Chapter 2Mature

An alarm clock went off. Serene rolled over with a groan. Her arm moved to search for the snooze button. Instead of hitting an alarm, she hit a corner of her table instead. With a curse, she sat up and opened her eyes, searching for the alarm clock. She followed to sound and found it on the other side of the room. Confused, she stared at the clock. Finally, it hit her.

“Duh, I moved it because I always hit snooze and fall back asleep. I can't believe I forgot that.” The door burst open. Tiffany walked through the door, tapping her toes impatiently.

“Come on girl. We have boys to meet. Will you hurry up for me? Brad is meeting me before school today.” Serena rolled her eyes.

“Maybe if you didn't crash your car, you would be able to go by yourself. Instead of depending on me.”

“Then you would never get ready for school. I know you.” Serena walked to the bathroom and slipped on the dress she had picked out the night before. It was emerald green with a thin black buckle around the waist. After putting on matching make-up and a pair of heels, she stepped out of the bathroom and walked downstairs.

Tiffany was waiting downstairs. She looked up from her nails at the sound Serena's shoes were making. Serena walked over to the phone and hit the flashing blue light.

“Serena, we just wanted to tell you, you were right. We are treating you to much like a child. When we get home we will talk about it more alright? We love you and have fun at school.” She huffed at the phone. About time.

“Now that we have that settled, can we go? I don't want all of this beautiful to go to waste.” Serena glanced at Tiffany. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail. She had dark blue skinny jeans one along with a red halter top.

“Come on then. I can't wait to see Jeremy. Hopefully he will be at school today.” The girls walked outside to Serena's car.

“Wow today has gone fast, it's already lunch. Good thing too. I am starving!” Jeremy rubbed his stomach pitifully. Serena just rolled her eyes.

“Is there ever a time you are not hungry?” He shook his head no. They both grabbed a lunch tray, walking over to their usual table. Brad and Tiffany met them shortly after. They talked about classes and their horrible teachers.

The lunch room quieted down. Brad looked up towards the entrance. Three police officers were looking around the cafeteria.

“Dude look, the got some cops in here. I wonder what happened.” the rest of Brad's table looked up. Other tables started spreading rumors straight away. One girl with brown hair whispered that one of the teachers were locked downstairs in the boiler room.

The police looked over to Serena's table. They looked at each other before making their way over. All eyes in the room went towards that table.

“Are one of you a Serene Haswell?” Serena looked up nervously.

“That would be me. What is going on?”

They seemed uncomfortable. Serena could feel her pulse start to race. “We need to talk to you in private.” Quietly, she stood up and followed them outside. The officers looked at each other nervously, trying to decide something. Finally, the oldest officer took a step forwards.

“Miss Haswell, we regret to inform you that your parents are dead.”Serena stared at him blankly. What was he talking about?

“This is a joke right?”

“No, it is not. The brakes in their car stopped working. We believe they might have been tampered with. Do you know anyone who would have done something like that?”

She swallowed, “No I cannot think of anyone.” The middle officer nodded.

“How about any family? Do you have someone to watch over you?”

“Yes, I can call my grandmother. She will come up here.” They nodded and wrote some things down on a yellow piece of paper.

“If you can think of anything or if something happens, just call us.” She took the note and watched them walk away to their car. Once they left, she hurried into her own car and drove off.

She pulled into her yard and walked inside. She checked the phone. There was a new message waiting.

“Hello dear. It is us again. I just wanted to tell you that we will not be home until late tonight. I don't want you to worry. Call us when you get home. We love you.” She looked at the clock. Her school didn't let out for another three hours. She would call them then.

Serena decided to watch TV instead. It turned on with a flash.

“Just a few hours ago. The brakes on this car behind me went out. Two people were in the car. There were no survivors. It was believed that someone had tampered with the brakes. Police are looking into the investigation-” She watched the screen until she grabbed the remote. With a click, the TV shut off again, leaving a blond haired girl to stare at the blank black box.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “This has to be a dream.” Her arms wrapped around her waist. “No one would want to hurt my parents. Well, I would, but I didn't do it.”

The silence was broken by a shrill cry. Serena jumped. She grabbed her phone that was resting on the couch and answered it.


“Damn girl you sound like you have been crying. What's the matter?”

“I really don't want to talk about it now. Can you come over later? Just you? No one else.”

“Of course, Ser. I will be there as soon as school is over. Want some homework too?”

Serena let out a weak laugh, “Sure. I will see you later, Tiff.” She hung up and glanced back at the TV. Could the person who killed her parents have set the TV? Her parents never watched the news. Serena's mother hated all of the violence it showed. She shook her head.

“You are just being jumpy. It probably switched there by accident. Now, go call your grandmother.

The phone rang three times, “Hello,” A quiet voice called into the phone. Serena's heart clenched, her grandmother already knew.

“Grandma? It's me, Serene. You know what happened?”

“Yes, I watched it on the news. Do you want me and your grandfather to go down there?”

“Please,” she whispered, twisting the cord around her finger.

“We will be there by tomorrow OK? Be safe please.” They said their goodbyes and hung up.

The End

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