Chapter 8Mature

The movie ended. Serena sighed and stood up. Not only was that the worst movie she had seen, Tiffany couldn't stop squealing. Serena couldn't understand what was so romantic about that movie. Tiffany let out another squeal as the credits ended. Serena clamped her hands over her ears and groaned.

Serena looked at the clock and sighed. It was ten-thirty. “I should head home. My grandma will freak out if I stay gone much longer.” Tiffany looked at the clock too.

“Alright, come pick me up tomorrow though. I don't want to walk. See ya later Ser.” They hugged goodbye. Serena slid into her car. As the engine started, Tiffany flicked the lights three times. Serena honked the horn and drove back to the house.

All of the lights were still on. That couldn't be a good sign. Her grandmother hated wasting electricity. Something had happened. She turned off her car and stepped out. Serena held the keys in her hand, preparing to use them as a weapon.

The door was unlocked. She pushed it open, making sure that it didn't hit the wall. If anything was in here, the sound would alert it instantly. That would ruin the only hope she had. She tilted her head, trying to find any source of noise.

A creak sounded from the kitchen, someone had stepped on the weak board. There was one in every room, right in the middle, making it almost impossible to go anywhere without making some sort of noise. Normally, it was bad, but for once it helped.

Against her better judgment, she crept towards the kitchen. She avoided the board in the living room and stood next to the door. After cursing herself for not grabbing something to use as a weapon, she took a deep breath. While exhaling, she pushed the door open. Something fell onto the floor, breaking into tiny pieces.

“Oh, Serena you're home!” Alice looked at the girl.

“Yeah. Is something the matter? You never keep the lights on.”

Alice laughed, “I just thought I would wait for you. I have been a little jumpy since your parents died. Always chasing my shadows.”

Serena could see the tense muscles in her grandmother's shoulders. “Is something the matter? You looked... scared.”

“Do I? It could be because I had a call from the police. They are thinking that the person who murdered your parents is still somewhere nearby.”

Serena bit her lip and glanced around. She was waiting for someone to storm out of the shadows. “Oh, well I hope they find them soon.”

“Me too...” Alice trailed off. She seemed confused, scared, and angry all at the same time. It would make sense, after all her baby had been killed. But something was off. She was hiding something.

What would she be hiding? Maybe her grandfather knew. She walked upstairs. Loud snores echoed throughout the upstairs. Serena sighed. She would have to wait until the morning to ask her grandfather.

Serena slipped out of her clothes and put on her pajamas. She stared at the ceiling. She had long since memorized the pattern of bumps on the ceiling. The familiarity caused her to close her eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

About an hour after Serena fell asleep, Alice walked up the stairs. She had checked to make sure that everything was locked, but she wasn't sure how much that would help. Earlier that day, the police had called. They had an idea of who had killed Serena's parents.

Alice peered into Serena's room. She was stretched out on the bed. Her blanket was twisted around her. Alice frowned, her granddaughter had not seemed to be affected by what had happened with her parents. She couldn't figure out why though.

Closing the door, she walked to her temporary bedroom. Sawyer was resting on the bed. His eyes were closed but Alice could tell by his uneven breathing that he was still awake. He was usually asleep by now. She knew it would probably be hard to sleep tonight, she knew she wouldn't sleep so easy.

“You heard what the officer said,” it was a statement. There had been no doubt that Sawyer had heard.

“Yes. Do you think they are wrong?”

Alice sighed. She picked up the dirty clothes to keep her hands moving. “I want to say they are, but honestly, it makes sense. I just don't know why.”

Sawyer's eyes twinkled in the dull light. He appeared older than usual. “Why would anyone kill another human being?”

“I don't know.”

September 21.

So I met a therapist today. The school decided he would help me get over my grief. I wonder what he would think if I told him I wasn't feeling grief. His name is Mr. Norris. I don't know what they expect me to do. I don't want to tell anyone my secrets. That is why they are secrets. Maybe whatever killed my parents will kill him too.



The man glanced at the house. He wanted to walk in, but the fear of getting caught was too much. Instead, he thought about the entry he had read. The one that was dated a day early. Why would it be like that? Maybe she had the wrong date, but wasn't there another entry on the other page?

He could remember the words though. His shocked brain remembered that much. She wanted someone to kill her therapist. He could do that. It would just take a few days. She would get every wish she writes. That was his job. She deserved everything. Her family didn't understand that, neither did her friends, but he did. And he would make sure she got everything she wanted.

He was brought back as the last light went out. The doors were locked, they checked them every night. He frowned. A year ago today, his family started to find out who had killed his parents. It was him of course, but he couldn't figure out how they found out. No one ever told him.

Of course, that damned old woman in the master bedroom was figuring him out. She acted like she knew everything about him. She was mistaken. He might look like Serena, but he was the complete opposite. She was kind, sweet, caring. He would kill whoever got in his way. The place he had escaped from made it even worse.

He laughed at the irony at that. The place he was sent to so he could be saved, made everything worse. A light from the master bedroom turned on. Alice looked out the window. The man gave her a lazy wave and a smile before turning around and blending into the night.

The End

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