Slaves 'R' Us

1.           Celeste's p.o.v

I kept my head held high.  Vampires were vicous heartless creatures who would prey on any show of fear. I wanted to cry, i wanted to scream and beg to be spared, but that would od nothing but make me look weak and i would never appear weak in front of my enemies.

My brothers, older and younger showed every feeling that could have possibly been going through my mind.

'You cant!" Richard burst into ters and wrapped his skinny brown arms around my waist. 'Don't take big sissy don't!"

I had to swallow hard. "Richard," I cooed "Let me go hun i'm going to be alright." 

         He shook his head furiously. 'No!" He wailed. "There taking you away from us just like Tara and Tammy! Don't go with them!" 

   I picked him up and held him close. My arms were so tight around him i could feel the bones of his tiny wings poking out through his night shirt. I would never get to see my youngest brother spread his wings, a huge right of passage in Angelic Culture.

"Don't go!" He sobbed into my shoulder again and again. "Don't!"

'I love you." I whispered into his ear. I looked up at my whole family. " I love you so much."

 Gale, one year my senior, stepped foreward to claim our brother. who was crying even harder. My heart jerked painfully. We'd always known this day was coming so why did iit hurt so much right now? I'd spent a lifetime of accepting pain so this would seem like nothing...but now...

I stepped back into the circle the vampires had formed, the same one my sisters had stepped into years before. They chanted simoultaneously in a language i didn't know. There was a tiny explosion of crimson sparks, and just like that we were gone. The faces i'd grown up with faded into the oblivion that was my past life.

~                                                       ~                                                 ~ 

   There was nothing but darkness around me. Black and more black with occasional streaks of blue and green.

"This is heaven." I tried to convince myself. ' I'm dead and this is heaven...why is heaven so dark?"

"Because you're stupid. And more importantly you're not dead." A voice said sternly.

"Oh yeah?' I challenged. " How do you know i'm not dead?"

"Because i've been watching you for the past thirty minutes."

'That makes you a creeper...not God. And if i'm not dead then why is it so dark?! huh?"

"Because you haven't opened your g*ddamn eyes!"

  Oh....That...made sense actually...  

I pried my eyes open and found myself staring at a group of girls around my age. they stared back at me. The one closest to me was a brunette from what i could make out, with harsh brown eyes that scrutinized me.

     'Your eyes are weird." She stated.

I blinked. "That is important right"

Most Angels had light colered eyes that glowed faintly in the dark. It was just a given the same way vampires had fangs.This was common knowledge to most people...but  these girls were staring at me like i was some kind of freak.

   I looked around. We were in something big and dark...and moving i realized dimly. One of the famous Slave Trucks that up until now, i'd only read about. There were five of us, all chained togeter with our hands, feet, and in my case wings bound.

I was feeling up and down the walls, trying to see if it was soft enogh to break...or burn... There had to be a way out of here! And i sure as hell was going to find it!

I banged my sealed hands against the wall, swearing when they came back bruised.

"Won't do you any good,' Brunette told me as she watched me glaring at the (METAL!!) walls

"How the hell do you know?!' I was cranky now, and i made sure to let it show in my voice.

One of the others snorted. " Don't you think we've tried to get out already?"

Oh i assumed that they had tried, but it was kind of obvious that they hadn't tried very hard considering they were still stuck in this METAL truck  from hell.

"Look if you guys don't want to try again thats fine with me but there's not a snowballs chance in hell that im sticking around this palce." I grumbled turning back towards the wall. I was getting one of those ideas  that movie characters always got at the climax. The idea so dangerous and stupid it could potentially kill them...which for me was plan B.

"How do you expect to get out?!" The brunette exploded. "This is built especially to hold us! The don't want anymore escapees after last season!"

Wrong!This thing was built to hold weak and spineless human girls. I doubt that the architechs had considered a pissed off Angel and even if they had, it hadn't been me

"I have a plan." I said simply. One that was probably gonna singe, burn or kill everyone in here but hey, still a totally valid plan!

Despite themselves, the girls leaned closer towards me. they were desperate for the same thing I was. Freedom. The thing we'd all just been stripped of.

"We're supposed to be dropped off at Slaves 'R' Us right?"

A nickname people had given to the Auction House were slaves were bought and sold.. I liked it better than my  old one , which had simply been Hell.

A couple girls nodded.

'The plan is to distract that the drivers so to speak, into abondoning the truck."

A girl's honey blonde eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

' How?!"

At my mental command a tiny sphere of silvery blue fire appeared. I stared at it and watched as it grew bigger and hotter. The girls gasped.

"We're gonna light this baby!"

The End

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