Chapter 10Mature

“Yo, Tiff! Open up the door!” Tiffany's parents were at work. They were always gone on the weekends. Tiffany was alone, so Serena didn't mind shouting. Serena meant to wait until eleven, but when Mr. Norris came to her house, she just had to leave. Now she wanted to tell Tiffany what happened.

“Fine if you won't open the door, I will do it.” Serena guessed that Tiffany was still asleep. She grabbed the key that was hidden in the decorative bird and unlocked the door. The lights downstairs were off, and it was silent. Tiffany was asleep alright.

Serena walked through the hall to Tiffany's room. She glanced at the pictures in the hallway. Pictures of Tiffany and her family took up most of the hall from shoulder height up. There were pictures of them on a beach, near a concert hall, and even on top of a mountain. Every time Serena walked through the hall, she would feel a stab of jealousy. Her family never did things together. They were too busy working and partying with their friends.

She shook her head. Her parents were dead, she shouldn't think so negative about them. Besides, not everyone had enough money to travel around the world.

She stood in front of Tiffany's door. There was someone else in there with her, Serena could hear them. It was a boy, most likely Brad. Serena didn't want to bother them if they were up to something. The could scar her for eternity.

“Tiffany,” She muttered softly. No one answered. She knocked softly, trying to warn Tiffany she was outside. There was still nothing.

“Maybe I should come back later.” Serena went to turn around and leave, but something stopped her. She suddenly remembered the jacket that had been hanging up in the kitchen. She didn't pay much attention to it before, there were always jackets hanging up. Now that Serena thought about it though, that jacket seemed familiar. The owner of the jacket came to her. She could see him wearing it on Monday.

“Jeremy, maybe we shouldn't do this anymore. Serena has been through a lot. I don't want to hurt her anymore.” She moved closer to the door.

“She will be fine. You didn't have any problems with this before.”

“Yes I did, I just didn't want to say it. She will be so upset if we keep it up.”

“Come on Tiffany, she doesn't have to know. Is this why you called me over? To talk about us breaking up?”

“We were never dating. But yes, I wanted to talk about us stopping this.” Serena heard someone move. She took a few steps back but before she could hide, the door opened. Jeremy walked through the door. He spotted her and his eyes went wide.

Serena's eyes were wide as well. She quickly changed her features into a dark scowl. She had no reason to be scared, she wasn't the one who cheated. Jeremy looked at her nervously.

“Serena? What are you doing here?”

“I always hang out with Tiffany on Saturdays. Why are you here,” she asked, keeping her voice steady.

“I was asking Tiffany about-”

“Jeremy! What are you doing? Are you just going to lie to her face?” Tiffany walked through her bedroom door. Her light brown hair was knotted around her face. She glanced at Serena with a silent plead of forgiveness.

She scoffed. Why should she forgive Tiffany? How could she forgive Tiffany? She cheated on her boyfriend with her best friends boyfriend. What was right about that?

Her eyes narrowed into thin slits. Tiffany backed up slowly before turning and running back into her room. Before she could follow her, Jeremy coughed. Serena's attention went to him automatically. She took a step and...

Serena blinked. She was standing outside. Turning around, she looked at Tiffany's house. How did she get outside? She was just about to scream at Jeremy for cheating on her. Now she was outside. Maybe she blanked out for a little bit.

Serena heard the sound of water dripping. Looking down at her clothes, she realized they were soaked. Just not in water. It was blood. Blood trailed down her fingers to fall onto the sidewalk. Staining the bland gray with bright splatters of red.

Her hands relaxed, something bounced onto the ground. Her hair clip. The ones Tiffany bought her a few days ago. The one's she had complained about being too sharp on the ends. The end was covered in blood. She wasn't sure whose.

It wasn't her's, she couldn't feel any pain. What happened then? Why couldn't she remember? Serena grabbed her head and fell to her knees. Into the puddle of blood underneath her. The bright splatter of blood.

A shrill scream echoed throughout the street. It came from Tiffany's house. Serena looked up. Was it Tiff that was hurt? She stood up and started walking towards the house, picking up her hair clip along the way.

Someone grabbed her from behind. Dimly, she could hear the sounds of a siren. Bright lights flashed across the face of the house, red and blue. People were walking around her. Paramedics rushed into the house. Maybe they could tell her what was going on. She tried to walk forwards again, having forgotten about the arms.

“Not so fast. Stay out here.” She could hear a man's voice. It sounded like he was trying to talk underwater. She twisted her head around to face him. He had brown hair, much darker than Tiffany's. He had a mustache too, one like you see in the old movies. The one's her and Tiffany would make fun of whenever they passed someone wearing them. Tiffany would make fun of this man too. Not in front of his face, but behind his back. After he left.

The noises around her started to come out clearer. She could make out the man's voice. She could make out other people shouting as well. Someone was hurt. She already knew that, but she wanted to know who, and if the person was alright.

“What happened? Who is hurt? Was it the same person that attacked my parents?” The man holding her called someone over. His badge said he was a chief.

“Your name is Serena, correct?” Serena nodded dully. She was starting to feel tired. “Yes, the person who killed your parents is the same one that attacked Jeremy.”

She chocked, “Jeremy? Will he be alright?”

The man shook his head grimly, “no, he is dead.” She slid to the ground, only now realizing that the man had let go of her. She heard them talking about calling her grandparents. She tugged on the man's shirt. He looked down at her.

“Can I see him, please,” she begged.

The man looked at her for a moment before shaking his head, “I don't think that is a good idea.” Serena closed her eyes and started sobbing.

The End

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