Chapter 12Mature

Serena felt the broken vase pulled out of her hands. Someone grabbed her around the waist tightly. She screamed and fought, like an animal cornered in a cage. She bit, scratched, howled, and kicked. The person still wouldn't let her go.

“Sir, step back! I can't hold her for long.”

“We need back up! Now!”

“Let go of her!” The voices were too much, there was so many. All shouting different things, different voices. Her head started pounding. She took a ragged gasp. The door opened, more officers walked through the door. All bearing guns. They flashed the guns around trying to find the problem.

The five officers that had walked through the door turned around. They found the problem. One of the younger officers they had assigned to the Haswell case was holding a young girl. The other was holding a broken piece of porcelain. In his other hand was his gun. He was pointing it shakily at the girl.

“Put the gun away. We have it taken care of. We wouldn't want you shooting someone by accident.” The officer in charge placed his hand on the scared man's shoulder. He started barking out orders. The other officers pulled the girl away.

“Where is Max?” The officer looked around for the older officer. Max was behind the couch, breathing heavily. He had a cut across his neck. He didn't have very long before he would die of blood loss. There was already a pool of blood under the old man.

“We need an ambulance now,” The man shouted. Someone called it in. He stopped paying attention. The man tried to stop the bleeding coming from Max's neck. Someone grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

“We have it taken care of now. Go and find out what to do with the girl, James.” The man did as he was told. The officer that had told James to go and take care of the girl was helping three other men lift Max up into a stretcher.

James grabbed the girl and headed outside. He knew he shouldn't be so rough, but his head was too clouded by anger. He stumbled when he noticed the girl was smiling at him.

“Hard to think rationally when your mind is clouded by anger, isn't it?” She was chuckling now. “I have had the same exact feeling. In fact, that happened just a few minutes before you showed up. You might want to be careful, you never know what will happen when your anger is taking over.” She laughed darkly. Much like a evil villain in a movie. It shocked his nerves, and caused the hair on his arms to stand up.

“I don't let my anger take over.”

The girl raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure?” She nodded her head at her arms. He was holding them hard enough to make his knuckles turn white, and her arms to turn a dark red. It was probably bruising as he watched it. But she didn't wince, or cry out in pain, she just laughed.

“It looks like your anger is taking over. To me at least.”

“You deserve this. You killed our own parents, your boyfriend, and almost killed a police officer.”

“He isn't dead? I guess I will have to try again.” She cocked her head to the side, thinking. “They did deserve it though. My parents never understood me. They grounded me because I wanted to hang out with Jeremy. They said he was going to break my heart. I guess they were right, but they still deserved it.

“Jeremy cheated on me. He deserved to die too. I should have killed Tiffany too, now that I think about it. She probably started it. They lied to me. You don't think they deserved to die?

“And that officer, he was trying to turn my grandparents against me. If he would have just left it alone, they wouldn't have found out. We could have all lived happily ever after.”

“He was doing his job. Happily ever after? Until when, after someone makes you angry, you were just going to kill someone again.”

“Actually, I was planning on killing that school therapist tomorrow. I will have to do that later too.” James was shocked at how calm the girl seemed. She seemed gleeful. Much different than how she seemed when he had first met her. She was shaken when she found out Jeremy had died.

Was it an act? James couldn't tell. Something was off about her. He shoved her into the car and checked to make sure she couldn't open it back up. He sat in the front and pulled out of the Haswell driveway. He headed towards the police station.

The man laughed at the frightened look of the girl in front of him. It was dark, humorless laugh. He didn't really enjoy killing all of these people, but he had to do it. For his sister.

Tiffany finally realized that he was going to kill her. Her eyes widened and she took a step back. He gripped the knife in his hands tighter. He had stolen the knife from his little sister's house. When he had talked with her grandmother.

“Please don't kill me. I never meant to cheat on you with Jeremy. He told me it would be fine.”

The man snarled at her. She let out a small squeak of fear. “Serena didn't deserve to be cheated on. She never did anything bad. You will pay for hurting her.”

Tiffany started to sob. “I'm sorry, I am so sorry. I didn't think about how much it would hurt you. I just wanted to get back at Brad for cheating on me with Marissa. I didn't think about how much it would hurt you. I knew Jeremy was his best friend, that would hurt him the most.”

“It's too late now. You cannot go back and change the past. Maybe in death you will learn from your mistakes.” He raised the knife. It shined brightly in the moonlight, calling for blood. He drove the knife towards Tiffany but someone grabbed his arm.

The End

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