Writing For Weirdness

Since I was old enough to truly enjoy immersing myself in the amazing universe of fiction, I wrote.  The first story I ever told was a messily illustrated tale about a happy-go-lucky dog and a crafty cat who become best friends, but then were captured by some evil animal control-esque person, prevented from frolicking, and imprisoned for no apparent reason. They escaped to Paris with the help of a spider who required the cat and dog's help in building its web. Why a skilled silk-spinning arachnid would need assistance constructing its web is beyond me, but that's from the mind of a six or seven year old child, albeit one with an already bizarre and  feverish imagination. :)

My sources of inspiration include dreams, my family and friends who can stand to put up with my annoying tapping on the keyboard late at night and often do the same thing,  the cute and the creepy creatures that populate this planet, and of course the little voice that is piping madly in my head nearly all the time, insisting that I let strange stories be told, and in detail. You too know that voice, but does it tell you to write about terrifying, unfathomable monstrosities from other dimensions that want nothing more than to invite you to their lairs for cookies and tea? Lol. Or what about demonic, wisecracking spiders from Hell that come to terrorize people for things they've done in the past?  Darkness and odd happenings aren't my only story devices, however.  Hope and redemption needs to be there too, just like in real life. No matter how frightening things can be, there is always hope as long as there are still good people in the world.

 Authors like Dean Koontz, H.P Lovecraft (minus the overlying insistence that life is meaningless and the universe was just an accident by a tone-deaf, flute-playing blob in some other dimension) Edgar Allan Poe, H.G Welles, and the many talented people on this very site also spark my creative fires.  I find it endlessly fascinating that writer after writer has been inspired by one before, and the loop of ideas has been going on since man first learned to scrawl legends in ancient tomes. Each of us has similar elements to works before in our writing, but its the unique flavor we add to the cauldron of ideas that counts.

Anywho... the true reason I write is because I love to entertain people. (and creep the hell out of them, haha) I want to take them on wild adventures where the impossible  becomes real, where nightmares take flight on hideously flapping membranous wings, where ordinary, kind-hearted people band together and ultimately recognize their own purpose, and where the true weirdness comes not only from worlds beyond our own, but from the human mind. One might speculate if they have never known me in person is that I am very dark in personality. Not true.  Its hard to explain, but I will tell you that the things that truly scare me are not lurking, slithering alien nasties that haunt the imagination, but people who are monsters within.

And moths. They make me scream quite embarrassingly.

If I ever become published, recognized, and widely read, yeah, the money and stuff will be nice, but the real reward will be knowing that I have readers that truly enjoy the things I write. And if I can make a positive difference in the world too, all right. :)


The End

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