Writings from Elementary School

While rummaging through boxes that belonged to my parents, I found a few pieces I when I was 9 or 10. In a project warning about the dangers of using drugs, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and hanging out with witches, I told a tale about a girl who succumbs to peer pressure, gets hooked on drugs, and pays the price.

Mary Jane the Butterfly

Mary Jane was a butterfly who lived in Bugland. She was very pretty and innocent.

One day she got a phone call from a very popular girl at school. She asked Mary Jane to come to a party, and she decided to go. When she got there, she saw everyone lying down and acting crazy.

"What is wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," her friend replied.

Then, her friend asked her if she wanted a flower.

"No!" Mary said.

But finally, she coaxed her into trying one. When she did, she was in a wonderland.     After that, her friends coaxed her into other drugs.  

Mary Jane bought some from Bumbles the Bee with her lunch money. The drugs as they called them were called 'calmer-downers.'  But Mary Jane couldn't stay awake in school. She was falling down on her studies, so she talked to her friends and told them the problem.

 Her popular friend took her to Bumbles and he sold her some 'waker-uppers.' Then,  she couldn't sleep at night.

One day she heard her mother on the phone talking about Mary Jane and drugs. Her mother said that she would take her to the doctor.

That night, Mary packed a small suitcase. She had gotten her Mom's money and the money from the sugar jar.  She went to a cheap hotel and stayed there for a couple of weeks.

Soon, she needed more drugs, but she only had a few cents left. She went to Bumbles the Bee asking for credit.

"No credit!" he said.

She saw what looked like her friend Firefly. Mary Jane flew up to it and found out it was a street light.  It was too late. She was on fire.

Then she died.

(Geez. I wonder what I was watching in 1980 that inspired me to put her up in a cheap hotel.)

The End

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