Chapter 6Mature

The nurse frowned at Serena. “You shouldn't come to school emotionally exhausted like this. You can stay in here for a little bit. I will give Miss Daniels a note to take back to your teacher. For now, why don't you try and sleep?” Tiffany winked at Serena behind the nurse's back. They shared a smile before Tiffany had to leave. The nurse handed Tiffany a note and told her to head back to class.

She walked over to Serena and have her a hug. Tiffany walked back to class and silently handed the note to her teacher. He scanned it over before gruffly telling her to sit. Tiffany swayed over to her seat and settled down carefully. People looked at her, trying to guess why she was late. Whispers slithered around the class, getting louder with each pass.

The teacher noticed at told everyone to quiet down. They did until he turned around. Then they started the rumors all over again. Tiffany rolled her eyes. Some people were so shallow. But she couldn't really blame them. She would probably to the same had it not been her best friend they were whispering about.

No one came out directly and asked her for an answer. That would ruin the fun. She bit the inside of her cheek and tried to ignore them. It didn't work so well. The teacher seemed to notice the noise again and told everyone to be quiet.

“If you all don't stop talking, I will start handing out detentions.” The class quieted down instantly. The English teacher had a passion for handing out detentions. Everyone knew to take him seriously.

“Stick out your tongue.” Serena frowned but did as she said. The nurse looked, prodded, and poked at Serena. She was trying to find something wrong with the girl.

“I can't find anything. You are probably just emotionally exhausted like I said earlier. I can send you home if you want. Or you can just take a nap here. The home environment might make things worse.” Serena mentally went through the pros and cons. She could go home and deal with her grandmother, or stay here and take a nap.

“Do you have anything that would help me sleep?”

“Yes, but I would suggest trying to sleep yourself first.” The nurse walked out of the door and turned off the light. Serena stared at the ceiling. She wasn't tired, but at the same time she was too exhausted to think.

Serena watched the movements in the hall. She would probably have to see a psychiatrist now. That would be fun. Not only would she be supposed to spill her guts to a stranger, she would become a laughingstock. The door opened slightly.

Serena thought about feigning sleep. That way the nurse would leave her alone. She didn't act quickly enough, the light flashed on. Serena blinked owlishly and stared at the door. A man stood behind the nurse. He had salt and pepper hair and wore a gray business suit.

“Serena? Did we wake you?”

“No. I was still awake. Who is that behind you?” She had a feeling who it was, but she decided to ask anyway.

“This is Mr. Norris. He is going to help you though this tough time.”

“I don't want a psychiatrist,” Serena frowned, not trying to be polite in the least.

The man gave a small smile, “then don't think of me as a psychiatrist. Think of me as a friend, or a guide.

“I don't need one of those either. I have a friend and I don't need a guide.” Mr. Norris let his smile slip slightly.

“Well, we will see what we can do. The principal has requested my help. I think you need help too. Obviously you are acting out to get attention.”

“Obviously,” Serena mocked, “you don't deserve to be a psychiatrist. That is no way to get a patient to open up.”

The man scowled, all pretenses gone. He turned to the nurse. “She is tired. Can you schedule an appointment for tomorrow? I can come in around lunch.” The nurse nodded and scribbled a note onto a piece of paper.

“Give this to the secretary. She will make sure that Serena is ready for the appointment.” Mr. Norris said goodbye to Serena and walked out of the room quickly. She could tell by his tense muscles that he was angry.

She sighed. Serena hadn't meant to make him angry, but she didn't want someone analyzing her secrets. They were hers for a reason. She was upset about her parent's death, but talking to someone wouldn't help in the slightest. She didn't know how people thought that would work.

The man frowned. He had been looking at Serena's diary again. He had flipped the page over from her latest entry, but there was another. And it was from tomorrow. Something was wrong. Did she guess what he had been up to? He needed to think. This was wrong. He was missing something, and it was dancing at the edge of his mind.

Wrapped up in confusion, he forgot about the two people downstairs. He didn't remember until he was in front of the kitchen. Alice was washing dishes. He tried to move before the old woman could see her. The woman heard his movements and turned around.

She gasped and dropped the pate she had been holding. It shattered around her feet. The woman didn't seem to notice. She looked at the girl in confusion. And fear.

“Serena? Is that you?”

The End

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