Chapter 11Mature

September 20

So much has happened today. I don't know what to make of it. I found out that Jeremy was cheating on me, with my best friend no less! I was so angry. I am still angry. It was supposed to be a good, boring day. Tiffany and I were going to go shopping.

Now I hate my best friend, and Jeremy is dead. The same person who killed my parents slipped past me somehow and killed Jeremy too. I don't know what is going on. How could I not notice the man? I can't remember anything.

I don't know what to do. My grandparents are downstairs talking to the police. I feel so alone.

Serena closed the book, not quite sure how to finish the latest entry. What was there to say? She glanced down at the floor, curious as to what the police thought about all of this. Her eyes moved to the door. She knew where all the squeaky floorboards were exactly. If she avoided them, she could make it to the stairs.

She slid off her bed and hit the ground softly. Serena stood up and walked to the door, careful to avoid the old wood directly in front of her door. With a small hop, she made it over the three planks. The inaudible conversation from downstairs never stopped. They hadn't heard her yet.

Serena continued to the stairs, making sure to step as lightly as possible. Her dress swirled around her feet with every step. She made it to the stairs, the voices were getting louder and more audible with every step. She could tell they were yelling now. Or her grandfather was at least.

“My baby would not even think about hurting anyone. Especially her parents. Why would you even think about that?” Serena couldn't see anyone, but she could imagine him glaring at the police officers.

“Sir, we have proof that she killed Mr. Jeremy Revor. It is not that much of a stretch to think she killed her parents. We are still taking in the prints, but we both know what they are going to say. We need to take her in.”

Something fell to the ground, breaking into tiny pieces. Alice started screaming. Serena resisted the impulse to peer into the living room. She would be found out.

“You are not taking her. I don't know what game you think this is, but my granddaughter would never kill anyone.” Serena could hear her grandmother’s voice get quieter each word. Serena gripped the edge of a stair until her knuckles turned white. Even her grandparents were starting to believe that she killed someone. But she didn't she would remember something like that. Wouldn't she?

Serena's eyes darkened with anger, her body started to shake. She stood up. Those police officers needed to be taught a lesson. Her feet moved towards the living room. The rest of her body followed slowly. Everyone turned around to face the blonde girl walking into the room.

She was different. Her back was perfectly straight, and her face blank. She didn't seem angry, or sad, or scared. Just blank. Two of the three officers, the younger ones, took a step back. The older one stayed where he was. He turned slightly, getting ready to pull out his gun without the girl noticing. It was a trick he had learned a few years back.

Serena did notice. She looked at the man with hate in her blue eyes. In the officer's eyes, her short blonde hair almost seemed to be moving. He replaced the girl in front of him with Medusa. He was frozen, just not turned into stone. But he might have well been, as still as he was.

The girl's hand traced over the table she was passing. Her hands came across the thing she had heard shatter earlier. It was a vase. She grabbed a thick piece tightly in her hand before continuing to walk forwards.

“You are just like my parents, and Jeremy. Suffocating me, lying to me, not trusting me. Well, I will show you. I can be trusted. I can be trusted to end your doubts. All of them.” She smiled wickedly. She stood directly in front of the officer now. The white edge of the vase gleamed in the pale lights. It rose to meet his throat.

The man frowned. He had said he would kill the therapist soon. But there was one more thing he had to take care of first. The damn girl. Tiffany. That girl had ruined his little sister. Made Serena's boyfriend cheat on her. Lied to her face.

He should have killed her too. When he killed Jeremy. But he had left the house. He couldn't figure out why. That bitch deserved to die. It was all her fault. If she hadn't tattled, Serena would still be safe.

He frowned. She was safe, she was just leaving school. He groaned and grabbed his head. Something was missing, and trying to wake him up. His head couldn't take the pain though. He shoved the pain away, and the secret.

Tiffany should be coming back from her vacation today. It had been five years. She thought she was safe. Safe from the murderer. She was wrong. He was waiting outside her door, waiting for her to come back home. Waiting to kill her.

He laughed darkly. He had been waiting for this day. Stuck in that stupid mental institution for five years. He was beginning to lose hope that Tiffany would ever return back to the place she had lived all her life. But she had finally returned.

That gave him hope. He had escaped from the institution and killed the people his little sister asked to be killed. The people that had mocked her were dead, the people that ran away screaming, even the officers that had accused her. They were all dead. Now all that was left was the therapist, Tiffany, and her grandparents.

She had never asked for her grandparents to be killed, he knew that. But they had let her be taken away. And now he was going to take revenge for her, since she was too weak and nice to do so. Just like he had done five years ago.

He had killed people for her then too. And made sure she wouldn't remember it. After all, that might scare her. He didn't want her to be scared, he wanted her to be happy.

Headlights flashed in the driveway. He smiled. Tiffany was home. And it was time to take yet another life. All for his precious sister. He gripped the knife that rested in his hands tighter. Four more kills, and then it would all be over. His sister would be avenged. His poor sister that had died. No on knew, no one cared. They thought she was still alive, they were still scared.

And they should be.

The End

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