in a magicle world called schempra, a lone man part of a group known as the thirteen swordsmen, renown for defeating and destroying the legendary shadow king siberioux, travels across his world to track down a shadow cult trying to ressurect the shadow king.

Chapter I

The snowy mountains of fornglaes, constantly blowing its angry blizzard, trying to bring down all who venture upon it to a frozen grave. A man in a red cloak with a hood and a mask trudges through the snow, keeping himself warm with the power of the sword on his back, trying to reach a cave fast before he is encased in snow. He stops for a moment as the strongest gust he’s ever faced shoots through him, chilling him to the bone causing him to keel over for a short moment. He almost fall unconscious from the magnitude of the blast, but his determination is stronger than any elemental force. but quickly regains himself, determined not to make this mountain his grave and let it take him as it has done to many travellers before him. The man knows he is being followed by three assassins, each with small amounts of magic but trained to kill. The man would turn to face them but in the snow, the magic in his sword would be weaker than the magic in theirs, so he drives on to a place where he can fight in his favour. The three men behind him are all dressed in white cloth outfits, masterfully hiding themselves, if not for the sent of the magic in their weapons, the red cloaked man would probably not know they are there. They are a few kilometres away from him and advancing slowly, trying not to make a sound. The three assassins are closing in on the cloaked man and soon he shall have to fight them in the snow or be killed trying to escape, he brings up his hand, ready to draw his sword when in the corner of his eye he sees something. From far away to him ,it looks like a small cave but he isn’t sure, if he take the chance and its not a cave then it may prove his end but fighting in one of fornglaes mighty blizzards with his power, would lead to his death so without hesitation he starts to head towards what seems to resemble a small cave.
The mans sight was correct, it was a cave he was heading for, large and narrow but good enough for him to shelter in, the man realised that his assassins saw him going into a cave and pulled back from him to watch him from afar to either strike him while he slept or by surprise when he was leaving. The red cloaked man didn’t care, along as they don’t bother him while he warms himself up they can do whatever they want, rubbing his arms the man entered the cave. Black, the cave was as black as a crows eye and just as spooky but the man only sneered at the darkness of the cave and snapped his fingers, after a few seconds a light ball of flames appeared in the palm of his hand, illuminating him as he walked further into the cave out of the colds reach. The walls were cracks and shaky which worried them an that it might cave in. there were small sounds of drops falling off stalemates which constantly kept him on edge.  Once the man had found a spot on the cave where he could rest and keep an eye on the mouth of the cave in case his pursuers got impatient. he pulled a hand full of small stick from his cloak and placed them on the floor, then he brought his face to his palm with the ball of fire in it and whispered a few words to the ball of it calmly flew away from the man hand and onto the small pile of sticks to make the fire last longer. He did have the power to make the fire last on its own without the use of wood but keeping that spell working for to long would tire him out and he needed his strength for his impending encounter with the three people who awaited him in the cold. He man un strapped his long sword from his back and placed it on the floor, the blade of the weapon cannot been seen but the handle was shaped like a dragon head and the hilt in the shape of fire with a small light red gem in the middle of the handle feint glowing. The man looked at the mouth of the cave for a few seconds and sighed, he sat down and started at his small fire that was greedily burning away the small sticks. The reason the red cloaked warrior was in such a no mans land was that he got word a cult of dark mages was plotting a take over with the power of a shadow amulet. The dark mages knew of the red cloaked mans presence and his intentions so they sent three men to kill him, but the dark mages knew nothing of the man power, unlike the cloaked man himself, the mages cannot sensed magic in people too far away so they sent assassins with magic weapons just to be safe. Once warm enough, he snapped his fingers and the ball of fire weakened in size and glided back to his hand and with his other hand he picked up what was left of the small sticks and placed them back inside his cloak and snapped his hand closed, extinguishing the flames in his hand and laid down the sleep in the dark silent cave, still aware of the threat that lies outside the caves entrance.
