was scared but didn’t want to seem weak so he held his blade straight forward, edging on his opponents to attack him. A man with a large two handed sword moved to wards him, garadex smirked and let him come as close to him as possible making it look like he was frozen with fear. Up close the man appeared to be a giant to him, like David and goliath. as he brought up his sword up high, garadex knelt down making the giant think he was begging for his life and laughed at him in spite. The giant swung his large sword down as hard as he could, assuming it would cut garadex clean in half, but in complete surprise garadex used amazing speed and dodge the attack completely diving through his legs and appear behind him. The mans sword slammed hard in to the ground and the effect caused him to drop his sword in surprised. Garadex saw this as his chance, so he quickly whirled him self around and jumped on the mans back and deeply jammed his sword right in the middle of his back. The man shouted in pain and garadex pulled the blade downwards tearing the mans back open causing blood to pour out. The man fell to his knees when garadex pulled his blade out and with out hesitation he jumped on the mans back again, causing him to shriek in pain but garadex with great speed  darted his short sword under the man neck and slit it. The man only gasped in pain as the choked up blood and fell down dead. The man who was beside the giant watched the whole thing with awe, and a tear came to his eye for his fallen friend. Then with a flash, his morning was cut short as anger flared within him so he pulled up a large war hammer that was by his side and tightly griped it with both hands. Garadex wiped some blood from his blade and swung it upwards ready to fight, then the pair charge at each other. Just as before, garadex dodged the mans attack but the man didn’t put all his strength into his blow like his fallen friend did and was weary of garadex’s ways.

Perisex was swatting hip opponents away like flies. The two men he started fighting were on the floor dead, one with horrific burn wounds on his face. Seven men were by his feet and the others were become scared but wanting to keep their pride they raised their weapons to fight a battle they knew they would lose. The remaining men had formed a circle around perisex since huddling around him would get them killed and one after another, warriors entered the circle to challenge him, hoping that maybe one would get lucky and kill him. His current opponent had a spear with three blades on the end of it, each with their own unique shape to it. Perisex raised a eyebrow of interest at his opponent weapon for a second then focused on his opponent and awaited his to make his move first. The man took a similar look at perisexs sword but with fear rather than interest but reluctantly raised his spear and started jabbing at him with quick speed. Without the use of magic, perisex would be Swiss cheese but he’s been chanting magic word since he came in the room, spell that increased his fire strength and speed and therefore dodge each jab made at him. The man saw that jabbing him a futile and then trying to surprise his, make one last jab then swerved around his sword and tried to cut in half from his side. But his hopes were smashed and the move didn’t come unexpected to perisex, he was fully focused and anticipated every move he could do and jumped to his knees then countering the man with the same move but perisex succeeded and cut the man in half. The mans eyes only widened and as perisex rose to his feet, he punch the man in the face which caused the top half of his body to fall off leaving his organs and blood to spill out. The men around him saw this was a sign of disrespect but perisex only snorted at them. While waiting for his next opponent, he glanced to the side of the room where garadex was right and saw he was fighting a man with a large sword. He thought that would be and end of him and began to look away, not wanting to see his former guide die but out of complete surprise, he was him dodge the man blow and them sever his back and slitting his neck. Perisexs jaw dropped when he was this, he didn’t know garadex was such a skilled fighter and had to remember to be wary of him in the future. When he saw garadex come into battle with a man with a large war hammer he focused on his own battle. There were now only three fighter left in the room including the one garadex was fighting. The two perisex was facing saw they were going to die and were less prideful than his former foes, they threw their weapon on the floor and got to the knees and each said at the same time with a deep grunted voice, ‘we surrender, please do not kill us and we vow to serve you.’ This took perisex by surprise and the warrior with the war hammer who was fighting garadex heard what they had said and turned around with a disgusted look on his face. He was about to shout at the when garadex brought the edge of his sword to the side of his neck and with a clean cut, chopped his head off then kicked it to the floor. Perisex knew the battle was over and nodded at the two warriors that had surrendered, agreeing that he would let then live, they thanked him as garadex walked over, it was time these men answered some questions.

