Written for Keerah.Mature


The sweat dripped off of Finn's brow, reflected in the hot black light.  He pushed farther inside of me, making me wince from both pleasure and a deep feeling of pain.  He leaned in and kissed my collar bone, then trailed his tongue to my lips.

He called out my name quietly, "Louise... Lovely lovely louise" his voice growing shaky as he neared his climax.  I pushed my chest toward him, him pressing his hand against my breast and biting my lip gently.  "Finni!" I said as he hit the spot I longed for.  My body shaking ever so slightly, lips quivering, eyes darting back and forth between his beautiful blue eyes.  The crystal clear ocean

that was his iris sprawled out as if they would never end, the black light exentuating his pale freckles. 

The sweat dripped heavily, he rolled over, pulling me atop him.  "Louise" he panted ever so gently, his soothing words pushing me farther.  Closer and closer to my own orgasm.  I slowly moved up and down, my breasts bouncing and exciting him.  I could feel his excitement deep within me, a slight twitch against my inner path.

I moved more quickly bouncing now, throwing my head back.  "f-finn.. Finni" I choked out.  I was ready now, and so too was my lover.  he pushed his fingers through my curls and pulled my head down to his chest, rolling me over and crawling atop me once more.  He pushed in fully, muscles tensed.  "I love you" he whispered in a raspy voice as we came.  The black light slowly flickered out as did my

orgasm.  And we ended with his head pressed against my breasts.  the both of us curled into one another.  "I love you too" I whispered back as the black light flickered on again, revealing the freckles across his face, and the sweat that sweetened his wide grin.  


The End

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