Chapter 9Mature

Serena groaned and stretched. It was Saturday, so she didn't have to wake up early. Unfortunately, her body decided to wake her up at six. She normally would get up around ten or eleven and then meet Tiffany at her house. Tiffany would still be sleeping. Serena sighed. There was nothing to do for five hours.

She slid off the bed. “I might as well take a shower. At least it will kill an hour.” Serena grabbed some clothes to wear. She headed into the bathroom. The water quickly turned hot. Serena jumped in, relaxing at the hot water falling down.

Alice looked up at the ceiling. Serena was awake. Sawyer was already up. He had gone to buy groceries. Alice forgot the other day and now they were out. She wasn't used to having someone else eating with them. Alice and Sawyer barely ate at home. They would normally eat at work, or go out.

Alice slid out of bed. She tensed up at the cold wood beneath her feet. Her toes ached form the feeling. With a sigh, she went through her bag to find a pair of socks. Winter was coming quickly this year.

“Maybe it is mourning the death of the Haswells,” She muttered to herself.

After slipping on a pair of warm socks, Alice walked down the stairs. To her surprise, Sawyer was sitting at the table. A few bags of food rested on the counter.

“I didn't know you were back.”

“I just got back. I heard you coming down, so I thought I would just stay down here.” She could see the stress in his muscles.

“What is the matter, honey?”

He sighed, “I don't know what to think. Could the police really be right about who killed Serena's parents?”

“I don't know. How about this, Serena is going to hang out with her friend today. When she leaves, we will go down to the police station and ask them what is their evidence?”

Sawyer let out a weak chuckle, “See? This is why I love you. No matter how bad the situation, you can keep your head.”

“Someone has to. We will never get anywhere if our heads are twisted up in despair.” They fell into silence after that. Not awkward silence, but the kind of silent that follows a conversation when no more needs to be said. They were thinking the same things now, no need to voice them out loud.

Footsteps echoed down to the kitchen. Serena was done with her shower. Alice grabbed the groceries and started cooking breakfast. She cracked eggs and placed a few pieces of toast into the toaster.

“Hello dear,” Alice heard Sawyer call out to Serena. She didn't turn around, focusing on the breakfast. Serena sat down, scraping the chair across the floor.

“Good morning. So what are you two going to do today?”

“We were thinking about going to talk to the police today. They might have found something. Are you going to your friends,” Alice asked, trying to start a conversation.

“Yeah, if they find anything will you tell me?”

“Of course,” Sawyer said. Alice brought over the breakfast. Years of being a waitress paid off sometimes. She brought over the plates, butter, jelly, and the salt and pepper shakers all in one trip.

Serena looked at the food, “this looks delicious. Thank you Grandma.”

“No problem. Dig in.” Serena chatted about her plans for the day. Sawyer and Alice stayed in silence, only answering when is was necessary. Serena didn't seem to notice their silence. She was too excited about today.

A knock on the door caused her to stop mid-word. Alice stood up and walked to the door. A man with gray hair stood at the door. He looked at the woman in the door and smiled.

“Hello. My name is Mr. Norris. Is this Serena Haswell's house?”

“Yes, who are you?”

“I am Mr-”

“I meant what are you doing here? Why are you looking for my granddaughter?” If she had been twenty years younger, Mr. Norris would have been worried. He was still a little nervous. She had that effect. He felt as if he was going to the principals office again for stealing someone's crayons.

“I am her therapist. I am here to talk to her. Our last conversation was cut short.” The blond girl stood up. She placed her plate in the sink gently and walked over.

“I told you. I don't need a shrink. Leave me alone.” She shoved past him. Alice watched her go. Normally, she would tell the girl to be nicer, but this time she agreed. Alice Haswell had never like people like the man in front of her. They seemed to only want to pry someone's deepest secrets out into the open.

“I am going to Tiffany's. Be back later!” Serena waved to her grandmother before slipping into her car. Alice watched her drive off before facing the man before her again.

“As you can see, she is fine. I would appreciate it if you would leave.” He started to protest, but the look in the old woman's eyes scared him. Instead he smiled and said a weak goodbye. He heard the door close behind him. Without looking at the house again, he drove away. Mr. Norris planned on telling his boss he wanted a different person to work with as soon as Monday came around. Another chat with that woman, and he might go insane himself.

The man frowned. Something was wrong. He was missing something, he knew it now. He just could figure out what. The man was staring up at Serena's bedroom window. He hadn't seen her all day. If he thought about it, he would realize he had never seen her. There would be people in her room, sure. But they were not Serena. That was strange. Something was wrong. Was Serena not up there any longer? Did they take her away? Why? What did she do? Is that why her diary had extra entries? Did she know she was going to be taken away?

He growled, scaring the woman that was passing him. The man didn't pay attention. He was too focused on the thoughts in his head. Something was off, and he knew what it was, but when he was sent to that place for crazy people, it hid itself. He couldn't find what he was looking for. He would have to ask the old woman. Last time she had called the police though. He couldn't let that happen again.

The End

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