Chapter 4Mature

“It is rumored that the three main police officers that were working on this case were fired earlier today. No one is sure why, though some believe it is an incompetence issue.” Serena came downstairs as the TV clicked off. Her grandmother sat on the couch.

“What is going on, grandma?”

“The police that were working on your parents' case were fired.” Serena shrugged. It didn't matter much to her. Those men didn't seem to be very good at their job anyway. Her grandmother sighed and went into the kitchen. Serena could smell bacon and eggs, her stomach growled.

She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate, grabbing a few pieces of bacon. Her grandmother dumped eggs onto her plate and directed her to the table. Serena took a few bites before glancing at the clock. She only had thirty minutes to get to school.

“Sorry grandma, I have to go to school.” She put the plate on the counter and gave her mother a quick kiss. Her feet padded up the stairs and into her bedroom. Grabbing the clothes picked out yesterday, she ran into the bathroom.

Sawyer was just getting up. His granddaughter gave him a hurried good morning. He shook his head and walked downstairs, girls and their last minute planning. His wife was in the kitchen scooping eggs onto a plate. She looked up at her husband and placed the plate on the table. Sawyer nodded gratefully.

“What is the matter with Serena,” He asked, taking a bite out of the eggs.

“She is going to school today, from what I found out.” Sawyer watched his wife make another plate. Her movements were jerky and hurried. She was irritated. Best to stay on her good side. He knew why Serena would want to go to school today, but it was best not to tell is wife.

“Why would she do that?”

His wife slammed the plate on the table. “Heck if I know. We were going to start packing up her parents' things. Her mother's mostly.”

Saywer sighed, “Does she even know why you hate her mother so much? Maybe she would feel better if you told her. Serena is a lot like you, she hates not knowing things.”

“Are you accusing me of keeping things from her,” Alice shrieked. Sawyer sighed, he had messed up. Now she would be on the rampage for hours.

“No, I am just saying it might make thing easier if she knew.”

“What am I supposed to tell her? That I had bribed her mother to date my baby for a day so the other girls would leave him alone, to break his heart so he would stay home? That instead, they ended up falling in love? Would that make her feel better?” Alice heard a small gasp. She turned around in time to watch Serena run out the door.

“See? It didn't help much did it?” Appetite gone, Alice threw her food into the trash before staring on the dishes. She could faintly hear her husband getting up as well. He placed the plate in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.

“Where do you think you are going,” Alice huffed.

“For a walk. I hope you don;t mind cleaning the house by yourself. I just don't feel like doing anything today. He closed the door on her yelling, smiling to himself. If she was going to be in a mood, he would have some fun with it. Though, it would probably be a good idea not to go home for a while. Not if Serena didn't want to lose a grandparent as well.

He turned the corner, walking along the street that showed Serena's bedroom window. He looked up, the window was closed. As he went to turn back to the road, something moved upstairs. Sawyer focused on the glass rectangle, searching for any sign of movement.

After a few moments with nothing, he shrugged. It was just his head getting old. It wouldn't be the first time he started seeing things. Probably wouldn't be the last. Whistling a tune from the old days, he continued his walk along the street.

The man sighed. Serena's grandfather had almost caught him. Maybe he should be more careful. It wouldn't do to be caught. Especially when he wasn't here for any reason then to bask in the young girl's room. She hadn't wrote in her diary this morning. She never did. It was always at night. He had her life figured out.

He even knew what her school lessons she was in. Right now, it would be biology, then algebra. After school, she would be going out with Tiffany, maybe celebrating her mother and father's death.

The man frowned, picking up the diary he loved to read. In her last entry, it said that she didn't mean for her parents to die. But that was what she wished for, wasn't it? Why would she take something like that back? And Serena had seemed so upset when she overheard her grandmother arguing with her husband about whether or not tell tell Serena about her mother. She had wished for that too.

He had done what he could to make her wishes come true, but she didn't seem to be satisfied. What could he do to make his blonde pixie feel grateful? The police had been fired, secrets revealed, and she was free from her parents. Maybe he would have to answer more wishes. Then she would feel grateful. One day his darling pixie would ask for him to show himself. And he would. It was just a waiting game.

And waiting was something he could do.

The End

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