Awoken immediately, seeing the three assassins looking over his with their short swords drawn ready to stab him, but the red cloaked man knew they were there, even while he slept he knew the second they entered the cave and walked up to him, he laid a trap for his killers. Alarmed the, three men started to bring down their weapons on the red cloaked man but he anticipated this and with a quick bark of magic, fire shot from the mans eyes causing the assassins the jump backwards for safety. With his chance, the man grabbed the handle of his sword and jumped to his feet while swinging off the cover revealing the blades shape, it was a very wide silvery coloured blade with what looked like slithery red lines glowing with the gem in the handle from the handle to the end of the sword. He put both hands on the sword and with another bark of magic, his blade and his eyes started burning in flames. The flames licked up to the tip burned continuously without withering. The three men shared uncertain glances with each other, they were assured they would be able to defeat this unknown warrior but it seems he’s more powerful than they were informed. They didn’t want to seem scared to their target so the assassin on the cloaked mans left brought up his sword and darted forward at the him shooting quick but deadly short stabs at him. The cloaked man tried to dodge the blows as best he could but being in the enclosed of a cave and surrounded he couldn’t avoid all the stabs, he was struck mainly in the gut a few times but a few also in he arm but lucky for him they were shallow. Then from behind him, the other assassin charge at him with his knife extending to drive through his heart. with other one in front of his still jabbing, grinning as his ally charged, the red cloaked man threw his sword in the air and did a fast back flip and landed behind the man charging at him and pushed him at the one jabbing causing his to kill him. As the cloaked man grabbed his sword from mid air he put two fingers in one of his wounds causing more blood to flow out of him. When enough blood was flowing out of him, he quickly grabbed a hand full of his blood and chucked it at the opponent who stabbed his accomplice. The blood hit the assassin in the face but he only sneered at him, he was expecting the man the attack him but when he didn’t move he brought his weapon up ready to jab at his again. But the cloaked mans eyes glow got a little brighter and he raised a fingers and said a word of magic then , the blood on the mans face, started to heat up. the assassin began to panic but with in a few seconds, his blood was burning into his skin like acid and when the man started screaming then cloaked man shouted out another word and the mans head burst completely into large flames. The man only had a few seconds to scream and then he dropped dead, leaving a severely burnt skull covered in blood. The other man was completely scared at what the cloaked man did to his partner and didn’t even have the strength to raise his weapon out of fear. the cloaked man turned around to face him, eyes still alight with flames making him look like a demon and his flaming sword raised high with both hands ready to cut him down. The assassin screamed in fear, dropped his weapon by his feet and started running away, the cloaked man only sneered at his cowardice, aimed his weapon straight  and shot it forward and it flew through the air like a speeding arrow and pierced through the last assassins skull going right through his head. He didn’t have time to even scream, he just shivered while standing for a few seconds and then he fell to the ground with the flaming sword sizzling his dead brains.
The red cloaked man pulled his sword out of the assassins head and put it in its cover then strapped it to his back again, he was just about to leave the cave when he heard light coughing from behind him. He turned around and saw that the one that got stabbed hadn’t died, but was dieing slowly. He walked over to his dieing assassin with the tips of his finger tips crackling with embers. as he approached, the man he was coughing lightly with blood flowing out of his wound rapidly. The man looked up at the red cloaked man with fear and with a croak, ‘what......are you’ and the red cloaked man pulled down how mask and then his hood. His face was a pale white colour with a few scars across his face, red eyes with smallish ears. ‘my name is perisex, tell me where the cult is’ and the assassin shuddered, ‘tell me where their located, you shall be dead within minutes but I assure you, I can make it a horrible few minutes‘. The man winced and looked away from perisex then mumbled, ‘their location.... is... further north..... in a small fortress...’and on that last word his head slumped backwards and he died. Perisex put his mask back on and pulled his hood over his head again then turned away from his three dead and headed out of the cave to find the hidden fortress of the dark cult.

