Chapter 5Mature

“Is your grandmother really that bad? I can't believe she paid someone to break your father's heart. Then again, it sounds like a perfect romance novel. Despite the obstacles, and the overbearing mother, two young teenagers fall in love.”

Serena sighed, “You forgot the part where they both died in a car accident. Maybe caused by some crazy person. They could have even had a dark secret and some enemy decided to kill them.” Serena stopped talking. Her throat was tightening up, a sure sign that she was about to cry. Tiffany noticed and immediately started trying to calm her down.

“I still can't believe you came to school. No matter how bad your grandmother is, you should be with family. Not with stupid, self-centered, teenagers.” Tiffany rubbed her best friends back soothingly. Serena could be so stubborn at times. She refused to let sadness take over her life.

“I wish I could be as strong as you. I could never handle something like this. One more thing and I would be lost forever.”

“I think I would be too,” Serena sobbed. Her chest heaved while she tried to fight back the tears. One thing she did not want to do was cry in public.

Tiffany bit her lip, way for her friend to make her feel worse. She was going to come clean today, but Serena couldn't handle anything else. Once she was calmer, Tiffany would tell her the truth. No need for more pain. It couldn't hurt to wait. After all, it had been going on for a few months already.

Serena slid down the wall, unable to support herself anymore. Tiffany looked at the clock. A class just started. No one would notice Serena's breakdown. Tiffany sighed, she should have just stayed home. Poor Serena, trying to handle everything at once. She could be so stubborn at times.

Tiffany grimaced. Serena would lose it if she found out what her best friend had been doing. Maybe she could just stop. Then Serena wouldn't have to know and Tiffany wouldn't have to live with the guilt everyday when she looked at her best friend.

Satisfied with her logic, Tiffany put all of her efforts into calming Serena down. Since Serena was refusing to cry, Tiffany talked about the first things that popped into her head until Serena started laughing.

Serena couldn't help but laugh. Her friend had that effect on people. How her best friend could go from talking about how bad school was to they pros and cons of dating a gang member in less than four minutes, she would never know. It's not like Tiffany had ever even dated a gang member.

Serena glanced at the roof. Now that she thought about it, her parent's life did seem like the old romance novels in the library she would glance over. Despite the efforts of her father's mom, her parents fell in love, and had her. It was sweet actually. If only something like that could happen with her. Her relationship was a little boring, even when her parents had been making it somewhat forbidden. Jeremy was just like that, he somehow managed to make everything seem bland.

She shook her head. She isn't supposed to think things like that about her boyfriend. She was supposed to be in love, and thing good things about her boyfriend. Wasn't she? Maybe it was just from the stress. Sleep would be good right now.

“Hey Tiff,” Serena caught the attention of her best friend. “I don't feel so good. I think I should go to the nurse.” Tiffany frowned, trying to find out what Sernea was saying. When she got it, she smiled.

“What happened this time, hon?”

“I think I might throw up.” They shared a weak weak laugh before Tiffany helped Serena stand up. Serena would help Tiffany cut a class by making up something about her being sick. This time it was for a different reason, but they knew the drill well. Tiffany rolled her eyes, just like the good ol' days.

The man wanted to walk downstairs and kill the old man now. He was ruining his escape. If the man decided to walk upstairs now, he would be found. Normally, Serena’s parents would be at work at this time of day, but these two old people had been inside the house all day.

Of course, he wouldn't kill them, no matter how much he wanted to. Serena didn't ask him too. He wouldn't hurt anyone close to his beloved girl without her permission first. That might cause her to become scared of him. He wouldn't want that.

The man frowned. They were creating quite a noise down there. He might be able to escape if they kept it up. He shook his head, that wouldn't work. He couldn't risk being seen. It would upset Serena. He glanced back at the diary that rested on the girl's bed. He had been looking at it for the past few hours.

All of her secrets were written in those pages. So trustful was she. So certain that no one would ever read it. Of course, no one would. Except for him. He was here to protect her, and give her everything she desired. That was why he had come back. Escaped from the place he had been imprisoned in. That cursed place.

The man's knuckles tightened at the thought of that dark, dull place. They accused him of being crazy. Well he showed them. Someone crazy couldn't find their way out of that place. It was full of nightmares and shadows. The weakness to those that were truly crazy.

It had affected him a little, he would have to admit that. Old memories would show themselves in those shadows, just out of reach. He would have gone crazy had he stayed in that place any longer. He had just been trying to protect Serena. And they had locked him up.

His lips pressed together tighter to prevent the roar of anger from escaping. His hands turned white from pressure and his eye twitched. This wouldn't do. He would be found out and sent back to that horrible place if anything went wrong. He couldn't afford that. He had to protect Serena.

And give her everything she wished for.

The End

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