Garadex and perisex sat on chairs while the other two men spoke, perisex has been questioning them about this place and what part were the shadow cult located. The two men revealed to perisex that the cult leader of this base was in the master chamber where the leader met and discussed their plans with the other members. ‘have you even been in the room’ perisex asked but the two men shook their head, ‘we are just plain warriors, only the leader and those he summons are allowed inside that room’. Thinking it over, perisex turned to garadex who was wiping blood from his blade with a smile on his face, ‘you fought well’ perisex remarked at him but with no implication of a compliment. garadex didn’t say thank you, it wasn’t a compliment but a question of why he fought so good. ‘well, since you showed little interest of why I was the way you found me and why I wanted to come with you, I anticipated you wouldn’t care about how I fight’ garadex said smugly, annoying perisex, he didn’t like to seem ignorant. Perisex gave garadex a dirty look of hate then sneered, ‘we shall talk about this later’, then faced the two warriors again, ‘for now, we have to find a way to get to that master chamber thing’. The two warriors shared an uneasy glance, the one on the left said nervously, ‘I take it you’re the swordsman we’ve heard about’ and perisex chuckled, not mockingly but more of a predicted laugh. ‘I anticipated that word of my goal would be spread around after I slaughtered those assassins you lot sent after me’ he chuckled but garadex looked at him with keen interest. ‘ you killed those three men in white?’ he asked and perisex gave him an uneasy glower, ‘yes, how did you know about them’. Garadex looked at perisex with a thankful smile on his face, ‘that doesn’t matter for now, like you said, we shall discuss a lot later’. perisex nodded but kept glancing garadex’s way every few minutes, confused and interested about this man and how his existence is connected with this place and what purpose he served.
The warriors told perisex that just about every person in the fortress  knows his description and has orders to kill or capture him. ‘the orders to capture me, where did you  plan take me’ perisex smirked but the men only shook their heads and his smirk disappeared. ‘The orders on that  is too take you to the execution dungeon and cut off your head, the leader don’t see you as much of a problem and decided not to bother with you’. Perisex thought for a few minutes, there was no way he could fight every last person in this place. Then a thought went through his head, ‘would they know I’m here yet’ perisex asked the guards and they raised an eyebrow, not sure of what he means. The one on the left pondered, ‘probably not, everyone who was here was killed by you and your partner.’, garadex frowned at that, he didn’t want to paired as Perisex’s partner but felt not to bother mentioning it, ‘and if they knew about your presence here, they would have sent more guards ’.  then perisex stood up from his chair with a menacing grin on his face. ‘I take it you have a plan’ garadex noted dryly and perisex nodded, ‘so what is it, how do you plan to sneak past everyone’. Perisex looked at garadex, still grinning, ‘why I’m not going to sneak past them ,I wont need to, I’m going to be able to walk down to the master chamber with no one bothering me’. Garadex seemed interested by what he was talking about, ‘go on, I hope me and our new little helpers have a part to play’’ and perisexs grin got bigger and he hissed, ‘why, you three at the key pawns on this chess board ’ and all three of them shared an uneasy look at each other.

The two warriors were putting more armour on, taking stronger and thicker armour from those dead and applying it to themselves and grabbing better weapons for themselves to fight with. Perisex saw this and suggested to garadex that he ditch his small sword and get a better weapon for himself also. Garadex only sniffed at him and stated, ‘I may bring along a couple of extra weapons but I would never part with my blade’. Perisex didn’t argue the case, he didn’t feel the point to, he just told garadex to hurry up. Garadex went around the weapon racks looking for different weapons, he picked up four short but sharp knifes and strapped them to his side and found a rack full of shurican’s and took ten then placed them inside his vest. He also found a proper holder for his short sword and strapped it to his side then took his stance, if not for his torn and ripped cloths, he would look like more of a warrior. Perisex watched with interest at garadex’s weapon choices and after he finished applying the last of his shurican to his vest he walked up to his and studied him, ‘can I help you’ garadex snorted. perisex, answered his snort with a sneer of his own, ‘I take it you are trained in the fighting style of ninjitsu ’ and garadex nodded. ‘I was a little curious about the way you took down you opponents, such agility and killing styles is not that of a warriors but now after watching you choose you weapons it became clear that your a ninja’. Garadex smiled, thinking what perisex remarked was a compliment when it was a sigh of mistrust but that became clear when he said, ‘but makes it all the more worrying of how you knew of my assassins who were also ninjas themselves’. Garadex glared at perisex, ‘what are you getting at’ but perisex only smiled and turned away from him and said, ‘oh nothing, just thinking out loud I suppose’ . garadex pulled out two of his knifes and started striking invisible opponents with them, trying to get used to them and not think about the mistrust of perisex towards him.

