Chapter 7Mature

The man frowned. A mirror stood off to the side of the kitchen. He peered at the reflection inside. It was true, he did look like Serena. But that was because he was her brother. It was his job to protect her. This woman must not know about him.

“How did you escape? What are you doing here?” The man glared at the woman in confusion. If she knew he escaped, then she must know about him Why did she call him Serena though? What would Serena have to escape from?

“I missed you Serena. Why don't we call your friend and see if she wants to come over?” The man glared at Alice.

“Stop calling me Serena! I am not Serena! Serena is at school!” He was seeing red. His eyes closed tightly. He could not kill this woman, Serena did not allow it.

The woman frowned. “But... You look so much like her.”

“I am her brother.”

“Oh, well how nice to meet you. I didn't know Serena had a brother. Why don't we sit down and eat?” She pulled out a chair and gestured to it. The man went to sit down. Alice moved closer tot he phone. The man noticed.

“Don't touch the phone. I am not going back to that place. I am not crazy.”

“I heard over the news that you killed your parents.”

The man blinked. He had killed his parents. Then he was sent to that horrible place. When he escaped, he killed Serena's parents. But of they were siblings... Something wasn't right. He was missing something.

“I did kill them,” He stated proudly. Pushing away his gut feeling that something was wrong.

“You seem very proud of that.”

“I am, they didn't understand me. Just as Serena's parents didn't understand her.”

Alice's eyes sparked with understanding. She was starting to figure out what was going on. “Maybe that is true, but was violence really the answer?”

“Yes. It was. And I am going to-” He cut himself off. Why did he start talking to her about this? She couldn't know his plans.

Sirens went off in the distance. His eyes widened. “You bitch!” He shoved the chair back. He needed to hide. The woman had somehow contacted the police.

He looked around frantically. There was only one way out, and that was the front door. The sirens were still a ways away, he could hide before they got close. He bolted out the front door and headed towards the building behind the house.
He just had to blend in. Pretend to be a tourist. No one would notice him. People were oblivious to the sights around him. He had walked around after escaping and no one recognized him from the news. Sometimes they made it too easy.

“Hey Tiff,” Serena called, gaining the attention of her friend.

Tiffany turned around. She could tell Serena was aggravated. “Yeah?”

Serena came to a stop beside Tiffany. “Can I stay at your house for a few hours. I really don't want to go home right now.”

Tiffany smiled, “Of course. We will have a movie night. You buy the popcorn.”

Serena stuck out her hand, “Deal!” They hurried to Serena's car. It had been a few weeks since they had a movie night, and Serena hoped it would help take he mind off of the events that had happened recently. It was too much to take it all at once. She needed a break.

“Pick a genre,” Tiffany said, counting the cash in her wallet.

“How about... Romance?”

Tiffany squealed, “I know the perfect one. It just came out. I don't remember the name though. It has the one girl in it though. Selena Gomez.” Serena rolled her eyes. Tiffany was obsessed with that girl, though Serena couldn't figure out why.

“Alright. I will find the movie, you will find the popcorn, sodas, and assorted candy. I want something chocolate.” Serena pulled into the store. They hopped out and went to their respective aisles. Serena searched the candy racks. She grabbed ten boxes of candy, making sure she had chocolate, and headed to the drinks.

Tiffany always got coke. Serena liked this store because they had the elusive orange cream soda. It was her favorite, but not many places had it. She pulled those off of the shelf and met Tiffany at the popcorn. She was holding two boxes of popcorn.

“Movie theater butter or cheese popcorn?”

“Let's get both. I have enough money.” They tossed the boxes in and went to the checkout. The boy at the counter sent me a grin before ringing us up.

“That is thirty dollars and twenty-seven cents. But if you go on a date with me, I might be able to lower the price some.” Serena and Tiffany blinked.

“Is that so? I don't remember us saying that was a part of our deal. Kyle, come meet me in the office.” They turned around. A balding man around the age of thirty stood glaring at Kyle with anger. A tag on the side of his shirt said he was the manager.

Kyle hurried to the office. The man gave us a smile and lowered the price for their inconvenience.

“Dang, more people need to hit on you. We get things cheaper.” Serena rolled her eyes at Tiffany.

“Let us just go watch this movie. I don't feel like being hit on whenever I walk into a store.”

Tiffany shrugged, “I would love it.”

The End

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