Chapter OneMature

What I saw next was white light followed by blue light. I felt as if I was floating in a water tank. Every part of my body was weightless, except for my legs. Both of them.

Wait, didn't I loose my left leg? why can I feel it? I must be in heaven...

More of my body came back to me. As it did, the water started to disappear from around me. I suddenly felt cold and dry. The surface under me, which was just water a few seconds before, was hard and flat. I felt very uncomfortable

"Evey! Wake up! It's me, Lexi! Wake up!!" Lexi's voice filled my head. I then felt my body shaking. "Evey! Come on!" 

I slowly started to open my eyes. At first, all I saw was darkness, except for the light that was surrounding my body. Next, I saw four bodies surrounding mine.

I felt stupid for asking, or even just thinking the next question. "Does heaven have tacos?"

I heard Lexi laugh. "You're not dead, Evey. You're still alive." Lexi came into the light where I could see her. 

"H-how? I can feel my left leg and..." As I started to sit up, I noticed my hand was on something. I looked over and saw that it was a staff. It looked awesome. It had a diamond shape rock surrounded by sharp, curved, metal that was flowing off of the rock. Right below my hand on the staff was three metal spikes on each side of the staff. I gazed lower and saw that at the end of the staff was a sharp pointed piece that was in the shape of a diamond. It was purple and was a rock, so I could only guess that it was and amethyst. 

I looked back up at the bodies and Lexi. "Where am I?" I just had enough light shining on the people's faces that I could tell that somewhere on them, they had a bandage with and X on it.

The girl with a mask on her face covering her mouth came up beside me. "YOu're in a cave." She said. She placed her hand onto my shoulder. Even though her mouth was covered, I could tell she was smiling. 

I looked around. "Okay, I see. But why?" I looked back at the girl.

Everyone in the room just shrugged. 

The guy with a mask over his eyes spoke next. "We all just showed up here. Some of us have been waiting for everyone longer than the others. Now, I don't mean to be cheesy or anything, but we all have been waiting for you to show up. Crap, that sounded cheesier out loud..."

My eyes checked out the cave as I started to take everything in and think. "Okay, so...what else?" I asked, looking at the guy in the mask.

"Well, we all have woken up with weapons next to us, bandages on our bodies, and in this cave and on the exact spot as you are in now." Lexi explained. She then pointed to her sword, her bandage on her right arm, and then at the spot I was on.

I glanced down at my left leg. Right where my leg was suppose to be gone, there was a white bandage with and X on it. I softly touched m leg. The bandage felt soft and warm. There was no red blood or anything. I started to pull it off.

"No! Don't!" They all yelled at me.

I jumped and stared at them with wide eyes. "Why not?" I glanced at one person to the next.

The person farthest from me, the only one who hasn't spoken, walked up and glared at me. HIs voice was deep and soothing, but also scary. "We don't know what will happen if we pull off these bandages. We're afraid that.." He looked away.

I looked at my leg in curiosity. I continued to unwrap the bandage.

"Stop!" Lexi tried to slam her hand against mine but it was too late. The bandage was already off.

In place of the bandage was a cat tattooed on it. I looked at it with curiosity until the guy with his mouth covered, with no X, grabbed my leg and started at it. He then gave me a confusing look.

"Does it hurt?"

I shook my head.

"Can you still feel it?"

 I nodded.

He glanced back down at my leg before he got up. "My name is Dragon."

"I'm Wolf. Also known as Teddy." The guy with a mask over his eyes said.

"I'm Raven! But you can call me Katrina!" The girl with a mask over her mouth proclaimed.

"And I'm Snake." Lexi said as she smiled. "But you can call me Lexi still, if you like." She gave me a hug and helped bandage my leg back up.

"Evey." Dragon yelled, which startled me. "I here by give you the name, Panther. But only we shall ever call you Evey. As well that you do with us!" Dragon then walked away into the darkness of the cave.

Teddy came over to me and helped my up. "How are you? You feel fine?" Teddy picked up my staff and we headed down the same way that Dragon went.

"I'm fine...kinda. How did this happen?" I looked at Teddy and the realized. "How can you see?!" I exclaimed more than I asked.

Teddy smiled. "I, uh, actually can see. I didn't even know I had a bandage over my eyes until Snake told me." He continued to smile as he led me to a hole in the cave that was made to look like a room.

Teddy's smile was gone and was now a nervous semi-smile. "Heh...uh...don't take this awkwardly, but you have to share a room with me. You have you're own bed and everything, it's juts we didn't have enough room to make everyone a room..." Teddy's started messing with his hair. 

"Why don't I just sleep with Lexi and Katrina? They have enough room for and extra bed?" I asked as I looked at our small, can-only-fit-two-beds-and-some-other-furnitur-room. MY eyes were back on Teddy.

