x.Awaken Me.x

Random idea that came to me and i had to write it down :)


                  The woman's scream pierced the night. It could've been heard for miles but of course it wasn't. She was left to run, shooting panicked looks over her shoulder. They were behind her already, closing in quicker than one would think possible. Their faces were mutilated to say the least. A grotesque display of rotting flesh and hollowed sunken eyes. Combined with a mouth full of dagger sharp teeth that could rip through skin, it was no wonder the woman was racing through the dense trees as fast as her Gucci stilletos could carry her. 

      Rian wasn't buying it. "This is bull," He said aloud. His comment was met by  a chorus of angry shushes.

        Just what the hell is it with these movie directors and forests? Rian wonderd to himself. He stole a glance at his girlfriend Terra. She was completely into it, her blue eyes wide and unblinking.

"Terra, can we go please?"

Her eyebrows knitted together in that stern way they usually did when she was upset.

"Hush Rian!" She hissed.

So he did, for the next forty-five minutes of Hollywood garbage Rian didn't utter so much as a sound. Not even when the woman tripped and was devoured by the zombie vampires, which he thought was also pointless. 

As the credits rolled and the lights flickered on, the movie goers chatted, Rian got slowly to his feet, brushed his dark hair from his face and stretched. Terra stood beside him, her blonde hair laid flat against her back. She took a long sip of water and stared at him.

"Rian," She began.

He nearly groand. Zombie vampires didn't scare him in the slightest. Pissed off Terra? Hell, she'd have Mike Meyers shaking in his bloody boots.

"I know, I know you don't like it when i interrupt a movie during th e best part." he imitated her high pitched voice in order to mock her. He succeded in pissing her off more. Instead of responding to him, she threw out her empty cup and stalked off into the throngs of people.

Rian swore as her cascade of yellow  blonde hair disapeared from sight.

"Terra?" He shouted. "C'mon baby don't do this now! Terra?"

There was no answere except for some odd glances in his direction. He scowled, now even he was pissed. This would make their third fight today! And all over something frivolous and insignifigant. He pushed his way through the crowds, and out the doors of the old theater. Standing outside, the autumn wind seemed to bite through his jacket to make him cold. he glanced around. The sun had just set, stripping the small town of Fall's End of their last bits of warmth and security. 


His voice echoed off the buildings and faded into the night. There was no answer, in fact there was no sound from anywhere. He fingered a pack of cigarettes in his jacket pocket. Knowing Terra it would take a while for her to cool off, no sense in standing around bored, he figured.

He stuck on of the sticks of poison between his teeth and was digging for a lighter, when the noise started. At first it was just a dull humming coming from the backround, but it steadily grew louder and louder until Rian had to crouch over and cover his ears. The humming subsided suddenly and Rian glanced up to see that he was surrounded.

"What the--- who the hell are you people?"

Rian couldn't make out faces in the dark, all he knew is that the were big! And they had him severly outnumbered.

"Rian Crawford?" The voice was completly unemotional. Rian could've sworn it was a robot except for the distinct female tone ot it.

"What do you want?" He asked guardedly.

The moon suddenly appeared from its cover behind the clouds and shone light on the scene. For the first time Rian could clearly see their faces. They could've been beautiful he supposed, except it looked like they had had surgery. All completely identical with sharp almost pointed features and eyes narrow and slitted like a predators. They all had identical scars too. A strange jagged cut that ran diagonally somewhere on their faces, and tattooed in red ink was what looked like the word blood.

Rian shivered. "Who are you,"

"We are the Blood Children," another said in the same detached voice. " and you've been chosen to be recieved by Him."

Rian nodded once, then he bolted down the sidewalk runnning for all he was worth.

"Hey Karma?" He panted to the empty sky. "If you get me through this i'll never make fun of a horror movie again."

A lie but he could think about that later. Live now, cheap Hollywood special effects later. He raced to the front of the theater, but something was wrong. it wasn't the same. it was old now ,and crumbling from disrepair.

Rian froze, his jaw going slack, that was impossible! Only moments ago it had been thriving with life!

"Terra?' he screamed 'Terra where are you?!"

Footsteps sounded around the corner and he raced down another street. he was confused. he'd lived here his whole life and yet suddenly everything was different, closed, broken down or just not here. in the time span of a few minutes everything familiiar to him had vanished.

"What's happening? What have you done?!"

The cruel faces closed in around him slowly sealing him in.

"We've simply awakened you." They droned."Now you're awake. Now you can fufill your Objective." They reached for him with gloved hands.

Rian screamed again as their hands closed around his throat.


The End

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