Washington Park

This time, I was ready.

“What is someone from El Salvador doing calling me!?” I barked into the phone as I answered.

“Listen to me Larry and shut up!” the voice on the other side of the world said very matter of factly.”

I didn’t say a word… just wondering how he knew my name.

“You’re in trouble Larry Feldman. Real trouble. Can’t talk about it on the phone friend so you know that park about three blocks away from you?’

“Wha.. What park… oh Washington Park..?”

“Yeah that’s right, Washington. That’s it. Go there now if you want to live Larry. Get there fast. “

“What the heck is going on? I don’t know anyone in El Salvador! Is this some kind of a joke?”

“No joke Larry. Just get there. I’ll explain when we meet. Now hang up and get your butt to that park!”

The phone went dead. They had hung up. I sat on the side of the bed wondering what just happened and why. I guess I had no choice but to get to the park as quick as possible.

I started thinking “What if this was a setup?” and started racking my brain as quickly as possible about how to protect myself a little.. Hmmm let’s see, I took an old school backpack from the hall closet and into it, put my digital camera; thinking to myself “Betcha the batteries are dead..” then, I grabbed a bottle of fruit juice out of the refrigerator. “What the heck am I doing? This whole thing is probably a setup. Maybe I should call the police.? Stop a second and think!” I told myself, but this didn’t help much. The only think to do was to go, or not to go…. And oh I was going all right.

Grabbing my keys on the way out, I closed the door to my condo, went out the gate and down the sidewalk toward Washington Park. The day was a perfect example of a sunny spring day. Dappled shade from trees just beginning to sprout new summer leaves painted the sidewalk in tones of grey and black. As I walked, I could hear bees buzzing and working at various places along the way.

Two and a half blocks later, and less than a block away from Washington Park, I started walking slower and looking around more; scanning every inch of the park, the sky, the trees, the parked vehicles, cars coming and going down the street.

There was a gazebo type structure in the park and about 100 yards away. I headed toward it. No one was in it nor around it as I approached. It was cooler inside the gazebo. When the breeze blew through it, it was a little chilly. I could see around the entire gazebo and continued turning and scanning for several minutes…

After about 30 minutes, I said to myself, “Man! I’ve been suckered! I should have known it was just some kind of prank call! Sheesh! “ I left the gazebo and started walking back home… "I'll bethca they wanted me out of my house so they could break in and rob me!  Dang it! "  I started briskly walking home....

The End

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