It was still night when he left and although the blizzard had settled down, it was still fairly strong and perisex struggled even more since he used up a lot of his fire magic fighting. No more assassins came after him, either the shadow cult had assumed their own assassins had succeeded or they didn’t want to waste any more of their men on him. Either doesn’t matter for perisex, all he cares about is reaching their fortress and melting their evil skulls into dust. He had been heading north just like the dieing assassin had said but found no sign of a tower. He began to think the assassin was lying to him, lead him astray so he would never find the cult, anger began to flare up in perisexs veins and roared loudly causing his voice to echo all over the mountain. When his rage had subsided, he regained his senses and began to go a different way when a small idea flashed into his head, ‘what if the fortress is underground’ it said and he thought it over for a while and agreed that would the most logical solution. Perisex chucked at himself for not realising it sooner and for his over reaction, so muttering a small warming spell, he continued to go north, keeping an eye the on what’s around him in case he spots the entrance.

Days in the snow perisex has been searching, probably covering most of the entire north part mountain but still has found no entrance hidden beneath the snow. The snow storms were getting worse and worse every day he was there and even with his warming spells, if he doesn’t find the fortress soon he shall freeze in the snow and die. After close searching in the snow He found a ripped rag a few miles back, it was a scrap of black cloth that came from a robe but stained in blood so the owner of it is either hurt or was just killed. With the power of magic, perisex has been able to trace his movements and with any luck he might lead him to the cult of shadows. After further tracing of this man, perisex sound a small trail of blood which was easy to follow and he could save his magic and with the snow storm calming down he could start chasing him with speed and will catch up to this wounded person soon. Running at high speeds, fully focused on tracing this man and roughly interrogating him for answers, using magic the run faster than normal speed but always keeping some hidden in case he has to fight. The sent of the injured mans wound is thick in the air and the trail of blood keeps getting bigger, within a few short hours the wounded man would be dead and perisex will spend many months in this frozen wasteland of a mountain. Realising this, perisex call stopped running and pulled out his sword from the holder strapped to his back, then he started chanting words of a spell and his sword began to glow. After a few seconds his sword and his was alight with flames like in his battle with the three assassins. but while it was on fire, he placed the flaming sword back into its holder. instead of incinerating perisexs back it made his cloak glow but not catch flames and then he started running but he was going at lightning speed. Running faster than any animal schempra could spit out, his body started to burst into flame but with a quick bark of words of magic the flames didn’t burn his cloths. As he see’s the wounded man from a great distance he mumbles small words and his flaming speed lessens, when he gets closer enough he’s sees that the man his is gruesome shape. His left leg is torn to shreds revealing small patches of bone, his right arm and several stab wounds along with his stomach and his face or what can be made out of it, is the worst part of him.

When perisex completely stops and the fire fades from him the wounded man turns slightly and looks at him, fear immediately shoots into him and with a hobble, he try’s to start running. Perisex sighs, ‘don’t bother’ and the man didn’t listen, he just kept on with his useless attempt to try and run away. Perisex frowns, ‘if you don’t stop now, the condition your in would be remembered as a blessing as to what I shall do to you if you don’t do as your told!’ perisex snapped. The man started a small cry and stopped walking and turned to face  perisex but trying not to look scared even though it wouldn’t even be possible to see any emotion from his face. ‘answer my questions to my satisfaction and not only will I not kill you but I can also heal you, nod if you understand’’ and the wounded man nodded then coughed up a small amount of blood, ‘charming’ perisex snorted. The wounded man is still bleeding heavily, clutching his stomach with his unwounded arm trying to stop the blood flowing. Perisex watched his useless charade for a few seconds then chuckled under his breath, ‘I see your completely useless in the magic area... can you at least fight’ , despite Perisex’s insult, the man nodded slightly. Perisex pressed his hand on the man left arm and started chanting magic words, a red glow covered the man arm and he began to panic, ‘calm down, this is a healing spell, I will admit I’m not an expert at them, that was someone else’s job but I can stop you from dieing now stop fidgeting or I shall just leave you for death’. The man immediately calmed down and after a few seconds, the large wounds on his arms had closed up but left lots of horrible bruises, ‘there, that’s your arm done, I shall heal the rest of you if you can answer the res of my questions, understand’ and the man nodded. perisex pulled down his hood and his mask and stared at the wounded man, ‘do you know where the shadow cult is located’, the man hesitated for a second, then nodded and perisex smirked, ‘good, after I heal up your leg, your going to take me there, understand’. when the wounded man looked like he was about to protest, Perisex’s eyes started glowing fiery and calm said, ‘understand’ he repeated and the wounded man grimly nodded.

