Chapter 3Mature

"Hello grandma. I am glad you two made if up here safely." Serena opened the door wider after seeing who was there. Her grandmother looked around before giving her an accusing glare.

"Did you stay here all by yourself? Didn't the police tell you that someone might have done it on purpose?"

"I didn't stay here last night. I stayed with Tiffany. Her parents drove me home and checked out the house before leaving, and the neighbors have come to check on me every hour. No, I didn't let the neighbors in, they stayed outside and talked to me. I was as careful as I could be." Her grandmother nodded with approval before setting down her stuff.

While Serena's grandmother had been overcome with grief before, she pushed it aside. There was no time for that now. She had to make sure her granddaughter was safe. And she would be damned if she didn't find her baby's killer.

"I bet it is all that witches fault. You mother was probably having fun with some other guy and-" Her husband placed a hand on her shoulder, effectively cutting her off.

Serena sighed, "can we talk about how horrible my mother was for taking your precious son away from you later? Right now just focus on that if she hadn't taken him away, I wouldn't be here. Does that sound good."

"Alice, why don't we save that talk until a different time? Like when Serena is asleep," Serena's grandfather whispered to his wife.

"Fine, Sawyer, but don't expect me to keep quiet this whole time. I bet it was all her fault. My baby was loved by everyone." Sawyer just nodded. He wasn't really paying attention. She had blamed Serena's mother every time something even remotely bad happened.

Serena showed them her parent's room. They didn't have a guest room so there was no other option. After her grandmother placed her suitcases, she made a 'tut' sound.

"You haven't started packing this up? They aren't going to come back, and it will hurt less if their stuff is gone."

Serena gritted her teeth, sometimes her grandmother seemed heartless. "I think it will hurt less if I can still be with their stuff. Plus, it had only been a day. I haven't had much time to do anything. Now if you don't mind, I think I will be going to sleep."

Serena walked hurriedly to her room. Without thinking, she grabbed her diary and started to write.

"Alice, I think you are being too hard. She is a kid who just lost her parents. Let her grieve a little."

"I don't want her to grieve. She will be depressed. The quicker we take away all of the sad things, the less time she will have to be depressed."

"I don't think it works that way..." He trailed off. Sometimes his wife was in the wrong state of mind. There was no point arguing though, she was far from listening. The best he could do was try and slow her down, for Serena's sake.

"Well, I am going to bed, Sawyer. Don't stay up too late. We have a lot to do tomorrow. And Serena needs to be woken up for school" Sawyer sighed and climbed into bed beside her.

"Whoa, is your grannie mental? Getting rid of their stuff? What if it is evidence?"

Serena sighed, of course Tiffany would get worked up over this for a silly reason. "Do you really think someone messed with their car? I think it was just an accident. She might be mental, who knows? I am going to school tomorrow. Anything is better than dealing with my grandmother."

"Besides," Tiffany sang, "You might get to see Jeremy." Serena laughed despite the situation. Tiffany could be so shallow. Probably the reason Alice didn't like her, besides the fact that Serena's mother did. Alice made sure not to like anything her daughter-in-law did.

"I can't figure out why my grandmother hates my mom so much. She says it was because my mother took her baby from her, but she didn't hate the other women that tried to do that."

Tiffany gave a small laugh, "Maybe it was your grandmother."

Serena paused to think it over. She knew her friend was kidding, but right now anyone was a suspect. "Nah, then she would have to kill her baby too. She would never do that. Anyway, I am going to go to bed. See ya tomorrow Tiff." They said their goodbyes and hung up. Serena glanced at her diary, something about it was bothering her.

She shook her head and closed her eyes. She was just being paranoid. No one read her diary and decided to make her wish come true. That was just crazy.

September 19, 2011.

I am sorry I didn't talk to you yesterday. It was hectic. My parents died in a car crash. I found out about it while I was in school. The police showed up and told me. They didn't even say it gently, it was just 'your parents are dead.' some people are so idiotic. They should be fired, they are horrible police. Oh, they also said my parents might have been killed on purpose.

My grandmother came today, along with my grandfather. She immediately started talking about how it was probably my mother's fault. I wish I knew why they hated each other so much. I am going crazy trying to find out who would have killed my parents. I know I said I wanted them dead the other day, but I didn't mean it.

The worst thing is, I don't really feel depressed. I guess right now I am shocked. I bet as soon as I start to believe they are dead, it will come crashing down. I just hope I can deal with my grandmother without going crazy.

That's all for now. Not much to talk about today. I will keep in touch bye.

A small person stood in front of Serena's bed. He scanned through her latest entry.

"So much hate for a young girl. Maybe you should just relax Serena." He placed the book down where he had found it and walked out of her room, sparing no thought that anyone would wake up and see him. He had done this too many times to be worried.

The End

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