Chapter 13- The endMature

“We have her. We have the girl!” Ten police men walked out from behind the house. One of them caught his attention. He had a thick scar across his neck.

“Hello Maxie. How has the last five years been for you? It was dreadful for me. Serena thought it was bad too. So she let me take over. She didn't want to think about the people we had killed. It saddened her. You will have to pay for making her so sad.” The man tried to swing the knife again, but someone tore it out of his arm.

Max walked forwards, just out of reaching distance of the blonde girl in front of him. “You are the reason Serena is dead. If you hadn't killed everyone, she wouldn't have been so sad. She wouldn't have been locked up.”

“They all deserved to die for what they did!”

“Did she agree with you?” The man stopped. Max was right she hadn't agreed. But he was doing it to help her. Why had she been so sad? They did deserve it.

“Serena knew that people shouldn't be killed for selfish reasons. She tried to tell you that. You just wouldn't listen. That is why she is dead. It was not something I, or anyone else, did. You are the one that killed her.” Max spoke calmly, like he would to a child that had just wrote all over the walls. It infuriated the man.

He should have made sure that the police officer in front of him was really dead before his sister was dragged away that night. Max's throat was slit though, he should have died. The man sighed, that was what he got for assuming things. Maybe if Serena had heard about the police being alive she would have been happier and not let herself fade away, leaving the man in charge.

The man pulled free of the officer's that were holding him. With a quick movement, he had one of the officer's guns in his hand and was pointing it at Max. The man smiled gleefully. First this officer, then the others if they resist.

Then he will finally get Tiffany, and he could work his way from there. Maybe three other people after her. The therapist, and Serena's grandparents. Then he would be done. Maybe Serena would come back when he was finished. The man could only hope. He missed his sister.

“I want everyone drop their weapons. Or I will kill him.” He unlocked the safety to prove his point. The other officers slowly pulled out their guns and dropped them onto the ground. The man's smile widened.

“I owe you one. For locking us up in that jail. It was horrible. I wasn't crazy before, but I sure as hell am now. Everything in the shadows crawl with something dark. I can hear whispers. Ones that aren't Serena's. Her voice has been silent a long time.”

Max took a step forwards, putting his hands up to show he did not mean any harm. “You weren't crazy, but Serena was. She still is. Of course, you are right. Putting her there made everything worse. We didn't know that would happen. Maybe if you give us some time, we can bring her back.”

The man's face turned red. He shook in anger. “Give you time? I am going to kill you!” The anger was replaced by smugness. “This is that you get for hurting my sister.”

“No one hurt her except for yourself.”

The man ignored Max's last comment. His smile grew wider, showing off his yellow teeth. Almost the same color as his hair. As Serena's hair.

He had finally realized what had been escaping him. He and Serena shared the same body. He first came to her when she was little. He would create the tantrums. Slowly, as they both got older, he had more control. He would be the one that screamed at their parents, he would whisper to her the things she should do to get revenge.

Once he had even killed the neighbors dog for biting his precious sister. No one knew about that though, they all thought the dog had simply ran off. That he wasn't buried under the front porch. That was when the man finally got half of the control. He could let himself out of Serena's mind whenever he felt like it.

That was when he started to kill. He knew his precious, innocent, sister would be upset, so he kept the memories from her. But the stupid police officer in front of him had to ruin it all and tell Serena. That was when she slowly started to fade away, horrified by what had happened.

Serena wasn't at school, she had vanished deep into their joint mind. Trying to escape the horrer she had caused. He was reliving the past. But that was all over. The memories he had been having had happened four years ago. Those had been Serena's memories.

She had been trying to stop the man. Making him see what he had done to her. But he had ignored her until she finally vanished.

The man grew angry. More angry than he had ever been before. He aimed the gun back at Max's head. “Say goodbye,” he whispered.

He went to pull the trigger, but stopped. His whole body was shaking. The man looked down in confusion. He could feel another voice in with his head. One he was quite familiar with.

“That's enough,” the man whispered. He realized he wasn't the one that had said it. Serena was trying to take back control. “Stop hurting them.” The man tried to pull the trigger quickly before she completely took over, but it was too late.

The gun moved down before slowly coming back up. This time, it wasn't pointed at Max. It was pointed at the man, at Serena. The man could see it all, but he was being held back. Serena was much stronger than she had ever been before.

“Don't do this Serena. We can help you to get rid of the man.” Max took a step closer.

Serena shook her head, tears sliding down her cheeks. “I don't want to be fixed. I don't want to know what all I have done. I killed them all, everyone I cared about. There is no way to fix that. So I am going to get rid of the memories forever. I am going to kill the person who murdered my parents.” The gun rose higher, placed softly under Serena's chin.

Serena was shaking. The of the officers that were standing nearby tried to step forwards to stop her, but Max shook his head slowly. Sadness clouded over his eyes. “Let her do this. She is right. She wouldn't be able to deal with her being the murderer.” He watched the girl as she shook.

Serena closed her eyes. She was scared. She didn't want to die. But it was the only way to kill the man who had killed everyone she was close to. To kill the murderer.

“I did it. I killed them all. It was all my fault. I was weak.” She whispered the last words before pulling the trigger. A loud noise took her last sound and a bright flash of pain took her last feeling before blackness took over.

Max walked up to the girl, blood covered her features, and some of her head was missing, but he knew Serena had been smiling when she died. He didn't know who was in control for the last minutes, but he knew it was over now.

“May, wherever she ends up, Serena have peace from the dreadful thing that took her over.” Max stepped away from the body silently.

The End

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