Wrong Number?

He was asleep the first time the phone rang.  And the second.  The third set of rings stirred him from his slumber, but since to him it was only the first he decided to ignore it.  When it immediately started again he finally got up.

"Four missed calls?" he said out loud to nobody.  Phone in hand, he disconnected the charger cable and walked back towards the bedroom to see what time it was.  Halfway there he realized the effort was unnecessary since the phone had a built in clock.

6:30am.  It must be an emergency.  But the number on the caller ID looked unfamiliar.  

"Where the hell is 503?"

He set the phone down on his desk and hit the spacebar to wake his computer from sleep.  Before he could even open a web browser the phone rang again with the same caller ID.  He let it ring long enough for a quick Google.

Area code 503: Portland and Salem, OR

Who did he know in Oregon? And why wouldn't they leave a message?  He hesitated, but decided to answer anyways.




There was the faint sound of a baby crying in the background, but no response.

"Is anybody there?"

He was about to hang up when someone spoke, but he couldn't really understand it.  Something like:

"Prey desooa you da.  Meeto importante.  Day oos!  Day oos!"

All he could decipher was the fact that it was a language he didn't speak.

"Sorry, wrong number."

No sooner had he hung up than the ringing began again.  But this time he noticed something different.  The number wasn't just unfamiliar, but wrong.  It had too many digits.  As he rejected the call to voicemail he had an idea for a new Google search.  The result surprised him.

Country Code 503: El Salvador

As his brain processed this, the phone rang again.

The End

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