When the warriors were done putting on armour, they looked like gladiators, no part of their body showed apart from their eyes, mouth and their heads, they each had two long two-handed axes. Perisex asked the pair why they vowed to serve his after they surrendered to him, ‘its the way of our warrior in our culture, when a warriors admits defeat to another warrior, to save his pride and honour, the defeated warrior must vow to served the other warrior until dismissed or else they must kill themselves’. Perisex nodded at this and saw their way of thinking respectable then made sure they were certain of what they had to do and that they knew the risks. Both men nodded and brought up their axes ready to fight, perisex applauded the pair, ‘I do hope you guys make it out alive, you two would make fine companions for me’ and both men smiled and thanked perisex. Garadex had found a piece of white cloth and tore it up a bit then tied it across his mouth as a mask, slightly similar to perisexs but more like a bandits or rogues mask, tattered and ripped. perisex walked over to him and looked him over, he had his short sword strapped to his waist and along his waste, four sharp knifes. Along his chest cloth were the ten shurican, all in a curved shape and sharp as a hawks claws and just as deadly. ‘are you ready’ perisex asked in a mocking tone, it was clear the way he was looking and acting towards him that he had no trust for him. But garadex didn’t want to cause a reason for perisex to harm him so he just nodded and drew his weapon but just as perisex turned away he softy said, ‘you better know what your doing because if you die before us, then you’ve sealed all of our life’s ’. Perisex only sneered at that then looked over his shoulder and said, ‘I know what I’m doing, I’ve taken down places like this before and had a much harder time, I’m just glad I have a plan to go with this time. But I have a feeling that you wont die, no matter what the result of this plan is’. garadex scowled at perisex but he just walked on forward. Both the warriors were waiting by the door, awaiting their order, garadex appeared behind them with his sword drew in one hand and one of his daggers on the other. Perisex was a few metres behind the three, ‘remember, you need to draw as much attention as possible, every  man in the place needs to know that its you three causing a problem, if I’m detected by more that a few people, then we have to go with plan B which is one I’m sure you guys wont enjoy. Am I clear!’ and all three of then nodded. Perisex brought up his arm and placed two fingers on his head and started chanting words of magic, within a few second his hand was glowing but the rest of his body soon followed and after a few minutes, he was glowing like a star. One of the warriors, whispered in garadex’s ear, ‘do you know any of his magic, are you his apprentice of assistant or something like that’. garadex growled back quietly, ‘ I’m am most certainly not, I wouldn’t even call myself his friend, so no!, I don’t know what he doing’, the man didn’t say anything back, he just resumed his position as perisex kept chanting his spell. After a few minutes, perisexs spell made a reaction, that took the three fighters by complete surprise. Perisex  made himself fade slightly, you could see him but also right through him, its like he is a ghost, a walking spirit. Garadex stopped gawping and smirked, ‘so that’s how you plan to do it, very clever’ he sneered but perisex didn’t even glance his way. He stopped chanting his words but the ghost like effect held, ‘right, this wont stay for long so we go now, remembers, its vital that you three are the main attention, ok’ and the three nodded. Perisex nodded, ‘I wish you all luck’ but his eyes lingered on garadex telling him he doesn’t wish him luck. Perisex crouched down and made a position to run, ‘ now GO!’ he shouted and they ,except garadex, started screaming and crashed through the door swinging their weapons about while perisex waited a few minutes and started creeping after them.

The End

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