To Be Let Down

Standing alone in the bus stop by the flower shop, Daniel's lips were set in a firm, frosted line. He had been waiting for two hours for his friends to arrive. They had told him to meet them at the stop near the flower shop, and so he had gone, and had waited. He hadn't dared to leave, in case they showed up and he wasn't there.

The snow peppered his dark hair, and settled on his shoulders and his lashes as he shivered violently, pushing his hands deeper into the pockets of his thin jacket. Hadn't it been sunny when he left home? 

He glanced to his left, and then his right. The snow was deep now, and it bit at his cheeks and ridiculed him as he continued to stand there. There was no one in sight. Of course there wasn't. Who would be foolish enough to come out in this weather?

Daniel, apparently.

He let out a sigh, before moving his stiff legs. He began his trek home through the snow, with soaked sneakers and numb appendages. 

The End

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