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Five teenagers. Three girls and two boys. Only two have known each other since before the accident. And I'm here to tell you exactly what happened...

There is five of us. Five of what? Five of the X's. You may be wondering who us X people are and what we do. Not may of you have even heard of us, but that's because we are kept secret.

Secret names, secret life--everything.

Now, there are a bunch of you who do know us. You guys just either don't know it, or only know our names. Either way, you would never recognize our faces.

For those of you who have seen our faces, R.I.P.

Anyways, something has happened. Something bad. And, I don't know why, but I've gotten the urge to finally write about us. About all of us. Not just the X team, but the others as well.

Bt, first, I want to tell you guys how we became the X team (also known as the X's).

The first one hit, was Dragon.

Now, Dragon (yeah, I know, "fake name: but only Kelly knows his real name. Well--except for me, now) is the leader of our group. He's the boss and the champion.

But he wasn't always like this. No. But on March 12th, 2009, that all changed.

Now, I don't know much about Dragon or any small details, but I do know what happened on this terrible day. I know what has happened for all of us on this terrible day...

It was nearly midnight and the stars were setting out. Dragon--who before was just a normal, nerdy kid--was walking home. He had nothing in his hands and nothing in his pockets. Yet, that didn't stop them from hurting him.

Three huge guys came out from the darkness. Each carrying their own knife. They snuck up on him, grabbed him, stabbed him, and brutally smashed him against the ground. They didn't stop until his body was motionless.

We don't know excatly what happened to us, but whatever it was, it made us stronger and powerful. It made Dragon stronger and powerful. 

Now, the next who was hit, was Snake (better known as Lexi). It was, again, barley midnight on April 6th, 2009. She was a regular girl with regular dreams. She was slightly weird, but was greatly loved by all her friends and family. She was also my best friend.

On this night, though, someone was stalking her. Not one of us ever knew who this person was, but we know, whoever they were, wanted Lexi out of this world.

She was walking home from her friend, Jessica's, house. It was only one block away and her neighborhood was usually safe and nice. Every family knew each other, and everyone noticed everything. But not tonight.

The person was caring a knife, or a sword (we guess sword because that is what she uses). They came out f nowhere and sliced her right arm off. 

"How does that feel?" Lexi remembers a high girl's voice say before she blacked out. Before she did, however, she remembers a snake crawling around her arm and holding her tight.

The day after her, on April 7th, 2009, Raven was hit (also known as Katrina). It was, again, barley midnight (okay, so to save time, from now on, the time will be "barley midnight" because that's when all of this really happened [by coincidence]). Katrina was walking her dogs around her neighborhood. Why around midnight, I really don't know.

She heard a noise and then a cloth going around her mouth. A heavy hand was clenching her arm. "You speak one work or noise, and I will slice your mouth." A dark, deep voice spoke.

She felt a knife on her lips. Katrina was scared and petrified. SHe had no idea what to do next, until her dogs started to bite a the man's legs.

"What the fuck!" The man yelled. He lost grip on Katrina and she ran. She started to scream, "Help! Help me!" and just plain screaming, "Ahh!!"

Even though she had a head start, the man still caught up with her. In one second, his knife was even with her ears. She blacked out immediately.

On April 29th, 2009, Wolf was hit (also known as Teddy). He was actually the only one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was at Wal*Mart with his mother when they heard yelling in the next isle to them. All Teddy heard was, "Shut the fuck up" and "I will shoot you!"

The two men then started walking around to the other side where Teddy and his mother was. The men both had their guns out and pointing at each other. Soon enough, though, one of the men had Teddy's mother by the throat and a gun at her head.

"Mom!" Teddy yelled. By this time, there was a crowed and a couple of policemen.

"Get away from me!" The man with Teddy's mother yelled. His fingers was getting tight around the trigger. 

Teddy couldn't help himself but move towards his mother. His mind wasn't on the fact that the man had a gun, his only thought was to get his mother out of harms way.

Bad idea on his part. Yeah, I know, he was only trying to save his mother, but the police were on it. Not.

There was no warning, just two shots into his eyes and then he was down. The last thing he remembers hearing was two to five more gun shots from someone. Hopefully from the police.

The last and final person was me. At this time, because of the loss of Kelly, I was upset a lot. So much, I became an outsider.

So, on May 1st, 2009, I remember that I was outside of my house, just looking at the sky. Nothing seemed out of place. The leaves just blowing in the wind, the moon shining down on my face. 

The man who hit me was not caring a staff. Now, before you're confused, I will tell you that our weapons, on the X team, is the weapons that were used to kill us. So, you will soon find out why everyone was son confused to why I have a staff.

The man was not only drunk, but he was driving in his car. He was so drunk, he was driving on the wrong side of the road.

When I saw him, I quickly ran towards my house, but that didn't stop him from driving onto my yard and crashing into my house.

I was yelling and screaming. I was really terrified. So terrified, that I almost didn't notice my left leg was gone before I blacked out.

The End

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