Jeremiah the Bear

You sat on the sidewalk,

beady eyes glinting in the sunlight,

sunken in, furry, and black jewels on a golden field

Close your eyes,

Close your eyes,

Dig a little deeper into the concrete

Your face is like a melancholy smile

Rising over the moon

Make the day

Go ahead,

Roll on the side as someone steps on you

Your furry skin doesn't quite fit right

The stitches are falling apart,

The threads dissapear and reappear in messy, unprofessional crosshatching

You act unloved

Below you is some girl

A woman

She thinks you're just so handy

When she cries, she holds you there to comfort her

And in turn, comfort you

A teardrops blurs on the runny pattern

But you want more

I was sitting on the window

Looking down at you

When I got the bill

And I asked you rather politely

"Are you doing well"

And took you for a thrill

Your life is so full of love and loss and insomniacs

The End

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