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You have been warned to be careful of what you wish for, but do you truly understand what it is you are wishing for? What happens when the wishes no one else is supposed to see, the ones only to be known by you, start to come true? It is not always a good thing to get everything you want. And not everything is what it seems.


September 17


My parents are so stupid. They don't understand anything about me. I am sick of being treated like a child. I am sixteen for crying out loud. I don't need them watching over me all the time. Just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean he is automatically going to break my heart. He could end up being my future husband. I mean, I seriously doubt it, but that doesn't mean he just wants to get into my pants. I wish they would just understand that I know what I am doing. Here comes my mom. I will be right back.


They grounded me! All because I went out with Jeremy again. I can't believe them. I hate them both! I wish they would just die. Then I could do what I want. I am not ten anymore. I can tell when a boy is lying to me or not. I even have a bed time again to make sure I don't stay up talking to him. I have to go now and get ready for bed. I will explain more to you tomorrow.






She sighed and closed the old, worn-out diary. Placing the book back in it's hidden area, she stood up. Grabbing a set of pajamas, the girl walked to the bathroom. It was a beautiful bathroom, but she paid no attention, she had grown up with money. The walls were a pale cream color, contrasting with the marble of the counter. There was a good sized sink, resting inside a counter the length of one wall. A giant bath, with jets, took up the other half of the bathroom. A full length mirror rested behind the door.


Serene grabbed a rag and started washing the make-up from earlier that day off of her face. She grimaced at the mirror turning back to the rag. Next, she slipped off the numerous bracelets that decorated her arms. She slipped off her jeans and tee shirt and changed into her pajamas.


Her mother walked by the door. Serene scowled and closed the door. She studied her reflection instead. She wore white shorts with pink and back plaid stripes with a pink tank top. She pursed her lips at the mirror, thinking about her mother.


“She acts like she has never been my age.” She paused, “Actually, she might have never been.” Serene shook her head firmly and moved her gave back to the mirror. She fluffed her short, naturally blond hair. Her eyes shone blue.


“A little tan,” She mused, “Not enough to be noticed, but I definitely don't look as pale as the nerds in our school.”


“I said it's bed time Serene! Don't make me come in there! You will not be happy.” Serene groaned and rolled her eyes. She looked in the mirror and struck a pose. Her mind quickly went through outfits to wear tomorrow. She knew all the clothes in her closet by heart.


Finally deciding what to wear, she stepped out of the bathroom, leaving her dirty clothes resting on the floor. Serene decided that if her mother wanted her to go to bed so early, her mother could pick up the clothes herself.


She fell across her bright purple bed with a sigh. Studying the ceiling, she let her mind drift to tomorrow. She could see Jeremy tomorrow. Her parents couldn't stop her from going to school. Jeremy would meet her there, like he always did, oblivious to the hate that her parents had for him. Serene didn't see any reason to tell him. It would just make him upset.


A quiet beep sounded throughout the room. Serene lifted her head to locate her phone. It rested on the bedside table. She grabbed the phone and looked at the new message. It was from her best friend, Tiffany. It was a short text, asking if Serene would still be going to her giant birthday party. Serene replied, stating that she would.


Even if her mother said no, Serene would still go. Tiffany had been fer best friend for years. Their mothers had met at a baby store. They were both causing a fit when they found out the store no longer sold a certain type of diapers both the mothers depended on. It turned out that they had been the only two buying them.



Tiffany was also the only friend Serene had that her mother liked. Her parents said Tiffany was a “good influence”. Serene didn't care if her parents liked Tiffany or not, she would still be friends with her. Tiffany always helped Serene with anything she needed help with, mostly math. It was Serene's worst subject. She was getting D's in the class. Her parents, of course, didn't know. She had convinced one of the nerds in her class to make a fake report that stated she had all A's. Then she forged her dad's signature on the real papers.


“I can't believe they are so clueless.” Serene shrugged and closed her eyes. It was easier that way. Her parents had never caught her for anything bad she did except for hanging out with Jeremy, and she didn't bother to keep that hidden.


Her eyes stayed closed this time, with no interruptions. She managed to fall asleep, just as a full moon's light came through her window.




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The End

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