Heroic Rescue

Almost instantly, it began to happen as it had happened that one night, long ago. Everything in his brain went spinning everywhere, breaking like a thin glass wall. Thoughts ran into each other and turned away again, dancing in weird patterns, smashing each other into jelly. Then everything was quiet for a minute, and a new glass wall replaced the old one.

Dylan Stone could feel the thoughts of the great gray monstrous mass.

"Intelligence! Yes... I spy... full brain. Two full brains. What's this? New brain. Food. Oh-oh, I'm being touched..."

The  creature hissed and spun around.

"Step back, she's mine!" cried Dylan, rather uselessly; it had been the first phrase that came to mind. He slammed into the mighty beast and concentrated as hard as he could. He drained himself again of all thoughts, but this time he tried to channel them into the fearsome gooey (it did feel somewhat damp) lump.

The incredible thin slit of a mouth it had suddenly changed shape considerably, and the traveling salesman hoped beyond hope that it was some sort of compassionate expression...

The screaming blonde woman in the beast's clutches suddenly fell silent and dropped, heavy and limp, to the hotel floor.

Dylan Stone rushed to her side and shook her.

"Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can y-"

"Yeah, yeah, I can hear you all right; buzz off and help me up."

Stunned, Dylan complied.

"Are you alright?" he asked awkwardly.

"For now."

A simple answer.

She held out her hand.

"Trisha Jenkins."

"Um- Dylan Stone." They shook.

The End

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