Too Late

Prompt - Too Late

Curled up, she sobbed, her breath catching in her throat. She no longer cared about the burning pain, nor the scarlet staining her sheets. She no longer cared for the corrupt world she had grown up in, and she had almost stopped caring for those who lived in that awful world. 

Her sight bleary, her mouth dry, she waited. 
She wondered if anyone would come. She remembered a dream, where they never came. It had left her screaming and crying, and there had been promises of her never being alone, but here she lay. 

She could feel herself becoming weaker. She thought about her regrets. 
Years back - she should have said yes. 
Weeks back - she fell too fast.
Days before - she hadn't apologised. 

She regretted the last one the most. 
Her sight began to darken, and with her now muffled hearing, she could hear banging. Heavy, loud knocks on her front door, only yards from where she lay. She would have laughed if she could. 
Too late now. Too late for anything. Even apologies, and her silent pleas for forgiveness.

The End

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