 Perisex healed up all of the mans wounds apart from his face, when he began to protest, perisex sharply stated, ‘ its not your mouth I need, its your legs, you shall guide me to the shadow cults fortress then your free to go’. The man pleaded perisex to fix his horribly wounded face as best as he could speak but after one click of Perisex’s finger and witnessed an old tree burst into flames, he kept him mumbles to himself. The man only has a short sword on him and it was chipped in many places also, looking quite rusty, ‘interesting blade you have there’ perisex said sarcastically but the man didn’t respond, he just kept walking. perisex had a feeling he was hiding something but for the time being, he needed this man as a guide. The mans wounds may have closed and he is no longer bleeding but he has severe bruises and it hurts him when he walks, he’s asked perisex to heal them also but he waves his pleads aside and snaps ‘when I’m at the base ,you can walk away healed, now move !’ he roared, temper quickly dropping with this man. the man did as he was told, afraid of what perisex will do if he disobeys him, so he kept on walking forward as best he could. At times, perisex would get impatient and ask how much further, then the man would point at his mouth meaning that he cant answer and pointed forward signalling that it further ahead.

While walking, the man came to a complete stop. perisex, looked around to see an entrance but only the snowy ground, ‘what is going on!’ snapped perisex, ‘keep moving towards the fortress or I’ll...’’ he got no further, the man had knelt down revealing a trap door that was hidden beneath the snow. On the surface, the door had five push in squares in the middle of it. Perisex shoved the man out of the way to study the door, the man grunted but just waited for perisex to finish so he could go free. Perisex pulled with all of his might on the handle of the trap door but it wouldn’t budge, he wanted to try and use magic but assumed the cult has magically sealed it and any spell he uses would be useless. Aggravated, perisex stood up and faced his guide, ‘can you open this’ he asked and the man nodded. Perisex smirked, ‘good, open it then you leave’ but the man shook his head saying no, and angrily crossed his arms. perisex saw this and made a fire ball appear in his hand, ‘would you like me to put you in the same state as I found you, or even worse!’ but the man was sick of his threats and pointed to his face then turned his head. Perisex sighed with anger but calmly said, ‘if I fix your face, will you open the passage for me’, the man turned to face him and nodded. ‘fine!’’ perisex shouted then darted at the man grabbing his head with both his hands. The man began to panic but perisex and already started chanting his spell, within a few seconds the magic began to take effect. The pain was horrific, if the magic didn’t freeze the man in place, he would be screaming in pain, but the only sign of pain can only be seen was in his eyes. But perisex didn’t even care, he just focused on finishing the spell so he could get through the door. Slowly and very painfully, the mans face began to reshape back to normal, his mouth was no longer swollen with blood and bruises and most of his teeth that has been ripped or bash out of him were growing back, as well as his tongue. After a few minutes, the mans face was healed, he was left with a few scare but their were very big and stretched across his face but at least he could talk again. When perisex let go of the man and the freezing affect of his magic wired off, the man shouted out in anger and pain giving perisex a look of pure hatred. Perisex only smirked and laughed under his breath, ‘hurts doesn’t it, I cant count the amount of times I’ve had that done on me, your speech will be a bit strained for a while but you lungs will return to normal soon. Now, I’ve held up my end, now you open the door’, the man only spat on the floor where perisex was standing, ‘you are.....scum of.... the highest order’ then perisex laughed loudly. ‘your probably right ,but I have to be this way to do what I do, now open the door before I punish you’. the man, now restored was young looking but because of his damage, his face was scarred. He had black hair ear length, bloodies and scruffy. Angered by perisex, he began to reach for his decrepit sword but perisex only raised a eye brow at him. The man knew he was no match for someone like perisex. Grumbling, he pulled his hand away from his sword and look at perisex in the eyes, ‘do you want... to know... why I was.... injured’ and perisex only rolled his eyes. ‘not really, I don’t really care, just open the door and leave’ but the man didn’t move, ‘I want to go with you’. perisex raised his eye brow again. ‘why?, your still injured and covered in bruises and your sword looks like its about to turn into dust, you would just be a burden’ then the man quickly pulled his sword from its holder at his side and pointed the end at perisexs face. ‘I have my...reasons... I am going….with you’, then perisex sighed, ‘fine you can come with me as a accomplice’ then the man began to withdraw his sword, ‘but, I will not risk my life to save you, if you fall into trouble, your on your own understand man’. The man nodded then knelt sword and pressed the squares in a sequence and the door swung open, ‘very well,... but my name.... is garadex’, perisex only nodded slightly trying to agitate garadex the jumped down the hole with garadex following but taking the ladder insted.

The End

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