"Uh, yeah...their room is a big as mine..." Teddy smiled, slightly. He shifted a bit and then walked into our room.

"Why don't you sleep with Dragon?" I asked as I laid down onto my bed.

Teddy sighed. "He wanted a room to himself. He didn't want me with him nor the girls. Also, with only two people in each room, someone was going to have to be with alone anyways and he took it upon himself to do that for us."

 By himself? Hmm.... I started to think. It sounded a bit suspicious, but then I realized he must be the leader, or something, so I didn't complain anymore.

My eyes went back and forth on the ceiling. "Aren't we going to put curtains up?" My eyes now on him.

"Yeah, when we get to go out again." Teddy moved to his side. "Anyways, it's time to go to bed. You can look around if you want, but don't go far from this room because it's hard to see at night. Plus, don't go towards Dragon's room. Trust me, it's like Beast's room in there." Teddy shivered. 

"Oh, okay...good night."

"Night." Teddy started to snore. 

I put my arm over my eyes and started to think a lot. Why am I still alive? Why can no one answer my question? Why us?

The next morning, I woke up to hear Teddy sining and changing his clothes. 

I quickly turned to face the wall and pretended I was still asleep. Silently, I started to sing along with him.

I couldn't care what of what she wears or what she looks like.
It all depends on what she cooks like!
Beef, pork, chicken mmmmmmm
The local girls thought you were quite the charmer.
And I bet the ladies like men in armor

Teddy started mumble some lyrics, and then burst out with: 

What do we want?
A girl worth fighting FOOOR!!!

"You know I can hear you, right?" I heard Lexi say as she entered the room.

"Hey! I have no shirt one!" Teddy exclaimed as he hid his body under his arms.

Lexi only laughed. "Get used to it! There are more girls than guys." Lexi leaned against the entrance wall.

"Can I enter your room when you have no shirt on?" 

"No." Lexi replied sharply. "Come on, Evey, I know you are awake. With all of this singing, who isn't?" Lexi laughed again. 

I turned over. "Actually, I was singing along." I snickered. I looked at Teddy, who still failed at putting a shirt on.

"Well, thanks for joining." Teddy rolled his eyes and chuckled a little. I could already tell that he won't be serious a lot.

Lexi suddenly looked impatient. "Okay, seriously, we need to hurry up. Get dressed quickly, Dragon wants to talk to us before we head out to do some shopping." Lexi started to turn away, but then gazed up at the ceiling. "Blue or Green?" LExi asked.

As Teddy said "blue", I answered with "green".

"Okay, multi-colored then.." The she left the room.

I got up and glanced at the black dresser in front of my bed. Without looking away, I asked Teddy, "Are my clothes in there?"


I nodded as I walked towards it and opened it up. It was fully filled with dresses, shirts, skirts, and pants. I pulled out a black shirt and a blue-dark jeans.

Teddy was out the door so I could change. Suddenly I felt hungry.

As I entered a room that seemed to be a kitchen, I noticed that everyone was looking at me with a bit of anger.

"What took you so long?" Dragon asked me with the scary part of his voice.

"I got lost." I lied. In reality, after I tried on my picked outfit, I realized more clothes rather on in my dresser. I ended up taking 10 minutes deciding if I should keep wearing my black shirt and jeans or switch to a dress. I soon picked the dress.

Dragon didn't seemed to believe my, but didn't seem like he really cared what I was really doing. "Glad that you are here now, then. Please sit." Dragon nodded his head toward and empty seat net to Teddy and Lexi.

As I sat down, Dragon started talking. "As you might of noticed, our last teammate has finally arrived." Dragon glared towards me. I  set back. "Since now everyone is here, I though that it would be a good day to shop. Any questions before I go down with rulers?" He looked around the table.

I wasn't paying any attention to what he was saying. My full attention was on how hot Dragon looked. His arms were slightly built and his mouth was covered with an unmarked mask. His right eye was covered by his hair and his left eye was a beautiful green.

"Panther, pay attention!" Dragon yelled at me, which made me jump.

"Anyways, as I was saying, please go in pairs. Wolf, since you're the only guy, you will travel with me until we meet up again with the girls for lunch. After that, you will go with Panther to pick out some curtains for your room. Raven and Snake, you will travel with me after lunch. Understood?"

Everyone nodded. Dragon did a small nod. "Alright. Dismissed."

I got up and headed over to Katrina and Lexi. They were both grabbing their weapons and putting on extra jackets when I reached them. With out saying anything, they handed me my weapon, a jacked with a hood, and then walked out.

I followed shortly after watching Teddy and Dragon leave out the other direction. 

The End

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