xEternally Your Angelx

For as long as she can remember, the women in Celestial's royal family have been taken and forced into being slaves to Vampire Lords. For Celeste it's the milestone in her life she'd rather not reach. Despite this, things are looking up for her: Her new masters are the Hottest vampire twins ever and she gets to live among the social elite. Yeah it's all great until someone falls in love....


If you've had it, what did you do on your sixteenth birthday? Im not trying ot be a creeper or anything i just honestly want to know. If you haven't had it yet what do you plan to do? You're probably thinking about some big shmancy Sweet Sixteen bash right?  I mean come on its your sweet sixteen! It's gotta be big right? Well you wanna know what i did on my sweet sixteen?! Nothing! Zero,nada,zelch, jack shi--- well you get the idea. In my family a girl doesn't celebrate her sweet sixteen, she tries to avoid it. We spend the past fifteen years wishing on our candles that we'll die instead of reach that fatal number. 

You see i've known from the time i could hit a moving target (which was what like five?) That the day i turned sixteen was the day i'd be taken. Its not like it was anything new. I'd watched my cousins be taken away, hell my own sisters had fought like hell to avoid it. But in the end it was pointless. They were gone and i was left alone knowing i was next  to go.

It wasn't always like this for my family. Generations ago there was a huge war between the Angelics, my ancestors, and the Vampires. And well to make a  long history lecture  short the Angels were beaten. Really really badly. As punishment for the Uprising the Vamps declared that every other Royal female generation would be sold into slavery on their sixteenth birthday. Which brings us back to yours truly.

All of this meant i was only semi-moderately surprised when on midnight of my sweet sixteen, the door to my bedroom banged open, sriking the wall hard enough to wake me. I was dragged out of my bed by icy cold hands and forced to stand up. In front of my family who was watching on in horror.

'Princess Celestial Lucroix?' 

Despite being dead tired and scared as hell, i stood up a bit straighter. No matter what happened i would always be a Lucroix, an Angel they could never take that away from me.

"Yes." I replied.

"As the fourth daughter of the second generation of lucroix royals, you are hereby welcomed into the workforce as a C-class slave."

   Yup. Happy freaking birthday to me.

The End

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